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    Looking to get my hole filled with detectable poz cum

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  1. Tried messaging you, did you block me.

  2. Blue bailey still films for TIM. He wont help them because he will lose his secondary income.
  3. He used and still works for Treasure Island Media. He wont help.
  4. um you know how that insurance work right, when you pay for it you're also paying for some else health care. lol... thats how the industry works.
  5. Come back to me when you have learned from the best leather elders in the leather community.
  6. yes you did. a top shouldn't just assume they can fuck rough when someone is wearing a harness. HARD NO.
  7. Actually no. There is a top harness and a bottom one. So everything you said is partially true. also no to give them license to be rougher? No absolutely not. Tops need to be considerate about is this person wearing it because it makes them feel good or are they wearing it to flag something. You’re implying that a top can do what he wants when someone wears a harness, and guess what that is? RAPE
  8. A harness doesn’t change the way you fuck. Tops wear them. Bottoms wear them.
  9. how effective is a blood slam to get the bug? 

  10. I wouldn't be to quick to think there is going to be an IML this year.
  11. Tried messaging you and it says you can't receive messages? 


  12. Going to take a blood slam of poz blood, Good idea or bad? 

    1. Bisub


      Good if you only slam with a compatible blood type (larger amounts of blood in the syringe, sure conversion), or just a tiny bit of incompatible blood (bloody point of the syringe, very small amount of blood in the syringe), as receiving a large enough slam of bloodtype incompatible blood can actually kill you.

  13. So ive been chasing, and I got the clap instead of the bug I want, but will keep trying! 

    1. Pozpunkcumdumpster


      Apparently I have syphilis, someone messaged me that they got it from me last week , when they dumped there load anonymously,  oops 

  14. dude your comment was stupid as fuck. 

    1. akula


      why do you say that? I've been talking to his brother so I know what hes been up tp

    2. akula


      let me elaborate, his brother has only been off prep for a month maybe 2 even if he got pozzed up right off the fuck flu tends to take longer then a month to show up.  So pack sand I wasn't talking to you jackass.

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