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    East Midlands, UK
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    Masculine hairy guys. Swapping cum and piss. Rimming, bondage, tt, cbt, ws. Poz friendly, now seeking my first known poz load.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Mid 50s in shape masculine bi guy & have always preferred men. Have always fucked raw.
    Now have a bi 27yr cub as a regular vers playmate. He previously only topped. Took his anal virginity and bred him on our first meeting. Never looked back...

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  1. I'm vers for WS and have yet to take my first fist. Have had one session where the guy got four fingers and thumb but that's as far as we got. Definitely want to try again!
  2. Just shot a huge load reading this, cant wait for more!
  3. Dad4cub


    Yes I am too, both ways. Slightly prefer receiving than giving, but do enjoy very much controlling another guy by his balls!
  4. I'm hard as a rock and leaking so much pre reading this.!
  5. Fuck, that's one hell of a hot gorgeous cock! Breed me!
  6. That's definitely my preference too!
  7. Got me instantly hard reading this, cant wait for the next chapter!
  8. When I was 20,my boyfriend and I were both drunk in the shower. He said he needed to piss, so I told him to piss on me. As he did, I slowly went down until he was pissing in my open mouth and I drunk some down. We did it again several times after that but I never could persuade him to drink mine.
  9. My 27 yr old cub, who was formerly top only likes to submit to me, but he reaĺly loves breeding my daddy ass. Got to love these young men who really appreciate a mature man.
  10. Always, straight from the tap. Like feeding it back too.
  11. Have always been 100% bareback either giving or receiving. There is no proper sexual connection when using a condom
  12. My nipples are very definitely connected to my cock. Touching and squeezing them gets me instantly hard. Having them bitten too drives me wild!
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