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    East Midlands, UK
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    Masculine hairy guys. Swapping cum and piss. Rimming, bondage, tt, cbt, ws.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Mid 50s in shape masculine bi guy & have always preferred men. Have always fucked raw.
    Now have a bi 27yr cub as a regular vers playmate. He previously only topped. Took his anal virginity and bred him on our first meeting. Never looked back...
    We are in love and now officially bf's 😍

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  1. Shot a massive load reading this imagining it was me in that store. And I'd be back again and again!
  2. Breeding a young virgin hole is the best, knowing you are the first cock to enter that hole, the skin on skin feel and leaving your seed deep inside! My regular cub was an anal virgin and he can't now get enough. Your cub will definitely be back for more
  3. As others have said, basically , practice makes perfect. Just persevere. Some angles are better than others, but you will get to control the reflex.
  4. Yes, the perfect loving way to be pozzed!
  5. Hi Dad4cub, thanks for following me in here 😈

  6. Usually at least once a day, or on days when I'm feeling very horny 3 times.
  7. Hey daddi 🙂 Do you ever skipe 

  8. Where in the east mids mate 

  9. Really need my first toxic breeding.

  10. Thanks for the follow would love to chat pm me? still new and can not send pm

  11. I like going in dry too, as I do precum alot and I like it as my foreskin gets pulled back hard which is a nice kind of initial pain. As for bottoming, my hole isn't particularly tight and I also like the pain as the top forces his way into me and then my arse juices soon flow to lube things up.
  12. Whether I am giving it or receiving it, it goes deep inside and stays there to be absorbed.
  13. Same here. What's the point in fucking if you don't give/receive the load deep inside!
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