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  1. I precum and cum a lot but want to experience more cum from other guys. At least I've been told I cum a lot and I'd say it's pretty thick. I love it when I get my own face when I shoot.
  2. Wish I had a monster cock...it would be fun... but I'm a bottom anyway lol.
  3. I love my nipples pinched hard. Instantly makes me hard asf. 😈
  4. Another thing I need to try. Drinking piss and getting pissed on.
  5. Iamme


    How long until I can send messages and react to posts? When I try to message someone it says I have 0 messages available to send. It's getting boring not being able to communicate with anyone, especially dom guys.
  6. I'd like to make the change to 100% bareback. Guess I need that first time taking a top bareback to give me the courage to go all the way.
  7. All we can do is vote and encourage others to vote to protect our rights.
  8. I never thought of that. Thank you!
  9. Thanks! Yeah I haven't tried to go on Prep because I'm on my parent's insurance and my doctor is a family friend. I know I can go to another doctor but then I wonder if my parents would find out. They know I'm gay but would freak out if they found out I was even considering taking cock bareback.
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