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  1. I don’t think you’re going to have much success finding a physician willing to risk his medical license for a piece of ass in his exam room when he can just go online and find another bottom skank like you who’s into doctor/patient role play.
  2. I got stood up by one at another site this afternoon. He deleted his account too. Supposedly is married.
  3. YES! THIS! I HATE guys who want to stroke or suck me and/or see me cum. Most of the guys I come in contact with are preoccupied with that shit. It’s rare when I meet a total top who isn’t. That largely explains why I don’t really even play anymore.
  4. Living out fantasies? It’s easy to close the mind and just let go when in skank-mode🤫😉
  5. Anonymous darkroom BB sex rules!
  6. I used to go about 10 years ago in the Valley and did a lot of watching. They were definitely as advertised and for real, though.
  7. It’s totally hot! But, I don’t have the guts to do it myself, though.
  8. But, shouldn’t a “real top man” be totally unconcerned with or even interested in a bottom skank’s dick? I mean, wouldn’t you - as a “real top man”, presumably - think it odd if I started bugging you about your butt whilst you raped me? I don’t have any problem at all with a supposedly “real total top” being in charge. But, I’ve been fooled by so many of them who ultimately just wanted to eat my dick more than they wanted to pound my ass, that I legitimately wonder if there’s any “real men” out there at all.
  9. I wish that worked for me. Hell, I wish I knew a top who couldn’t give 3 shits about my bits! I hate when I have to stroke myself to make them happy, no matter how many times I warn them that it will make me cum and lose interest in sex altogether after that. But, they don’t care. In fact, it’s rare when a top doesn’t stop fucking me and fixate instead on making me jerk-off for them to get their jollies. I seriously hate them for that.
  10. I’m always flattered when a sexy older masculine white top shows interest! Although I don’t have any ethnic/racial preference, I do find that they excite me the most. Maybe because I’m always so surprised that they’re even interested in a black bottom.
  11. Total turn-off when a top is obsessed with trying to get at my dick. Trust me, if you’re a top, I’ve zero interest in your ass. Unfortunately, I’ve found that it just doesn’t work the other way round with them.
  12. I’ve occasionally daydreamed about having to fight them off in a county jail shower. I’ve got a pretty nice butt that would get some looks.
  13. I was never hairy to begin with, but I definitely feel sexier shaved smooth.
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