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    Mainly bugchasing to achieve my goal.
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  1. Hot profile. Thanks for following me :)

  2. Really hot profile 🙂 I wish you were from Spain!

  3. I did once when I was 16 yo. We never did it again, nor did he mention it at any time. I just keep the good memory 🙂
  4. I can't send DM 😞

    I'm in UK for a week, please let me know if there's a chance to meet you and get pozzed this week.

    1. carstenPOZ


      Hi Guts: so nice to see you - and I really like to express just how much I admire you for being so HIV focused

      hugs Carsten

    2. Guts


      aww, thank you carstenPOZ 🙂

      It's nice to hear that from a hot poz !

  5. Thanks for following me, you are a really hot poz top 🙂

    1. Drogon


      Thanks stud, let me know if I can help you in any way .  Our brotherhood needs to grow

    2. Guts


      And I'm really eager to join this brotherhood!

      I just need a giver like you in Spain heheh

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