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    Pnp, bb sex, motel parties, sucking cock, taking loads, porn, slutty outfits
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    i am a cumdump cd slut in search of friends and people to regularly use me. I enjoy pnp fun with other CD’s in motel rooms while watching porn and bending over for as many hung cocks as we can. I enjoy getting spun and taking loads of cum in my ass from multiple people. I never use condoms but will empty the contents of one in my ass and let the next person push the cum deep in me. I enjoy wearing fishnets garters corsets skirts and slutty heels while I get fucked. I love being a gaping loose cumfarting whore, and love accidentally farting cum out when I walk to the motel coke machine. I enjoy eating cum out of assholes, ass to mouth, and being used in front of people while they watch!
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    None. Would love to film huge cocks barebacking another cumdump, and pushing cum that’s leaking from her asshole into mine.

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  1. Having an open mind and saying yes to a TS friends idea has lead me to discover things I never even knew about myself. I’ve always been into raunch and kink, but my adventures as a CD have shown Me that I have filthy perverse cravings to satisfy with people I’ve yet to meet. I enjoy transsexual escorts and the fun that can be had with them. I am particularly attracted to escorts and prostitutes due to my love and enjoyment of spending time with a person that has sex with multiple people. There is a certain rush and thrill that comes with giving someone control over you. Being owned
  2. I love this!!! Plugging your ass full of cum and driving home with someone’s cum in you makes you feel so trashy and used. I loveeeee it.
  3. 90% of the time I want cum pumped in my ass so everyone’s cum can mix together. It always ends up getting swallowed at somepoint!
  4. I enjoy hearing how intense and good the orgasm is while cum is being pumped into my ass. I also enjoy when the next person pushes in and vocalizes how Much he enjoys feeling cum from other people inside me. His appreciation of people’s cum in my ass def triggers lots of ass to mouth so we can both enjoy all of the come I’ve collected in my ass
  5. I am CD slut that has a wild imagination. On occasion I have been able to make my fantasies come true due to either having sissy friends that help or my cock addiction. I absolutely love checking into low budget motels that accommodate sex workers and drug dealers. I get turned on when I know that gay Cumdump breeding orgies often happen and always hope my bed is often the location chosen to bend over and let as many anonymous men cum inside a sloppy hole. I want to meet other sissy sluts that enjoy drugs and bareback sex. I never use condoms snd love vocalizing it. I always have un
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