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    Giving and receiving oral sex to both men and women.
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    Love breeding and getting bred.
    Love sucking cock and eating pussy.
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    Hidden camera stuff for private viewing.
    Have done cam shows with men and women.
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    Not looking.
    Already have a well endowed top and a big breasted bottom.

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  1. By watching my wife(then girlfriend). I was able to talk her into letting me watch and I asked her to talk her way through it like she was giving instructions.
  2. I love sucking without using my hands. When my wife first gave me a hands free blowjob I was fascinated with the technique. When we arranged to have another couple join us,I asked her to teach me how to do it.
  3. Both happened to me this past weekend. My wife and I invited a”side”couple to join us. As I was fucking my wife’s pussy doggystyle,she had her face buried into the other woman’s pussy and her husband stood straddling my wife and he fucked my mouth. All four of us came at the same time.
  4. On my knees like the first time I sucked one.
  5. Who was the first person you sucked and who was the first person to suck you(you can reverse the question if you got sucked before you sucked)?
  6. Most of the married guys I’ve sucked had failing marriages or their wives were pregnant and not in the mood to get their husbands off.
  7. Absorb it. After my first breeding my top pushed a butt plug in my ass to keep it in. He said it will absorb into my body and he will be a part of me.
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