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  1. I did a couple scenes in breed Me Raw from Treasure Island Media.. I’d love to do more! Bareback only, of course
  2. I am the same way. Can’t stay away, and love getting bred raw about 4 times a week also (sometimes more, if there’s 3-ways, groups, etc). I’ve gotten STIs and dealt with them successfully. I’m my opinion, it is definitely worth the trade! This is my hole right after a hot fuck
  3. This is me from the TIM film “Breed Me”.
  4. I’m a totally uninhibited cumslut and always have loved big, bare cocks breeding my delightful little fuckhole. I want to wrap my smooth little ass around your big naked cock, fuck you real good and nasty, and make you cum really hard, so that you’re grabbing my ass and holding it open while you make animal noises and pound my sloppy hole, your big cock shooting every squirt as deep inside me as possible. Bring a friend if ya like
  5. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Tommi or BBBlondie Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 415-275-4250 A location: N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903 Times you're generally not available: Afternoons and evenings work best. I live alone and work at home Age: 61 Height: 6' Weight: 136 lbs Ethnicity: Caucasian
  6. I love doing that - gets the pig in me hot slurping that boy’s ass juice and probably several different cumloads off a top’s cock before he fucks me- and knowing there are other pervy boys who are cleaning my ass juice and cumloads from other tops. Freakin turned on as hell now!
  7. Good question. At sex clubs, bathhouses, and such I will take a sort of “test-fuck” of a lot of hungry holes. At the same time, I also have a hungry little cumhole and will let anybody who wants to fuck me, fuck me. I have tried keeping count of how many I’ve topped and how many have fucked me on busy nights. After the first dozen, I sort of lose track unless I have a sharpie to make a hash mark on my arm (to show how many holes I’ve fucked), or on my lower back/ass area (to show how many cocks have been inside me). The most holes I’ve fucked in one evening is (I believe) 35.
  8. Thank you. Yes - I was introduced to the wonders of being a faggot cumhole for alphas. As well as being a devoted Cumslut, I’m slim and light and flexible. The jock boys loved dominating me and fucking me. Nowadays (pre-pandemic), i still am just the same slutty little cum whore, and gladly follow my natural urge to please alphas when I’m asked/told/ordered to. Perhaps I’m too forward, as I will seek out alphas at clubs, bars, parties, anywhere and offer my faggot throat and ass to him (and his friends, if he’s with some). I do ramble! I do that when I’m excited. I’m waiting for two guys to
  9. Ever since I was a very young teen, I have always begged and insisted that if whoever's fucking me is going to cum, to shoot his load as deep INSIDE me as he can. I mean, I started telling every guy to breed me when I was 13. I still HAVE to be bred to this day. In the 7th grade, Id go back to class after lunch with sperm running down my leg from my gaping fuck hole that I got behind the gym from a couple jocks. Almost a daily occurrence for me. Made junior high and high school sooooo much better
  10. Awesome clip! Use me as a cumsponge over and over and over. Delicious. Thank you!! I don't get why bottoms dont want to be bred on film. I've always 100% loved it, but I'm old school...
  11. Back in the '90s, I did some porn with Treasure Island Media, first as a fluffer, and then as a slut bottom. The only title I can remember of the 2-3 films I was in is (I believe) "Breed Me". I just sent in my application to take it up again and make a couple more - if they'll have me... Here's two photos of me from "Breed Me", and one from being a fluffer (sort of) - the guy saw me going around sucking cocks all over, and he pulled me to one side and fucked me rough and shot a huge load into my hole
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