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    Being used as a parTy pig cumdump 1:1, in a group or a gangbang with unlimited access to my fuckholes, no pull outs.

    Having my ass double fucked.

    Big black bulls.

    Leather gear, bondage, restraint, verbal, anon, rough, choking, saunas/bathhouses etc.

    I am a sodomite for SaTan's seed.
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    Faggot, bitch boi, cumpig, fucktoy, analpig, poz whore, aids slut, fuckmeat,
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    Just amateur stuff, nothing on internet.
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    HIV+ and AIDS breeders.

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  1. Sadly no. I wish I could get them though; lovely and sleazy to mix a whole lot together and then swallow it all, or use it as lube for a dildo.
  2. I've had 'chem piss' in my ass and I've swallowed it. Not a great fan of the taste of any piss, chem, or otherwise, but I love how I felt much more submissive and degraded. Something that as a worthless faggot I embrace in any situation.
  3. I've been fucked a couple of times by trannies who were tops, both came inside me and both were damn good. I'll happily go with more top trannies 😋
  4. 1. Deep in my ass. 2. A proper deep throat pie.
  5. I was pozzed by a black guy, well one of two...not sure which one 🐖Like others on this thread I love black cock, I'm always aroused by it and must have one as often as possible.
  6. Only ever been fucked bareback which is what I want, but no top has ever used a condom either, so win win all-round!
  7. Aside from the fact that I love cock, deep throating and gagging on a cock reinforces the fact that I'm submissive...while a hard fuck in the ass is great, a hard face fuck from the top I find is a very aggressive act.
  8. No preference here. A cock is a cock and will do what is says on the tin...fuck me and dump a load or loads in my ass or down my throat.
  9. I let the top initiate it. I am very happy to kiss, but prefer it is the top as then there is no misunderstanding as to whether he's into it or not. I do like it though, especially during rough sex.
  10. Just got to the end. LOVED it, what a story, soo fucking horny, continues to sniff poppers, my little caged cock has been oozing cum non stop and my arse impaled on a dildo has not stopped twitching...or me moaning 🐷 My desire is to be strapped to a fuck bench and have an intravenous drip inserted into my arm , have a pure Tina slam in the other arm, and as the first of a group of toxic aids tops fucks me he opens the tube of the drip and 10, 20, 30 or more totally toxic bloodslams (a real mix of HIV, AIDS, syphilis, gono, chlamydia, Hep C etc, ) flow into my veins. I'm poz already, nev
  11. Thank you Sir, one day I hope you might want to use this worthless pig faggot at your pleasure.
  12. I found this story today. Just love the story and the characters. It has been a turn on from the first chapter. As each chapter has gone by my faggoT cock has oozed cum through its cage, I have sat deeper and deeper on my fat 8" dildo and got high on poppers. Fab story, I love it and I look forward to reading the remaining chapters. Thank you for it.
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