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  1. UK to Berlin, and then a drive to a farm in the countryside for a Friday night till Sunday midnight party organised by a German poz top friend. Myself and another pig bottom were well used by the twelve guys there.
  2. My cock is always in chastity for sex. I have no purpose other than to ensure the top is enjoying himself, the same if it is a group; taking his cock or their cocks and all that cum is my pleasure/reward. The fact that my miserable small cock oozes pre cum through out it all is of no interest to me at all - hence I consider myself a slut.
  3. A real mixture of things when I get up to London - take as many loads as I can at the Backstreet, Vault 139, Locker Room and a host an anon pump 'n dump/group session in a suitable hotel. Well that's the plan.
  4. If you're in London, UK...the IBIS Hotel Earls Court has always been good to me with on average 6 - 12 loads a night when whoring my ass out. No key cards were required, I just wonder if during the lockdowns this has changed. I love a proper old fashioned key, so much better.
  5. I have always been a faggot bottom and overtime my desire and need for cock and cum has increased to the point where I need to pleasure a top or a group of tops as often as I can. I love the feeling of a cock as it enters me and then being inside me followed by the pounding of my ass and dumping inside me is just wonderful. Likewise being face fucked and taking a deep throat pie or pies. It is the pleasure of sheer sexual abandon that has turned me into a slut, and with that comes the fact that I know I will always do anything to serve tops.
  6. The first guy who fucked me was a cabin steward on a cruise ship, I was 14. Each morning provided all the cabins he looked after with a cup of tea (if they asked for one)...after the first time he fucked me in his galley (the day my parents, sister and I boarded the ship) I got a cup of tea each morning and more 😀
  7. I positively encourage it. I tell anyone who wants to film or photo our hook up or a group fuck that they can and also post what they like to the internet. I've no idea if anything has been posted. Most of the time it's to share with their mates which is great, much more personal!
  8. Love verbal...let's arrange something.
  9. In South Africa, a black guy, 8" and all the way down so that my nose was on his belly, as his cum was shooting down my throat.
  10. One of the best GH fucks I have had was at the Boiler Sauna in Berlin. I arrived late in the evening on a Tuesday night (I was in Berlin for business) and went straight to the maze of GH. Put my ass up against a hole and waited, quite clear to any guy what I was looking for and within a few minutes my hole was being fingered and a cock pushed in. It was a hard, thick cock and that always went balls deep in me, soon I heard a grunt and his cock was right in me pumping his load, I must admit I didn't feel it pumping in me, but after he pulled out it was quite clear that he'd left a lovely lar
  11. I love verbal, and want to be told that I will be taking the load...it all adds to the erotic experience.
  12. I am a greedy submissive bottom and I wish there were more tops who want me for being just that. I SERVE - I am there to be the vehicle for the all the top/master desires; I RECEIVE - I take every drop of every load in my ass or down my throat, the more toxic the better and I ENJOY - being in chastity and the fucktoy, cumpig, fuckpig, slave, whore, slut etc as this is how I derive my PLEASURE.
  13. I the lower decks of an underground car park late at night on my hands and knees in front of a row of cars. When I host dump 'n go (or stay a little longer!) meets in hotels I always take a room at the end of a corridor as I know a couple of guys who love to turn up as late as possible and with my ass full of loads fuck me in the corridor outside the room.
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