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    Started giving my friend blowjob on the first day of 2021.

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  1. I just started on the first day of this year and can’t stop sucking my friend. 3 or 4 times a day. it’s either cum or the cock it comes out of thats so addictive.
  2. My friend is cut,but I’m willing to try uncut.
  3. I was never molested but I did get peeks of female neighbors sucking their husbands or boyfriends and started thinking about what it was like sucking cock.
  4. I’ve only been sucking one guy since the first day of 2021. I think I’ve swallowed maybe 20 to 30 loads.
  5. With him standing or sitting and me on my knees. On your knees makes you feel more submissive. Plus it’s how I imagine cock worshipping to look.
  6. His parents will be back on Monday so I’m going to suck his cock as much as I can till then.
  7. Just finished sucking his cock(again). This one was more of a”cock study”.I wanted to get a better look at his cock. It’s length. It’s girth. The shape of the tip. The prominent veins. And those balls. So big. I need to learn how to cradle them when I suck him.
  8. I was so close to tease him a bit but when he made the first move I just had to do it before I lost my nerve.
  9. I did it. We were at his house watching porn and he asked if I had any trouble with him jerking off during the movie. I told him no and he stood up and dropped his jeans and boxers and sat back down.Then he asked me if I wanted to jerk him off.He then reminded me how I told him I was bicurious and it would be a great first time. My answer was sitting by him and putting a few drops of lotion from the bottle his mom leave on the side table. He told me not to worry because he’s gotten lots of handjobs from various teachers,milfs and female classmates we knew when we were in sc
  10. I just got a text from the guy I like asking if we don’t hang around to long at the party we’ll be going to.He said he wants to stream movies at his house while his parents are out of town. I told him it sounded great and started suggesting movies we could watch. I’m making my move when the movie starts.
  11. There was a guy in my high school that sucked cock and all the male students kept it between all the guys. I never asked him but I wish I had.
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