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    Started giving my friend blowjob on the first day of 2021.

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  1. Just now. My friend called me and told me he was going to work and had a raging hard-on and asked for a”blow-and-go”.I told him yes. When he got here I was at the door on my knees.I had his cock out of his pants and in my mouth before he even shut the door. I wanted to give him a great blowjob but since he was in a hurry I had to give him a quick bobbing. He came in a few minutes and I put his cock back in his pants and zipped him up.He thanked me and left.
  2. It’s not hard to navigate. my only problems are: 1)Not knowing which topic to add my questions to.The questions I ask sound like they can be posted in several topics. 2)Seeing the same topic on the home screen for several days in a row.
  3. Can’t wait for part 3. I’m sensing gangbangs,glory holes and maybe a bbc.
  4. Sounds like you need a guy in your ass,mouth and both hands.
  5. I would say I’m an object. We have no romantic feelings for each other. He doesn’t force himself on me. I suck his cock willingly and he only fucks me when I ask him to or if he asks if he can.
  6. I got 1 dose of J&J at the first of the month.
  7. Absorb it. Let him become a part of me.
  8. Yeah. Now that I read your post I see your point.
  9. Here’s are questions to the original question of this post: Which one Star Trek series is your favorite ? Which one Star Trek movie is your favorite? Which one Star Wars tv series is your favorite? Which one Star Wars movies is your favorite?
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