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  • Birthday 04/07/1974

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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    NY, US
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    I’m a kinky pansexual BBW trans ⚧ vape 💨 and smoke 🚬 slut who frequents the local bookstore and various local understalls. I’ve only taken bare loads 💦 since I was young; it’s an addiction. I love having my fat tits 🌰🌰 used, taking cum everywhere, understall, bookstore booths, gloryholes; being degraded, exposed, used, and abused. HARD. My pussy 🍑 takes all loads. My tits are 44C and growing, and my clit is 7”c (6” girth) but using Adderall to shrink it. I’m a cheap submissive bimbo.

    The only SAFE SEX is BAREBACK SEX because I get to take your load deep inside me completely unprotected. I always plug to allow my body to absorb all loads as I was meant to.

    I am currently findomming, but am
    also open to be a finsub.
  • HIV Status
    Not Sure, Probably Poz
  • Role
    Versatile Bottom
  • Background
    Intersex 🏳️‍⚧️⚧ (KS, 47/XXY) BBW Italian-American poz-friendly transfem escort with real tits (44C). Love cocks and cum. Slut ex-wife moved on to BBC boyfriends about a decade ago. Yes I can lactate.🥛🐄 Poppers, Adderall, Op are 💊 of choice. Heavy vape/smoke slut.
  • Porn Experience
    I’ve been asked to do trans porn 🎥 a few times now by a few small studios. Most recently contacted by Grooby to model. I let anyone record who wants to; and I never see them unless they get posted. 😈
  • Looking For
    Transfems, gurls, CDs, married men, mature men (65+), poz guys, cis fems, BBWs, taboo chat and play. No questions asked, all loads graciously taken.

    My motto: no spill, no thrill! 💦

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    [think before following links] https://linktr.ee/DianaISX
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    Email: dianaisx@cream.pink
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    Buy me a gift from my Wish List:
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    [think before following links] https://bit.ly/DiWishes
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    Telegram: @TrannyVapeSlut (say you’re from BZ)
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    [think before following links] https://t.me/TrannyVapeSlut

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  1. Love to drive I your piss cum (773)306/8466CD0AAF41-B310-4AE4-B340-CDF9F1683A75.png.9d4f60d907300da43c924a7ee1776940.png0E0F8BC9-01D2-43EF-84FE-5A56EC46C4C9.png.a0cf28247ca2c103e3ff5639b2b0b24f.pngEF33A265-2F97-4DCE-A481-6868C74B598C.png.2b2c6a244961238513e349c231a68790.pngA66CC1D9-343C-482E-B999-135608E28E7A.png.02f2b2b075af75abfdbe0433b99f4678.png55723F66-91EE-413E-92BA-6D2418A0FD1F.png.6b5fcec9a1dbe272e73ceb01d1c24d5b.pngFB9CB52A-F3FA-4A63-A0E5-7EB4AB1091AC.png.2dc9982e0fb3a09f03e709f167e2c743.pngB3CD9554-1C42-4BED-AC44-51DFDE51EF49.png.ada9a295b696c5ef3919bb770bbb01db.png0DF2290A-4D8E-41DF-A149-007B4ABFBBBD.png.edb1eb66a78068bdeb5233a19c7fcdb4.png98071523-42C7-4981-BDA6-D8757AC67BE6.png.b6023e486ef1f05e3768d77e51129a6d.png

  2. Good morning. Just home from taking homeless loads  I’m happy 😉


    1. Yourslave2386


      Wonderful.  Everyone deserves to be happy. 

    2. ronnie4u


      Fantastic - hope you had several of them - I was fortunate having 2 to 3 of them surrounding me - party - smoking weed - poppers - No Refusal of taking cocks and loads !

    3. mikeinjersey


      i have a few for you 

  3. You’re so pretty. I’d love to add you to my UK visit when I can travel.

    - Di ❤️

    1. tranny-trixie


      I'm up for that sexy. Your look good dressed as a st trinian for a good fucking 

  4. Hi love the stuff you posted have a lot of question if i can chat with you some time

  5. Since I posted this in a forum few people visit, I thought I’d share here too. 

    - Di ❤️


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. notwhoiam
    3. DianaTSSlut
    4. ronnie4u


      Oh My God !   Simply Smoking HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - more - more - Please !

  6. I love when men use my mouth like my pussy with absolutely no regard to whether I’m able to breathe. - Di ❤️
  7. Condoms put a barrier between a guy’s hot load and my pussy aching for it to be shot deep. No bueno. - Di ❤️
  8. Yes… but I really didn’t want to hear the heavy CBT parts. Ouch.
  9. Hi Diana may I just say how sexy your photos are. Love the ones of your cum covered tits.

  10. New Years Day pic, high as fuck. 😉



    1. RachelRage
    2. DianaTSSlut


      Thanks *blush*

    3. ronnie4u


      Oh Baby !  Oh Baby !  Simply Beautiful - love to be High with you - enjoying the thoughts being with you !

  11. Is your brother gay or closeted too? Maybe you can talk to him. My sister has been my sole supporter during my transition. And she knows everything. - Di ❤️
  12. Please consider voting on my poll:



  13. I do love to party, especially with other trans or CDs. - Di ❤️
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