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  1. Lying on your back on the bed (if you’re not in a cramped booth) and hanging your head off the edge of the bed, and opening your mouth and letting him fuck it, is another good way to give him a real good deep throat.
  2. I took thousands of loads from hundreds of strangers over years before finally becoming poz just recently. I never ask for or discuss status, and only take bareback. It took a long time, but it’s Russian roulette. You need to understand, accept, and enjoy the risk you are taking with every bareback load. I think this is most important. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  3. I’m not sure if I can actually post my roughest fantasy… it involves quite a few not only incredibly rough but also potentially [banned word] things… including extreme breath play, branding, and much more. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  4. A blowjob should be enjoyable for both people - the guy getting sucked off, and the guy/girl/gurl/sissy sucking him off. I’ve never found any reason that I *need* to cause myself undue pain or displeasure solely to make him cum. I’ve purposefully neglected to block my gag reflex when I want to feel that, but that’s my decision for my pleasure. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  5. I have found guys not particularly pleased with my blowjobs when I treat their cock like a straw I need to suck something out of. I think you’re causing yourself a lot of unnecessary stress on your cheeks and jaws. Instead, consider the cock you have your lips wrapped around as something you need to work on to coax an orgasm out of. You want to get that tasty cum out of those balls, so just work that cock with your lips, tongue, and a little suction now and then - especially around the glans - and before long you’ll have him blowing his load down your throat. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  6. Hmmm… were you having problems because his wide base was catching your gag reflex? If so, I control mine (when I feel so inclined) through the use of acupressure points, primarily on my hand. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  7. Not sure exactly what you meant about the fisting and toy stretching, but if you meant you are already doing that - especially fisting - I have no doubt you’ll be able to take his cock just fine. If you’re concerned about it, maintain control as others have mentioned. Or if that’s not your thing, relinquish control and ride it out. Either way, you’ll be amazed how much will actually fit. Trust me. 😈 - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  8. I can sissygasm just fine while still having my girlcock and balls (source: tons of experience on the bottom). - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  9. I understand the rape fantasies, just know that it’s really what you want before you commit to anything like that. Rape is violent. Believe me. I have been raped. And yes, people can still develop a fetish for it, even those who have actually been raped before. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  10. My first real post-POZ photo… ready to make lots of babies


  11. So what do you think of me in extremely cheap PVC?


  12. I have a small landing strip to guide you to my completely hairless girlcock. - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  13. Countless understalls… but I’ve been much more exposed getting my pussy pumped on the hood of my SUV right in the train station parking lot. It was when the last train of the night was coming in, but he wasn’t stopping until he came in me… - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  14. Personally I’ve found it much easier to get the BBC I want at the local adult bookstores or occasionally via understall (usually HD but sometimes other places too). I managed one in the train yard parking lot one night (a well known cruising ground), but that was pure luck. I also frequent homeless hangouts that usually have BBC, but that’s taken a lot of work on my part to build up those relationships - I’ve written about it previously. Just stick to the facts - usually we end up seeing they are plenty nasty enough. 😈 - Di ❤️☣️🧬
  15. RAW! Condoms are for married couples who don’t want any more kids. No spill, no thrill.
  16. Anyone who reads my profile will notice a new update… 😈

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      Congrats I'm jealous

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      Spread the love. Please. 

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  17. No regrets. And I agree, once you start, it becomes an addiction. There’s no way to stop.
  18. More… let’s hear about you pozzing him!
  19. I think this is what all trannies secretly want. Hot story! 🔥
  20. Was offline for a long time. Had multiple hospital stays (unrelated to anything here) and surgeries. Doing okay now but still recovering. Sharing a pic of me I snapped in the hospital:



  21. Good morning. Just home from taking homeless loads  I’m happy 😉


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      Fantastic - hope you had several of them - I was fortunate having 2 to 3 of them surrounding me - party - smoking weed - poppers - No Refusal of taking cocks and loads !

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      i have a few for you 

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      You're such a girl for taking care of your community.

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