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    If you guys want to know anything just ask. I need to maintain some anonymity so I am not going to post it in my profile. If you want to message me, you are more than welcome. Mostly I get on here to read the fiction stories and get off but lately have founding writing one to be a lot of fun.

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  1. Part 59 Eric: I woke up early with Robby pulling me into his chest and whispering “good morning” into my ear. My cock was hard, and we started moving around. I stopped the pending fucking, “would you mind if we don’t do this?” Robby formed a rejected look. “No, I want to do this. I would like this to be just you and me for a bit. I love my family, and they want nothing but the best for me. I am not going to hide anything, but they don’t need all the details. What I am trying to get at, I want to see where this goes.” Robby pulled back the covers, “I should take a shower
  2. Part 58 Jayden: It was early in the morning, and I woke up to the sounds of Dad and Steven fucking hard and heavy. The incident in the shower flipped a switch. Dad and Steven never stopped fucking and breeding. The two knew how much I love watching them fuck. They didn’t worry about hiding their activity; now, they made a spectacle out of it. I learned the two were very verbal piggy fuckers. They constantly talked about getting knocked up. It was a little early for me. I turned over to watch but didn’t walk over to join. I enjoyed seeing Dad with his legs in the air and S
  3. Part 57 Jackson: I had waited a couple of weeks before contacting the fire station. I wanted to go down with my boys, but Jayden needed time to heal. I could tell that boy followed his dick everywhere. I called the firehouse; I wanted to see how they were holding up through their transition. The family incest dynamic was new for them. It would take time for them to find their “groove.”. “Hello,” the man on the other end of the phone answered. I knew it wasn’t Bryce or Jayden. “This is Jackson; I wanted to see how everyone was doing?” I asked the new voice. “We are doing
  4. Part 56 Jayden: I woke up after a deep night's sleep. The smell of coffee was calling to me. I got out of bed, the pain from the wounds on my chest shot me back into bed. I must have made a sound. Dad and Uncle Steve came running toward my bed. I laid back on the bed, determined to get coffee. I started to move again when I heard dad bark, “stop right there.” I knew there was no arguing with him. I maneuvered myself back into bed. I asked Dad if he would help me up so I could get coffee. “Like hell, we will bring you breakfast and coffee. The doctor said you need to minimiz
  5. Part 55 Bryce: I couldn’t believe it when I heard my brother's voice over the radio. There was no question that Wes and Mason would find and care for my boy, but having my brother made everything ok. Growing up, my me and my brother were close; we did everything together. My ex-wife hated it, and she was constantly trying to pull us apart. The nurse quickly attached a line from Steven to Jayden. After Dr. Nick completed his initial evaluation, the cuts looked worse than they were. It was good Steven was able to give some blood to Jayden, it would help him recover. Dr. Nick
  6. Part 54 Jayden: The drive down the mountain after dinner with the family was a little quiet. I loved my dad, I was also frustrated by him. I didn’t care that he gay, and I was happy he found love. My father had walked through hell for me. Dad deserved to enjoy his life. If he could see it, he is going to live with his love who has a great relationship with his son. I was excited Steve was the new firefighter, and now dad can be happy and content. If the two thought they had to sneak around to have sex, they both had another thing coming. Seeing naked men, or men fucking me, w
  7. Part 53 Steven: I arrived mid-afternoon. The snow on the mountain made for a slow drive. I went to the firehouse, knocked. No one was home. My stomach growled; I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I drove through the town. It looked like something out of a Kinkade painting. I pulled up to the local diner, got out of my truck, and headed inside. There was a nice woman behind the counter. She said, “Bryce, I thought you were up at the ranch today.” I replied, “no, mam, my name is Steven. I am Bryce’s twin brother and the new firefighter. I am not expected till next week, tho
  8. Part 52 Eric: It was my first day as mayor. I was now responsible for an entire town of people. I did enjoy the freedom of only working for the family. The upgrades and repairs the family had done to the town eliminated many of the typical “Mayor problems” in a small town. I had a meeting with the woman that operated the front desk of town hall. She was a talented woman and underutilized in her current role. I “fired” her. Then hired her as “head of town development.” Her job was to court businesses and bring new residents to the town. She was thrilled with the change.
  9. Current Cast: Family Members (all family strain poz) Jackson – Father / Construction Foreman Jake – Oldest Son of Jackson Jacob – Younger brother of Jake, son of Jackson married to David David – Trainer, Married to Jacob. (David & Jacob original owners of the bathhouse) Eric – Business Manager, New Town Mayor, Tom’s Husband, Chris’s lover Tom – Died in automobile accident Chris – Killed defending the family Malik – Trainer, fiancé to Shane Shane – Architect, fiancé to Malik Jason – Deputy Sheriff (early 20’s) Mason – Sheriff
  10. Part 51 Jayden: Dad and I woke up in our new home. The sun was out, the ground still heavy with snow. Dad asked if I wanted coffee; there was a coffee maker in the designer kitchen downstairs. Dad put on shorts and headed to start the morning brew. He remembered the cameras throughout the firehouse. I took a hot shower while dad was downstairs. I didn’t bother with clothes if I didn’t have to, neither did dad. I had started always being naked in my room; when mom left, I stopped closing my bedroom door. My bedroom was a haven and the door a shield. I didn’t need that anymore
  11. Part 50 Jackson: Mason, Damien, and I entered the firehouse. I was surprised. The place looked brand new. Damien had worked diligently in keeping the place clean and ready to go. I don’t know how he did it working two jobs; I was impressed. I still had some checking of the mechanics, electrical, and other things that Damien wouldn’t have known to check. Eddy asked that we power up the computer, and he would apply updates and install new software. We were completing our tour when there was a knock at the door. Damien moved quickly to open it, not leaving whoever it was out
  12. Part 49 Jacob: I was talking with Damien, helping him get settled. Dad walked up behind me. I could smell his musk and knew he had been fucking. Dad whispered in my ear that I was needed upstairs. I made sure Damien had everything he needed and went to see my brother. Dad didn’t have to tell me it was about Jake. I knew by the tone in his voice. I walked up the stairs to see Jake teasing and holding Mason at bay. I moved behind Mason, grabbing a bottle of lube and slathering it on my cock. I bent Mason over, and he instantly latched onto Jake’s cock. I could tell by Mason
  13. Part 48 Damien: I had maintained a low profile, focusing on my jobs. I had it good here, I made enough money to live in this little town. While I was happy that Eric was back, I didn’t know what that would mean for my job. I hoped they would send me back to the firehouse and not give me “walking papers.” It was the early afternoon after the event at Mrs. Betty’s when I received Jacob’s text. He asked if I would come up to the house for lunch. I was largely left alone to do my job. I would send checks to a secured printer at the ranch, and I never handled cash. Trust is so
  14. Part 47 Wes: I had taken the day to work at home and check on Eric. Everyone had things to do in town or around the ranch. I had finished a report for the bureau. My hole started the familiar tingle; it was hungry. I hadn’t come down with the fuck flu, which was strange considering the strength of the family strain. In the service and being deployed all over the world, I was vaccinated against most things. These might be giving the strain a bit of a fight. I heard Eric moving around. I headed upstairs. He was getting out of the shower and going back to bed. I noticed he
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