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  1. photo ?

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      Can't send it on this phone daddy,  I'm sorry 😵

  2. the sleazy sound of this guys voice has me zoned out and corruptible in no time 😈 [think before following links] https://gay0day.com/videos/140625/strobo-porn-brainwashing-lengthy-enslaving-version/
  3. No Safe Place Pt 6 The sounds of tyres on gravel stirred Josh from dozing immediately putting him on edge, the rhythmic sound of thumping music followed and grew louder as did the multiple voices coming closer now...Josh started to panic, ready to resist as best he could what was coming his way. His Brother leaned into to cage and grinned..."organised a welcome home party for you Josh, hope you like it" as he reached in and dragged the lad out onto the floor. Hands were all over him now as he was hoisted to a waiting sling and his Father's face came into view. "lets get the
  4. No Safe Place Pt 5 Voices stirred Josh from his fitful slumber, the sound of footsteps growing louder causing his heart to race, as hard as he tried he couldn't fight the fear of fresh assault. This time was different, the voices stopped as he was blinded by lights and new faces peered in with the same leering look of hunger..."yep, he's perfect; we'll take him"....he couldn't see who these men were which increased the pounding in his chest. Josh struggled against his restraints and made feeble attempts to protest through the tight gag, this only served to cause more laughter ou
  5. is this the same situation in upvoting or liking something or is there a special button I need to look for ?
  6. At some point Josh had passed out and now found himself staring at the top of his cage emotion suddenly filling him as tears rolled down his face. Wiping away the moisture his eyes suddenly became fixated an a small blinking light at one corner of the cage, turning to look around he discovered several of these lights as the sound of footsteps broke the silence. Doug leaned in leering...."so you found our cameras" he sneered. "you are making me a healthy profit these days boy" Josh stared in disbelief at this new information, his breathing increasing as anger took hold now b
  7. ThankSS Pigbro for your comment

  8. As time lost all meaning, Josh became aware of what lay ahead, most of the time he was caged remembering the first days of his placement and seeing others with a hollow look in their eyes as he was dragged to his permanent home. The pitiful sobbing of those around him and the yelp and whimpering of those going through the daily routine of being whored out for the entertainment of a stream of clients. An element of fight never left Josh as he clung to the hope of escape, something Doug was acutely aware of and revelled in as Josh was dragged out routinely to be used, seeded and plugged, th
  9. Josh was stripped of all his clothes and before long was strapped down to a table, his struggle continued as tears filled his eyes and fear choked him....Doug stepped up to the table and grabbed the boys hair making Josh yelp with a gaping mouth, a perfect opportunity for Doug to force in an inflatable gag and strap it around the boys head...."you need to get used to that mouth being used boy" sniggered Doug. Josh foamed from his mouth and nose, his breathing laboured. His eyes were wide now, a thousand thoughts running through his head as the group of guys moved in pawing at him like a f
  10. Josh spent hours cowering in the cold waiting for an opportunity to present itself. The truck stop seemed like the perfect place, guys would go into the restaurant to eat and he would scope out a place to sleep, it was an ideal way to get around and keep out of the cold for a while. It was slow tonight and too many of them were now securing their loads, doors and panels shut tight with no access points. Josh set off for a scout to see if he could find something, if only to keep warm by moving around he had to do what he could. Doug was a keen observer of the nightlife and had be
  11. fucken nice ink


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      Cheers. Be happy to show you more....

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      gladly, out of messages this end 😞

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      I’ll send some in a bit. 

  12. mmmmm best fucking way to bang a whore
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