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  1. Who ever came up with glory holes is a legend....cause I love them.
  2. I personally use to Flux between being Top or bottom depending on the hook up or the relationship I was in. But now I am full on certified poz bottom. But answering the question, yes.
  3. Thanks rT from a non techie, your efforts are appreciated. 😘
  4. Thanks for the follow... 😘🐷

  5. Would love to get a yummy raw piece of man meat.... πŸ–

  6. Hope it went well... The first time is always anxiety ridden but, well worth it. Then again every time feels like the first time, especially if I am a bit tipsy. πŸ˜‰
  7. Ventilation is everything... You want to have fun not die.
  8. Never thought of threesome in that light... Being a human contraceptive... 😍
  9. Boundaries are usually subjective... Personally it's natural to enjoy golden sports it like squirting for females... But to each his own... My desires and sexual pleasures tend to change as I self explore more....
  10. Thanks for the follow... 🐷😘

  11. Love me some BBC as well and if it's bare even better....
  12. Love your profile photo my brother.... 🀀

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