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    Gangbang, Orgy, Older white guys, Group sex, anon hook ups, sauna, beats, outdoors, truck stops
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    bottom into older guys preferably over 35. Love being a cumdump to multiple older white guys. Frequently visit Australia Hit me up as I’m trying to reach out to collect more loads on my next trip post Covid.
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    Older guys / daddies. I am poz friendly. If you have mates that you would like to share my hole with, the better. Strictly no drugs.

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  1. Anyone in KL? Bottom here wanna get seeded . Can host on 16 oct near bukit bintang hit me up.
  2. Absolutely love anonymous sex. Dark rooms makes it even better as i dont care how the guy looks like, as long as I have his cum deep inside me, im happy!
  3. Rectal and oral gono two years ago. I couldn’t pin point who i got it from but that was the least of my concern
  4. When i first started having gay sex, i was a nervous wreck and that remained for at least a couple of years before i started PrEP. Now, i say no to condoms because nothing feels better than a raw cock sliding in and out of my tight boi cunt. If a guy wants to fuck me with a condom, i’d say that im not interested and move on. Looking back, i hated how condoms felt inside me. Ugh
  5. thanks for the suggestion. Have you tried yr luck at one of the motels along South Tce?
  6. Any recommendations for places to stay in Adelaide ? Looking for a place that doesn’t require key card access for cumdump sessions.
  7. 25 years old from Kuala Lumpur here. Newly registered in the forum. I was an avid condom user until about two years ago when i started taking prep. No condoms eversince to the point where if someone wants to fuck me using a condom, i would tell them no and move along. Absolutely love older white guys and love serving expats/visitors to KL pre covid but now kind of deprived and once this is all over, i’ll be travelling again to have get my cunt seeded. Love being shared with other tops and have their loads up my arse.
  8. Oh yes the more the merrier hopefully we’ll work something out !
  9. sexy daddy 

    1. akula


      thanks boy, you are a hot boy. I love fucking asian boys

    2. mlybtm4older


      oh would love to have your seed in me daddy! Love white guys cum ! makes my boi pussy wet 

  10. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide since its closer to home. Before Corona, i’d travel to these places twice a year to get seeded. Looking to do it again hopefully, by the end of the year or next year.
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