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    bareback, bug chasing, chems, ...
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    All my live i have been straight until last year i got divorced and started watching gay porn and using dildos to fuck myself. With the bug chasing and chems stories here i created an hunger for toxic cum.
    I am still oral and anal virgin and look for toxic fuckers who like to pop my cherry and breed me until i am the cumdump for toxic cocks that i want to be
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    only watching porn experiences
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    people with any kind of STD to infect me

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  1. 6Demon6Seed6 i just love your stories, is there an other way to read them ?
  2. I don't understand this everybody can free decide what to like or read ... i hate such restriction, ... Are there alternatives to breeding.zone where we can find your fantastic stories i would love to read the next chapters please
  3. Hallo könntest du mir die Story auf Deutsch zusenden ? oder hast du sie auf einer anderen Seite in Deutsch eingestellt ?
  4. she should force him and he gets so horny by the bare fuck that he begs for getting pozzed
  5. definitiv würde ich es geil finden wenn Kim ihn einfach bare nimmt und er so geil wird das es ihm egal ist er wird sogar so geil das er sie bittet ihn zu pozzen
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