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  1. Sigues detectable?


  2. Never again, I went full bareback, and there's no way back now.
  3. Two weeks ago. In my city there is a park that, when night falls, becomes a cruising area with a lot of people. Although most tend to be older people, I found a guy in his 20s, my age, who was clearly looking for sex. I followed him to a more private area, until he got to his knees and pulled my cock out and started sucking. After a while, I pulled down his pants and started fucking him until I came inside. He wanted to do it with a condom, but I told him I didn't have one, and he clearly wanted my cum on his ass, so he didn't complain. Very good experience.
  4. I love both options, but pushing it out so I can eat It afterwards is way too hoy. Also some tops love to ser It pushing out.
  5. It's a fuck party for Mares (bottoms) looking for anon fucks/loads from stations (tops), since mares have their hands bound and are blindfolded. Every participant has to decide whether he wants to take part either as a mare or as a stallion. Bareback sex is allowed. ([think before following links] http://www.fickstutenmarkt.com/index.php?s=index&l=en) As the pandemic is dissapearing throught vaccination, this event will be hold in Amsterdam, first time since 2020, the 31st of July in Amsterdam. Have you guys ever been there? Is someone going this time? I bet tons of people will be there, a great chance to get cumdumped.
  6. I always fucked safe, since I was too scared of STDs. Last year I met a guy who became my FWB. We were exclusive to each other, so we went bareback. Getting my ass creampied was too hot, but I just wanted to fuck raw with him. At the beginning of this year he found a partner, so we stopped fucking. The problem is that I have become used to fuck bareback, so I do not get excited or enjoy sex in any other way. PrEP is not accessible where I live, but I have still decided to take the risk. Once you try bareback, it is impossible not to want it.
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