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  1. Rest in peace. [think before following links] https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/101388377/david-lee-anderson
  2. Scott O'Hara but more because he did a big 'fuck you!' to the porn biz, and was open about how he is HIV+, became a poet, and he lived life on his terms.
  3. He is no longer alive. Rest in peace.
  4. Lol the character who is super religious for his type in NYC is all too typical. I know formerly closeted gay Jewish men who when they come out they go crazy getting fucked BB and become poz...
  5. It is ALL on the internet, on apps now. Sometimes you will see ads for sex clubs, saunas/bath houses where one can go and do whatever they want sexually with other adult men, or even women/couples if it is that type of sauna/spa. Many will host a party/orgy where safe sex may or may not be done or it is claimed it is safe sex but bottoms beg for cum loads, tops take off Condoms, tops go in BB anyway, etc.
  6. I am at the part of Katie's perspective/narrative. Please write more about her, MMF 3ways, B/D, S/M, etc.
  7. Understood, if the tats were there and he had to join for survival that is one thing, and do not believe any of it that is one thing... but if they are racist, neo Nazi, etc. No way.
  8. I don't care how hot or good looking the other bloke is when or if I find out he is in those racist hate groups I would not have met up with him or had sex with him, or if we were going to have sex I would have left...
  9. Did the other guy know what was happening or what he almost walked in on seeing?
  10. I hope you were able to get fucked? But why does the man have to be black?
  11. TotalTop


    You are in the SF Bay area right? Go to Folsom street fair or dore alley events, leather bars, etc. Or onto fetlife or any number of websites. Do not do anything that you do not want to do or consent to, and you do not have to submit or bottom the first time you meet a dominant or Master.
  12. Addicted to? No. Intrigued, amazed at, and at one time obsessed with, most definitely. If I ever were to do it to a man or woman as top/giver only gloves would be worn, and I would want it to be with just my hand or maybe part of my foot, not my entire arm or leg.
  13. Scott O'Hara died in 1998 so that must have been some other porn actor. I am not claiming that you did not know him or had never met him, as he was very open to meeting fans, other people in porn, etc.
  14. How many strains of HIV and other bugs did you get?
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