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  1. The racist eugenicist founder of planned parenthood Margaret Sanger be ROLLING in her grave knowing that a Black man overruled Roe v Wade.
  2. I don't completely agree with everything he says, but historically he is correct. The Democratic party has always been the party of racism and slavery.
  3. Haha true, it is a bunch of fear mongering by ackkktivists, and the USA media. Not too long ago, for many decades these same so called liberals or progressives were super homophobic/biphobic/against LGB/LGBT rights COMPLETELY, and now they are pro-censorship, and blackkk supremacists. I was a moderate and leaned left, but the USA left lost me when they focused on always being victims, the histrionics, being pro-censorship, etc. I am old enough to remember when the left did not care about the establishment, now they are super pro-establishment, conformist, and both major parties in the USA have been the same for over 50 years and sold out/fucked over the American public long ago.
  4. That is very true. There are many atheists/agnostics, Jews, and Muslims who are against abortion, as there is such a thing as condoms, safe sex, using condoms with other birth control, etc.
  5. Would you or do you have sex with FTM?
  6. Many POC self-segregate by their own choice and are extremely racist towards their own race as well as others. Now we have universities that completely support racist segregation. [think before following links] https://www.newsweek.com/black-students-only-housing-washington-university-1633265
  7. Exactly it is fear mongering, and racism, but that has always been what the Democratic party has supported.
  8. Or the women would just murder their children after they were born. This still happens in China and other East Asian and South Asian countries today.
  9. Many women are against abortion and you like to "blame" men for unsafe sex, but many women want it and have it just as much if not more than men do.
  10. Talking about voluntary racial segregation like this in large cities or not mentioning 'POC' is not racism. FYI, Most Lutherans are central European, not Northern European. The slavery comment is also true, nobody alive today in the USA besides R Kelly owned a slave.
  11. Certainly not the NY Times, washpoo, BBC, Guardian, or HuffPoo they are not even good enough for birdcage liner. I like WSJ.
  12. You need to stop reading completely inaccurate revisionist garbage masquerading as 'history' like the 1690 project, CRT, etc. You obviously do not read politically neutral or balanced accurate history or news sources.
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