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  1. If that's the case then very likely your cock or your hand was in my hole at some point. I was at club Z at least once a month for a couple years.. usually in a sling room or on my hands and knees with my hole lubed and presented to all takers..
  2. I hope you did 🙂 Although this was 1999-2001 so it was a long time ago...
  3. One of my all-time favorite stories...don't know how many times I've jerked off to this...now if I could just find a couple guys like locke and Sir Ian to give me this exact treatment!!
  4. Have done this before and loved it - would love to do it again...
  5. Ah club Z - my first slam and my first gangbang....i miss that place 🙂
  6. Great story - although had my hopes up for more fisting action given the setup - was imagining myself in the bottoms place but I'd definitely want a hand or four after the slam🙂
  7. Visiting soon and would love to meet up with a dominant top into trying stretching and breeding a hungry hole. Submissive guy here into leather bondage w/s pnp fistting groups gangbangs cum and other various kink. Looking to be your personal partied up pig for a day or three. Hit me up if interested Sirs!!!.
  8. So there I was strapped into a sling in a sleazy bath house, slammed up and spun, and with a hunger in my hole like I'd never felt before. I needed to be stretched....I needed to be USED. Any shyness or inhibitions I normally would have felt were gone. I was just a fuck hole.. which seemed to suit my host just fine. "Nice clean hole boy" said my new master (I always cleaned out first thing when getting to the baths). "I'm going to have some fun with this cunt tonight...and I won't be the only one playing in there". I could barely get any words out other than a mumbled "yes sir". He put a bottle of poppers in my right hand and loosened the lid halfway. Although my arms and legs were restrained, I had just enough slack in the chain attached to my right arm to pull it up to my nose. "Take a hit boy" he said and I breathed deeply in to both nostrils. My high increased and the room started spinning as he drove his raw cock into my lubed up hole in one swift motion. There was no pain...just a feeling of fullness and pleasure. "Fuck yeah sir" I moaned as he immediately began pounding my hole hard and fast...making the chains clank noisily as his balls slapped against my hole. The noise seemed to be attracting a crowd... 3 or 4 guys were now standing by the door jerking their cocks as they watched the show. "You like those guys watching your hole get pounded by raw cock?" he asked me, and I moaned my agreement. "Bet you'd let them all stick their cocks in your hole and dump a load after I'm done wouldn't you boy". Again I moaned, but this time he wanted a clear answer. "Tell me you'll let anyone dump their load in your hole tonight boy" he snarled and this time I very clearly said "Yes sir". With that he waved his hand and invited the guys watching to come inside...which they did. As he continued his relentless pounding of my hole three men entered the room with us. One was a muscular Latino in his thirties, another was a heavy set black guy but who was stroking a huge dick, and the third was a skinny guy in his late 40s or early fifties wearing chaps and a leather vest and hat. He seemed to know my new friend. "Nice boy you've got there Dale" he said. "He good and spun"? "Sure is" said my fucker as he kept on pounding. "Dumb little faggot let me slam him...it's his first time. Says he likes his hole stretched and I saw him eyeing my big toys". "Fuckin A " said the new guy as he picked up a big black Dildo off the bed. "I can't wait to feed him Bam..plus this guy has a real BBC to feed him" pointing to the black guy who had come in the room with him. "Let's have some fun with this little whore" he said . He went to the door and closed it. "We can open the door back up when that hole is wrecked" Dale pulled his cock out of my sloppy hole with a wet slurping sound. Reaching for his backpack he pulled out a little baggie of what I knew must be crystal. "Oh look at that....guess I did have some more that wasn't in a point" he said with an evil grin. But then you might not have tried a slam boy". I wasn't upset...I was turned on that this guy had tricked me I to slamming. "Thank you sir" I was able to get out as he stuck three fingers into my hungry hole. "Good boy " he said. "You've earned a reward". "Frank" said my host to the Hispanic guy who had also entered the room. "Grab that collar off the bed and put it on this pig". I moaned in approval as Frank wrapped the leather strap around my neck and snapped it shut. Meanwhile Dale pulled out a big shard of crystal out of his biggie and shoved it up my hole with three of his fingers. "Big John" he said to the husky black guy...why don't you push this up there a little further. Without hesitation big John slid his raw cock which must have been 10 inches long and thick as a beer can up my quivering hole. I could feel a burning sensation deep in my guts as that big black cock pushed the shard deeper inside me.
  9. Many years ago when I was living in Seattle I would go to the bathhouse looking for guys to fist my ass. I didn't have a regular dealer but I knew a lot of the guys at the baths liked to party. So I would often walk around the baths for hours looking for guys wearing leather or flashing a bandana - anything that would indicate they might be into pig sex and if they seemed interested I'd ask if they knew where I could find any party favors. If they said yes then it was usually game on. If they said no then I kept looking (although I might seek them out later if I managed to score). One night I was really horned up (having cruised for a couple hours with no success) when I walked by one of the sling rooms where an older guy was hanging out on his bed. He looked to be about 6'2" with dirty blonde hair, a lean smooth and muscled body and an impressive 8" hard cock that he was stroking. I thought he looked German but found out later he was Danish. He was wearing a leather harness and had am impressive array of toys laying around him...a couple as thick as my arm. As our eyes met and I stroked my cock undercut towel he beckoned me in the room and I closed the door. We exchanged greetings and true to form I asked if he knew where I could find any party favors. "I've got some Tina that I was saving for a buddy but he's a no-show tonight" this hot daddy told me. "I'd be happy to share..but it's already mixed up in a couple points so we'd have to slam". I'd heard of slamming before but never seen anyone do it. Plus I had a fear of needles so it wasn't anything I ever thought I would try. "I'm not sure I can do that" I told him, all the whole hungrily eyeing his toy collection and his hot cock. "What all do you get into " I asked as I considered my options. "Pigsex" was his reply. "Sucking fucking toys leather bondage and assplay...especially fisting" he said with a sly grin. That sealed the deal. "I've only ever snorted or smoked before" I told him "but I'm willing to try Sir...and I'm into pig sex too and really need my hole opened". "You're in for a treat then" he replied. "Nothing opens a hot boy hole better than a slam of Tina". He had me lie down on his bed and removed two syringes with bright orange caps from his backpack. Next he took out a rubber strap that looked like a long inundated balloon and tied it around my bicep. "Stay still boy" he told me , then wiped the inside of my elbow down with an alcohol wipe. I was nervous but excited as he prepared the rig, slid it into a vein (with a well practiced stick that I barely felt) and pushed the plunger. As he pulled out the needle he told me to raise my arm above my head while he pulled off the rubber strap. Instantly I felt a rush of heat through my body and I coughed as the most intense high of my life swept over me. "FUCK" was all I could say as I lay back and reached down to finger my suddenly ravenous hole. "Yeah boy you need that hole stretched don't you?" said the man that was now transformed in my Tina crazed eyes into a leather sex god . "Get your ass into the sling while I get myself good and high". Although a little off-balance I wasted no time in getting in the sling while my host administered his own hit. Once he was done he strapped my arms and legs in place and then began to finger my hole as he leered down at me. "You ready to be my toy tonight boy?" He asked in a tone that let me know it was not a question. "Yes sir" I said.. please wreck my hole". "I'm going to open this door and let the whole club see your little pink butthole get stretched" he told me. Normally that would have freaked me out (as I was pretty shy even though I loved kinky sex) but that night the thought of other guys watching and maybe joining made me hotter than ever. "Hell yes Sir" I replied. "Anything you want Sir". "Good boy!" He replied..."not that you really had a choice.....". And then he opened his door wide and returned to the sling and began greasing up my hole with Crisco and J-lube. Hmm...this is turning out to be longer than I originally intended, but it's a true story and the hottest scene I've ever had. If you guys like ill finish it up but right now the memory has me so hard I need to go bust a load.
  10. Wow this is exactly what I fantasize about happening to me. Where can I find a master into this ??
  11. I travel to charlotte occasionally. Maybe we could chat sometime.

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