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    Getting bred, deep-throat, some BDSM and piggy stuff just ask i wont be shocked
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    chubby older (63) 100% sub, hairy, cropped, tats, tiny prick, big arse
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  1. Definitely prefer clean shaven. Though if they are doing me from behind it doesn't exactly matter. If i am looking up at them and they have a huge big beard i keep my eyes shut. Same with one of those thin scraggly patchy beards. Yuck. Armpits are the best place for man hair. Stuck in your teeth the worst place.
  2. one of my best ever encounters was in the toilet of a bar in i think Brussels or maybe Antwerp. There was an amazing handsome young guy who i had been eyeing up for an hour or so but who unsurprisingly showed no interest in me. Then by chance i went into the toilets when he had just finished pissing. Unexpectedly he waved his cock at me. Very large. I dropped to my knees and for ten minutes he brutally throat fucked me. Eventually he came down my throat, ramming it down me repeatedly. Afterwards, instead of pulling it out he kept it down my throat. And after a few minutes he started throat fucking me with his huge semi. As i started to choke he held my head in place. This went on another painful five or ten minutes until i spewed up a mass of throat slime and spunk. I shot it all over the floor. And then he made me lick it up, along with the piss and street dirt that was already on the floor. I licked it all up and held it in my mouth. And he walked out. Back in the main bar, with his load and my slime and saliva still in my mouth, he ignored me again. Eventually all the muck slide down my throat and i went back to my hotel. Very nice.
  3. Looking good mate, thanks for the follow.

    Total bottom cumdump lad here in Cornwall.

    Hundreds more pics and vids of me on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 


    1. fatbottom


      Thanks @jonny4dad. Some of my best sex has been workie sex. Great smells, body hair, tasty rim holes, and pissy knobs. more please

  4. If you are a gay man with a boyfriend then either a) you are in an open relationship and he is fucking around b) you are not in an open relationship and he is fucking around c) you are not in an open relationship and he wants to fuck around d) you are not in an open relationship and he does not want to fuck around because he is totally dull Conclusion: whichever it is, you should fuck around
  5. 1) i think raw cocks slide in more easily. 2) i really love being fucked by dominant guys who do it only for their own pleasure, and who just dump and go, and if they bareback without asking, then that really emphasises what sort of a man they are. If a man thinks he has a right to fuck raw, then i want him up me 3) Even if they are not that sort of guy i like to pretend they are. It's easier to pretend when its raw 4) i could be fooling myself, but i think the tops are better at fucking when it's raw. They get more pleasure so they do it better. 5) Emotionally, walking home with cum dripping down my leg or falling asleep with a load inside me is about as good as it gets.
  6. Bugger. I didn't know you were supposed to mix J-lube with water. I've always used piss.
  7. A pair of really stinky never-washed socks that have been worn repeatedly for jogging and now that restrictions have been eased worn at the gym, plus used as cum rags. Love to wear them on my feet while i wank
  8. When you wank, what do you fantasise about? it's a pretty good guide to what you are into. Next step is to try it out. If you don't get a hard-on, don't be deterred-the penis sometimes likes messing with the brain. Have sex with your entire body and your brain, not just your cock. You dont need an erection to have fun. Don't think about performing. Or meeting expectations. Just enjoy. Also watch porn. Play with dildos. Or tit clamps. Or rubber dolls. Or frilly undies. Whatever you think might be fun. Don't try to work out theoretically what you are and then make your behaviour conform. Dont think. Experiment.
  9. Older friendly small fat sub into all guys so long as the do me
  10. Anybody tried E15? Was thinking of checking it out. Gonna go to Sailors on Monday which i hear can be fun. Last couple of nights were not particularly busy - though i did get used a lot on Thursday, fucked 4 times with 3 of them leaving deposits. And i dont think it was just because i was all that was available.
  11. I'm 63, nearly 64. On Thursday night i got fucked by 4 guys, all raw, and 3 loaded me. All were happy with the experience. Ages, roughly 25, 35 and 55 plus one unknown (glory hole). Mind you, yesterday evening got barely a sniff.
  12. On Thursday a guy who had just fucked me complimented me saying i had kept my arse in great condition. Wasn't quite sure what he meant! But i do find that a bit of vigorous dildo work before going out helps a lot
  13. Boys&Sirs Saturday afternoon for some discipline then Sailors sauna on Monday because its bears day. not sure what else.
  14. I recently was standing naked spreadeagled against a full length mirror. A Top was standing behind me, his body pressed up again mine, fucking me up my shitter. In his hand he had a really big ham and cheese sandwich which he was forcing into my mouth, all of it at once, and i was eating it down. It was like being fucked both ends by the same guy. As he was doing that, with his other hand he was squeezing my balls and prick and twisting my nipples and calling me a fat slag. We stared into each others eyes and it was really intense. Later on he shot his load in me. I have also had snogging sessions with guys passing chewed up food from mouth to mouth while sitting naked facing each other, wanking. I used to meet a guy sometimes for a drink in a bar. He would always dribble spit into my wine and then watch me drink it. Sadly he never fucked me though he knew i was gagging for it.
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