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    New and be willing to explore more nasty filthy wild kinky fun
    PNP Clouding, slam, poppers, jockstrap, Outdoor are my favorite of all time.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Add me on LINE: sbs3600
    Or either on Skype for more chats and mention add from breedingzone so I'll know
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    Wick r - shiro6969

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  1. Hot indeed 21 yo guy here and I'm totally became a methwhore already been so into older daddies. Knowing those guys been double or even nearly triple of my age might be ugly short, fat also at the same time enjoying themselves breeding me and just take advantages of me really get me feel so high and slutty of it can't stop! Daddies and son roles is just so hot, if I ever had a step dad definitely gonna be seducing him everyday lmao
  2. Hey man mind if I add you on telegram to chat more? Always visitIng SG one here
  3. Mind PM me? New user here from Malaysia also
  4. Hey man new user here from Malaysia too mind leave any contact for me to get to you?
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