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  1. If I do anon ass up to bottom and take cock, I prefer not having any details or pics sent to me. The best part of letting go and taking any random cock is the unknown...size, hiv status, age, race. I don’t cate about any of that, just want the top to enjoy using my hole and leaving his seed.
  2. My first time was when the captain of my college swim team that I was on decided to shower next to me one day after a late practice. We were the only two in the shower area of the locker room. He kept looking at me and checking my body out as I pulled my speedo off. He motioned for me to join his stall. I was already a cumwhore cocksucker by that age. I thought that was what he was needing. I got down in front of him, water hitting the back of my head and running down my back. He let his piss start flow, hitting my face and open mouth. I just went with it, enjoying the taste. I’d already ta
  3. When I top, I try to sense when the bottom is close to cumming, try to get in synch with him and unload as he’s cumming. His prostate firing off triggers my cock’s nerve impulses and send me over the end. Did that this last weekend, shot at the same time.
  4. When I’m getting nailed I can often tell by the amount of friction the top’s cock is making inside my fuckhole. That triggers my ass muscles to pulsate and create suction, matching the top’s rhythm. That’ll usually pull his cock in deeper and give us both intense orgasms. Best anal orgasm I had was with this sexy Latino young stud who was horse hung and had huge balls. Every time he fucked me, would end with having several orgasms. So far he’s the only guy to give me multiple orgasms.
  5. This is a tough situation. I wish you the best for getting back negative test results. If you do end up needing PC therapy, why not do the isotope seed implant therapy? That’s been extremely beneficial in treating and curing PC without need to remove prostate. They stick these low level radioactive (localized) seeds inside the prostate. The radiotherapy destroys the cancerous tissue. The prostate will then return to normal size, PSA will decrease. Keep your prostate, man. You want to continue to cum when you’re getting fucked. Best of luck.
  6. Foreskin of an uncut cock rubbing against my ass just before he pushes in is such a hot feeling. I definitely enjoy the added friction of foreskin grinding up and down my fuckhole. I definitely enjoy uncut cock breeding me.
  7. Man, that sounds just like the way I got knocked up. Dude was very verbal as he fucked and bred me, saying he was knocking me up as his shot his loads in me. He bred me multiple times and made sure I held his loads, messaging me often to make sure I was still holding his seed. I confirmed I was and he said I’ll be getting pregnant soon. Guess he was successful.
  8. Hot looking guy there. I’d love to breed your ass. I’ll be traveling up your way next week. I’d give you a deep hard breeding.
  9. Began eating my cum at about 11yrs old, as soon as I started shooting cum when I began masterbating. I love stroking a load out every now and then. Will always swallow my cum. I’ll swallow cum if I’ve been getting topped and stroke a lot out and shoot it across my abs and chest. I’ll lick it up and eat it.
  10. Rare for me to take a break in middle of work day, but this sexy hung man got my pussy wet and hungry. Left work, met him at his place and spent an hour riding his cock in every position possible. He’s seriously huge, thick, stayed rock hard the whole time. We made out, hit poppers, and he fucked me until he blew his load. Creamed my pussy good. Def want to make this a regular fuck bud. He’s so handsome and his cock fits perfectly inside me.
  11. Fuck yeah, that definitely will make you a total pig if your rimming and feasting at same time.
  12. I’m trying to think about why I was fascinated with bareback. My first fuck was raw, but then I went safe for about a decade. Decided that covered cock fucking just wasn’t that great. It was a pain keeping an erection, finding the right lube, and it felt like a trash bag was inside me when getting topped. I started fantasizing about going bareback around 2004, finally did it in January 2005, posting an ad on Craigslist. Was at a hotel in SF, had many men respond. Took a lot of bare cock that night, and never went back. Jumped in the deep end, and have loved every fuck since. Bareback is just t
  13. I’d say a total pig licks cum off the floor in public bathrooms, takes all cock without question, in both holes, does ass to mouth to taste his ass juice mixed with random cum, dumpster dive at bathhouse looking for used condoms to open and squirt up his ass...that would be me. I’d even try 3D rim job if I knew what that was.
  14. If I’m outdoors, then kneeling before the dude is preferred. Let’s him keep an eye for trouble, but can enjoy cumming with full service of his cock going deep down my throat. If I’m indoors, on a bed or couch, love to be ass up, sucking his cock while he’s rimming my ass. That position of kneeling forward, sort of 69, let’s me take his cock all the way down with no gagging, the angle is just perfect for the cock to deep throat.
  15. I’ve been dp’d once by two sexy hung men. It was a lot of cock to fit up my ass, but the sensation of two tops cumming at same time was over the top. I joined another top on another occasion and bred a sexy twink dp style. I had the bigger cock between me and the other top, so I laid back and the bottom slid down me while the other top came up from behind and slipped in. The bottom and other top where gyrating in motions that were perfectly milking my cock and gave me one of my most intense orgasms ever. The bottoms hole was completely flooded and a gaping creampie by time we were done.
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