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  1. When I turned 30 I decided that I was going all BB for everyone Im intimate with. If they don't want that, then I move on. Although I confess I do enjoy playing with condoms, filling them and using them in cum play, snowballing, and kink. But yeah, when I first reach that point, I tell them, "Just so you know, I only fuck raw". If they agree, I start talking dirty and telling them how much I want their cum, and what I want to do with it.
  2. I really like it when Anonymous Tops are so overwhelmed that they loose strength and collapse on me, grab me around the middle and shudder and just hang there. That's when I like to really talk super dirty to them and praise them. A lot of times that leads to more fun times. If they are still in me I like to really clench down on their dick
  3. I think there also is this perception that for whatever reason a hotel room isn't going to be safe. I think that comes mostly from stories of guy who do stupid things. Like the host not having back up, or a lack of communication and rules, boundary's, expectaitons beforehand. Without that there is the danger of criminal activity like a beating, theft, exploitation, or unwanted exposure be it video or police. Personally, I feel more comfortable in those situations if the host has a backup. I really think it's fun when a 'friend' of some type hosts and invites people he knows to come fuck me blindfolded. I trust my friend to have my back, but the idea that I have no clue who is fucking me but he does, is thrilling. I worry about people who do this in more risky settings, that they'll get robbed, hurt, or get into situations where they can't easily get help. Scary can be fun, but like the BDSM community, it's better when there is some control to make the illusion safer. That's just me.
  4. Fuckin'Oink~!🐷Please keep sharing your pix, and adventures. Pigs like you make visiting BZ the best part of my day. Thanks for your follow too. X☣️X

  5. I love wearing men's used cummy underwear. Especially if it's fresh and wet. Knowing I am gonna smell them all day long

  6. One of the reasons I am a cumdump is I rarely get erections any more due to meds. So I just visualize myself with one sex organ, My hole. I keep my dicklet locked up where it belongs
  7. There is a site you can find by following condom/ used condoms fetish via twitter, where you can buy from guys. Otherwise a lot of times guys who sell used underwear will let you buy cum from them. I ask my hookups to save me loads
  8. Thanks for following me!

  9. After several dicks I start to gape, and I just get higher up on my knees so the cum just floats in my rectum. It sounds like guys are fucking a watermelon. Only problem is if they move me too much it cums' pouring down my thighs. I'd rather it be in me
  10. I really like your photos

  11. Woof, thanks for the follow sexy!

  12. I really enjoy sexting, trading photos, swapping underwear, saving cum. Anything vanilla is a huge turn off for me. It's gotta be super kinky and nasty
  13. I have a huge underwear and thong fetish. I also love purchasing them used from men online. Usually with "special" treatment.
  14. The only thing I like about condoms is sucking out the cum from the latex. I like the sensation, and playing with the cumy latex. It's fun to see how many loads I can fit into one condom and then squeeze it into my ass
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