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  1. ribbhava

    Sucking Married Guys

    I use to feel guilty about fucking around with married men, now I crave it, especially when they're in there curious phase, love being the first blow job from a guy, or first man pussy they fucked, feels like im corrupting them, I agree Nasty Raw Bottom it's hot getting fucked in the back of a car with a baby-seat in there, awhile ago one of my married tricks had his first baby, a week later I sucked him off, blew his load in my mouth he zipped up and left, I held his seed in my mouth, found a pic of him with the wife and new born son, it was a turn on knowing that I had millions of his babies swimming in my mouth.
  2. ribbhava

    Sucking Married Guys

    This is one of the married dudes I suck off, he gets off work at 3 the wife off at 4, so it's a quick blow and go at his house, we've had a few close calls, once she was pulling in to the driveway as i was pulling out, I think he enjoys the risk of getting caught.
  3. I live in a small town in the midwest, only a hand full of gays around, so a few years back I started putting ads up on craigslist looking for straight, married or curious guys that wanted a no strings attached blow job, I currently have 8 men I fool around with on a regular basis, 5 married 3 with girlfriends, about 20 min ago I sucked off Matt 25, 5'10'' around 140lbs 8 cut blonde hair blue eyes, lean close to 8 cut, trailer park white trash stoner type, once a week he will hit me up on his way back home from work for a quick blow and go, he loves how I deep throat and swallow, the thing is his girlfriend is one of my best friends. lol
  4. ribbhava

    Sucking Married Guys

    I love married cock, most of the time their wife will refuse to suck dick, that's where I come in, after awhile I talk them into fucking my ass. currently have 6 straight married men I mess around with on a regular basis my favorite is Mike an 35 yr old ex marine with a 9 inch dick.
  5. New to T its fucking awesome

    1. Hotjjboi


      Fuck yeah bro!! Love it

    2. mnversguy82


      I have T and am heading up to Detroit Lakes tonight.

  6. ribbhava

    Anal Lube Brand suggestions

    Olive oil works best for me.
  7. ribbhava

    Huge Dildo's

    In the past year Ive become more and more interested in seeing how big of a dildo I can take in my ass, first started out with the Kevin Dean dildo that is about 13 inches long, then the Dick Rambone which is 17 inches long and then the Bam Dildo which is my favorite at 13 inches long and as thick as a beer can. Love having a huge dildo gang bang have each of them inside me till my asshole is sore and bloody, then head to the adult book store and get fucked my anon top men, but now I can craving something bigger but cant find anything bigger than the Dick Rambone Dildo anyone know of one that is bigger? I am also hoping to get fisted soon met a man online willing to do it just gotta figure out a time to do it.
  8. ribbhava

    unwashed smelling cock

    I've had a couple, its kinda gross but I still suck on em, and I love dick cheese.
  9. ribbhava

    Cock Chewing

    Sounds hot! I would love to try that
  10. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Mark Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 218-234-4392 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Detroit Lakes, MN Times you're generally not available: 9a to 3p Age: 30 Height: 5'8'' Weight: 185lbs Ethnicity: White
  11. ribbhava

    I Love Walk-In Fucks

    One time at the adult bookstore I decided to whore my ass out, took off my pants and pointed my ass to the door, men would cum in blow a load in my cunt then leave, i counted 5, never saw what they looked like, it was fucking hot, I was amazed on how they didnt give a shit about a condom, my ass was leaking sperm
  12. ribbhava

    Dirty Bottoms

    usually i am clean as a whistle, but gotta admit would like to try getting fucked wit a dirty hole, gotta find a top thats into scat
  13. ribbhava

    Bloody cock

    Damn, I wanna get fucked like that
  14. Your my hero! Send me your toxic load and I make of video for you....

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