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    Poz tops to breed me and bottom friends to set multi bottom cumdump sessions up with

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  1. UPDATE. I will be in Atlanta from the 20th until the 22nd. The cumdump session will happen Sunday for sure and maybe Saturday depending on when I can get a flight into Atlanta. I am looking at the Motel 6 in Norcross right now. If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know your recommendations as I want as many cocks as I can get. I will post on Bbrts and grindr as much as I can as well as keep all those who message here updated of what room I am in. It will be ground level and I will get the door just right for easy opening of each top breeder. Lube will be provided as well as poppers. Any weed or anything like that is up to you since I will be flying in from AZ.
  2. I will be coming back east to see family on november 20th and flying back to Arizona on the 27th. I plan on getting a hotel with easy access to my room somewhere(more details soon to follow). I want as many guys as possible. No load will be refused. Bring a friend or more and just unload in me. All cocks welcome. All size men welcome. Poz and neg welcome.
  3. Does anyone host pozzing parties or know anyone that will host some pozzing parties in the future? I would love to attend one or more as a bottom and as a possible gift giver after I finally convert.
  4. Would love to eat the loads from your pussy and ass
  5. BB bttm in phoenix around the new 202 but will travel for cum
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