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    West Philly
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    barebacking of course - poz friendly guy - versatile in bed - love JO - edging - oral - not on PrEP.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Top
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    Gay guy that had always played safe - now NO condoms
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    Hooking up with like minded guys, especially poz guys that live near me - LTR maybe, but not top of list

    Try me on Wickr - westphillyguy

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  1. Also wondering along the same line - taking a viral load from a guy that is full-blown. Will that speed up my HIV+ to become full-blown?
  2. I noticed it too. You'd think they might post a note about it letting everyone know what's up.
  3. The feeling seems to vary with guys. I think the most important part, the most erotic part is knowing he shooting his load inside you. That part plays out in the mind, even though you might not physically feel him cumming in you.
  4. That could be the best way to do it. A huge commitment to a BF.
  5. I'll suck you off swallow it all - you can fuck me, too.
  6. I wish I started doing BB when I was younger...
  7. I'd love to try ATM with a dirty cock pulled from my ass or another guy's dirty ass once, just to see what it is like...
  8. A lot of guys can feel the difference - I don't doubt that - but an unwrapped cock does something to you that a wrapped one doesn't, and I'm not including anything about the poz possibilities. It is just the fact there is a bare cock in your ass and it will unload a nice amount of cum in you is so hot. It's all about sharing...
  9. Mine would be tied up, balls banded and then poz fucked...
  10. Loved that he made the guy cum before each time before sucking or fucking
  11. I'd love to attend one of those - as a mare of course...
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