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    dick sucker, total bottom and a bit on the submissive side. love being a face down-ass up cum dump in sex clubs. also very into my dick and love popperbating on cam sites and skype.
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    been around the block a time or two...enjoyed most of the scenery.
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    nothing in particular, just a good time.

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  1. it's bear pride weekend in ATL so i hit the sex club last night and went to church. Started the night in the "jail" room and sucked a couple of dudes but didn't get either of their loads. still, it was a good warm up. after that i did a lap and met a hot, hairy dad bear. we chatted for a second and went into a room and started rubbing on each other. i told him i'm a cock sucking bottom and he let me work on his dick to get him nice and hard (he was pretty average) then had me lay on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed. he played with my hole for a bit and we both hit some poppers. it wasn't too long until he was balls deep. he fucked me for about 10 minutes or so then dropped his babies inside me and took off. next i went up into the top of the theater area and there was a sexy blatino dude stroking. we watched each other for a bit and two more dudes came up, a Dom and sub. i couldn't stand it any longer and had to worship at the alter so i asked my blatino if i could suck his dick. i spent the 20 minutes or so in worship of his perfect cock until he put his cum down my throat. i put my clothes back on and headed to a private room, stripped butt naked, lubed my hole, took a big huff and went face down, ass up. before long, a beer can thick cock (no idea who was attached to it) was pounding away at my hole talking all kinds of nasty shit until he shot a huge load inside me. when he pulled out i could feel it dripping out of my hole and down my nuts. to my surprise, he lapped it all up before exiting the room. it was a pretty fucking good night in ATL. the only down side is i still haven't cum and am still horny as fuck.
  2. It's blackout night at Manifest, anyone gonna be there? I will be there around 11 looking for seed.
  3. I got into them a few years ago after I saw a trainer video and thought I'd just give it a try. Now I use them when I get fucked and often when I am masturbating.
  4. If it's nasty, I will puke so for me it has to be clean.
  5. Being a small dicked man, it's good to see the love for those of us who don't have big, swinging dicks.
  6. Taking loads at Manifest tonight, March 15.

  7. Taking loads at Manifest tonight. red jeans and a black t-shirt. probably find me stripped down and masturbating in the theater or face down, ass up in room down the small hall at the entrance to the club. mention breedingzone when you drop your seed in me.
  8. A few but probably the most was at a park in ATL about 10 years ago. A dude and I walked off into the woods in a cruisy area and being the cock sucker I am, i dropped to my knees. 3 or 4 others followed us and were standing around jerkin tneir dicks. Dude pulled me up and spun me around. Wasn't but a minute before we were on the ground with an audience while he pumped a load into me.
  9. Check out rabb.it https://www.rabb.it Ive been in jerk off groups that use it but never hosted one.
  10. i have a dicklet, about 5" at its best but it has big fucking attitude. i love sucking dick, and will suck it no matter the size but i admit finding the big ones more enjoyable. i'm pretty submissive too and rarely get my dicklet sucked. when i do get the privilege, i enjoy it very much and am appreciative but i get much more pleasure out of providing service while i edge my little wienie than i do from getting a blow job.
  11. There are some smokin hot videos out there about this place. I'm dying to go. Too bad we don't have a place like this in the states.
  12. Sometimes getting fucked is all I can think about too and I jokingly call it being in heat. I'm sort of feeling now. My husband took me to the sex club Friday night and I got some dick. I need more. I know that once I cum, some of the intensity will subside but I like this feeling so I'll continue to edge and not drain my balls for as long as I can.
  13. I'm just going to say that while I know I shouldn't be, I am surprised by the amount of prejudice and racism that's coming out in these posts. As a privileged, white man I recognize that I am not the expert on what is offensive and not offensive to others. I can't speak for anyone except myself but if I say something offensive, I hope someone brings it to my attention so I can keep growing into the best person I can be.
  14. My experience has always been that posting in advance gets you a lot of responses saying they're in but it's usually just some dude jacking off to the fantasy of it that won't show up. I haven't done this type of thing in a long time but I think I would do day of and maybe use grindr too. Good luck.

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