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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    AIDS PIG TOP. Uncut hog. Hot n horny no meds vl's. Toxic. HIV+ Transmission SPECIALIST. Get ur neg hole KNOCKED UP TODAY
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    Young neg chasers with a hungry hole to fuck and infect with my UNCUT toxic AIDS cock. Hiv+ guaranteed. Get your FUCK FLU today.

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  1. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Uncircumcised Toxic Fucktool here. No meds ever. Hvl. GifTer.
  2. hope to get your loads  and join the club  of POZ guys 

    1. bbpoznow


      to bad bbseroman cant receive messages . hope he can email 


      want his loads 


  3. Such a hot fucking profile. Would LOVE to worship and get knocked up by your charged up fuckstick!!!

  4. Hey, AIDS stud! How've you been?

  5. Love to be converted by  the best  if ever in Toronto Canada let me know  both holes are waiting

  6. Hot profile!!!!

    1. BBSeroMan


      Hmu if u wanna get knocked up by my uncut AIDS fucktool

    2. bbpoznow


      hey  love to get a for sure loads. been chasing as while and nothing yet I am going to Florida in Jan  but live in Toronto area Canada.  need to be knocked up by a specialist . 

    3. bareall77


      BBSeroman, I do want your AIDS tool to knock me up. Just a matter of getting out by you!!

  7. hey man...im in san diego and looking for a toxic load. I can travel. 

    1. alwaysready


      i love the "looking for" section of your profile. "get your fuck flu today."  what is your vl?


  8. Where are You? Been chasing since I was 18 and still not poz. Would love your help and/or any other poz loads actually!

  9. Gonno drip in my hog multiple +++ times. Crabs 2 times. Syph chancres on my shaft 3 times. Chlamydia 2 times. Herpes.
  10. Wish I were stateside. I'd let you knock my guts up with as much toxic seed as you could give me... 

  11. what is your viral load

  12. Hot profile! You ever in the Syracuse area? Would love to take your toxic load.

  13. Woof ever make it to LA?

  14. Hello,Sir, where in the US are you?   I travel,weekly for work.  I would love you to convert me 

    1. BBSeroMan


      South of Boston bro

    2. masctravelingpup


      Oh, I get to Boston and NYC, Hartford a lot 

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