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    Exploring receptive bareback sex
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Not much to tell, really. I don’t self-identify as gay or straight, but, I occasionally have sex with anyone I like and feel comfortable with. Trans-friendly and non-judgmental.
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    Total tops who DON’T suck cock. But, they’re incredibly and depressingly rare.

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  1. I’ve never used them, either. But, in high school I tried something called “rush” that’s apparently the same thing. Though, not meant for the same purpose. It wasn’t for me, and I’ve never had any desire at all to use poppers.
  2. As a total bottom there’s no reason for me to wear one. But, sometimes I get fucked at the baths by guys who do. Visually, it’s quite a turn-on! Seeing that just gives the impression that I’m in for a seriously righteous pounding.
  3. So true. I’m not a chaser, but, I’m definitely finding it difficult to reach for a condom nowadays. If the top wants to wear one, that’s fine. But, I’m not going to provide anything other than my favourite lubes. Im turning away from condoms more and more, and even search for bare tops now, whether online or in-person.
  4. I’m thinking it’s far more the norm nowadays regardless of gender or how the individual participants categorize their personal sexuality.
  5. I haven’t been to any of my 3 preferred ABS/theatres since the summer, but am definitely daydreaming about going back this week. Apparently Hollywood Boutique is open 23hrs a day? I’ve been there, but not at night, which, is my favourite time to go to such a place. If it’s true that they’re actually open really late, that might be the perfect spot for what’s been on my mind lately.
  6. I love mine taken care of like that! I wish all tops were as interested in eating ass as they are in eating a dick. I’ve been messaging with a white guy at another site who’s visiting my city tonight and wants to eat mine. That’s the good news. The bad: he keeps going on and on and on about the black tops he’s bottomed for - not that I’ve asked him about that - AND, on top of that, he doesn’t fuck bare and says he’s had his prostate removed after cancer treatments and can’t cum. I can’t remember the last time I had my butt eaten out, but, meeting tops who go on too long about sucking cock and bottoming out gets really fucking old. I haven’t committed either way yet…
  7. On the bed, on my back or side with the top overhead milking a nice warm and creamy reward into my waiting mouth👅👅👅
  8. I’m really not very experienced with girth, and I do struggle with it. Can definitely handle length, though.
  9. The anticipation right before they plug-in to my hungry lubed hole. Surely that answer will change after the first time I’m able to actually feel the pulsing and pumping of something warm and creamy inside of me. But, I’ve yet to experience that.
  10. THIS! I KINDA get into it…but ONLY with the right guy with the right touch who makes all the right moves. But, generally, I’m not really into it. Being a cumdump is the fantasy. Not being a boyfriend.
  11. I’ve been messaging back-and-forth at another site all week with an undetectable top who would be my first (knowingly) poz experience. I’m waiting for him at my apartment now.
  12. Is Midtowne still open and having Blackout Parties?
  13. I know exactly where you’re coming from. No pun.
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