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  1. Would love to be the center of a piss bukkake I’m thirty’s for piss /cum
  2. I’m getting high pissing in my mouth now drinking a lot of piss
  3. I was at a club and a swingers club went into bathroom got on my knees in the urinal and 10 guys were in there naked all pissed in my mouth I drank a lot of warm piss
  4. I’m also on Gayextremetube.com / have 6-7 videos of me pissing huge streams of piss in my mouth I swallow all my hot warm tasty piss,
  5. I have several pissing in my mouth/ drinking my piss
  6. Would love to be in a bukkake with 5-10 guys did it once with 5 Shemale s . Lots of cummed on my face swallowed a lot
  7. I have 2 videos on submityourfkicks.com, ( perverted guy lies on floor then kisses in his mouth) check it out
  8. I’ll send you piss please send me your piss too
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