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    To stay informed of events and information in the Gay Community.
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    Predominantly straight man, who enjoys, sex with other men, once in a while.
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    To meet other like-minded men, who have had some of the same experiences, and interest I have.

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  1. Same here, yet I emphasize, that initial thrust into my ass, and that first feeling of penetration. Painful at first, then gratifying shortly after; I find myself getting hard, and beginning to drip pre-cum, at this point.
  2. I think there is something that remains more exciting and edgy about having sex with other men; there is also an element of risk, I don't get, while having sex with my wife. Maybe I still kind of consider M4M sex [banned word], and that is what makes it hot.
  3. Age 22 Y/O, refer to my reply in post " do you remember the first guy that fucked you"?
  4. What's been working best for me, or where I meet the most men, with similar backgrounds as myself, is AdultFriendfinder. I adversities that I am looking for Women and Men, I spend my time mostly chatting with women, and looking through their Amature nude photos. I will eventually meet up with a guy, whom I feel checks off on all the right boxes. We will start IM, get to know each other, then arrange to meet for sex. The only down-side, is most of the men prefer condoms.
  5. This works on me; I consider myself Str8, yet open-minded, and adventurous. Complements are the key. I had this guy at the gym, start paying me compliments on my appearance , and my knowledge of a good work-out routine, this went on for a few weeks. He finally wanted to know if I would like to go out for a drink; I said yes, kind of knowing where things where headed. to make a long story short, we went to his place, got naked, fooled, around then Fucked.
  6. Name: 90PercentStr8 Cell number; text only please 413-426-1638 location: Daly City ( A street & Mission) Time: available on weekends Age: 55 Height: 5'10" Weight: 150lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Amenities: I can Host.
  7. I am somewhat the same way; It started with gym locker rooms, then bath houses. I am very comfortable with the way I look, physically, the only draw-back, is that unless I am hard, my cock looks like an acorn, flaccid ( not much girth) I remedied this issue by wearing a beige Thong.
  8. I am in my mid 50's, and do notice things slowing down a bit.
  9. I met this man online who was a Doctor / Professional, at least compared to my occupation. We chatted for a bit online, then exchanged information; he told me he was a bit kinky, up front, and described his interest as Vanilla BDSM, I was OK with that. . When I got to his condominium, it was quite nice. He invited me in, and we conversed, over a few glasses of wine, then he gave me instructions to go to his play room. To make a long story short, he wanted me to strip down to nothing but a Jock strap, ( I had decided to wear), and my socks. He instructed me to wear some boots, put on a collor, and a leather vest. He also gave me instructions to bend over, what looked like some kind of fuck bench, and get poppered up, before he arrived. I did. When he arrived, he was also geared up, and he started to caress my back ass, and legs, then he started to paddle my ass with, what looked like a paddle, you would buy, at a place like Leather Masters. I was totally into it, and my cock was rock hard, and dripping pre-cum like a faucet. He proceeded to paddle my ass for a bit, attached a lead to my coller, then he mounted, inserted his dick up my ass, and continued to paddle me, and fuck me simultaneously, while he had me on a coller and leashed It was an incredible turn-on, and the first time, I realized I cum, hands free.
  10. A life-like Dildo 10 x 6 Glass, cone shaped butt plug 8 x 6 Ergonomic Shaped prostate stimulator. (Vibrator)
  11. I was 53, when I stumbled across this site called ManHunt. I met this Asian man who was really into Role Play scenarios. We exchanged information, and started to chat for a bit, on gmail messeanger; we shared fantasies and ideas on how we could put together an anon motel situation that would be really hot. To make a long story short, I showed up, to a room, at the Red Roof Inn, in Burlingame, CA. As instructed, I was to strip off all my clothing, then review instructions on table. I was to put on a leather Jockstrap, a coller, take a few shots of sake, and then popper hits, put a blind fold on, and lie prone on the bed and wait. when Master Shigamoto arrived, he started caressing my body; I was Rock-Hard, and dripping precum like a faucet. Once again to shorten the story, he attached a lead to the collor, spanked my ass a few times with a paddle, then fucked me bareback, one of the more hottest sexual experiences of my life.
  12. Agreed, I have most of my Bareback experiences at the Steamworks in Berkeley, California
  13. Its about 50/50 for me as well. I don't go sideways if a top wants to use a condom; I sort of have this organic approach to just letting things happen on their own.
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