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    Pnp anon gang bang, groups, 3 somes & more. Tina Training and booTy slam experience.
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    Love anon party play, cd fun and poppers
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    Tops to train into perfect parTy anon cumdump

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  1. Wish I was there to catch your third and fourth
  2. Let love to have a “George” to this to me..take me with you next time
  3. And when you do you should hire a whore in training to help
  4. Would love to join you next time too
  5. Hmmm if in aTl would love dress and to see how sluTTy could be
  6. Wild and hoT wish could have been there to parTy and get Trained
  7. Would love to find Top for slam parTy that leads to non sTop anon/GanGbanG
  8. Anon, cumdump, surprise gangbang, poppers, dark room, TS fun, booty bump, parTying
  9. 1. Do you enjoy making a man cum with your hand and mouth or him jerking himself off and feeding you his load? BOTH 2. Do you like cum that shoots out hard, or cum that oozes out that you can lick up? Depends on hole; oozes much easier to lick up but gushing from behind is best 3.How do you like to swallow his cum and why? With his cock deep in your throat? With his head resting on your tongue? With your mouth open and your tongue out? Jerking him off? On tongue to swirl around 4. Do you like thick semen or more watery? What is the sweet spot between too thick or too watery? Prefer more watery but needs some consistency 5. Do you like semen sweet and pleasant with little taste, or salty with a very spermy flavor that has a long aftertaste? Why? Sweet and pleasant helps take more 6. What's the perfect size load that you like to swallow? Enough to get an nice taste? Or enough to get a big gulp? Or something that overwhelms your mouth that you have to work to swallow? Overwhelm to work and swallow for sure 7. For those that have sucked off more than 1 guy at the sametime, how is the experience different from eating multiple loads opposed to being with 1 guy? Definitely want to try this need volunteers to compare 7. Describe the perfect cock that you'd like to suck and theperfect type of cum you'd want to swallow. Love thick and cut oozing with precut that is able to shoot multiple streams is HOT, while holding 2 more in hand and one filling hole from behind
  10. So hot indeed need more of this so eager to learn the art of being spun and whored out
  11. Amazing..just the journey looking for..pop surprise cut dump can’t wait for next chapter
  12. Hmmm how to become a proper cumdump and not get off the list. Certainly sounds like proper Training is needed. Would love to learn
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