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    Bareback bottom or top, water sports, light bondage, kissing, oral sex.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am single and enjoy multiple partners. I would like to be in a relationship but it would be an open one. I top and bottom. Wickr ezbri1968
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    Someone to share their gift with me. Lots of loads from Alpha Dom Men.

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  1. Anyone else have role play fetish? Google it please.
  2. Wow! I love to be seduced and talked into doing something that I may be reluctant to do. Or, I should say, pretend I don't want to do. To be seduced by a handsome man who wants to infect me is so erotic and dick raising. I want the virus to invade my body amd consume me. Watch it take its toll on me. Love these stories.
  3. Would you contact me via email. Address on my profile. Thank you. 

  4. Definitely kissing. I like it more when a guy kisses me versus sucks my dick. Kissing is intimate and shows emotion.
  5. I can understand that. I have the same fantasy. It's a form of total domination that a man can take whatever he wants including your life. There's nothing wrong with our fantasies. Acting them out may be devastating but it's still fun when you are stroking.
  6. My favorite is when a guy unloads in my ass and then pulls out and sticks his cock in my mouth for clean up. If he's fucking someone else, then I get to taste his jizz and the bottom's ass juices!
  7. I enjoy cumming after the top or tops. Not so much asking permission, but waiting until he is satisfied because he does come first
  8. It's an Androd. I wonder if this is a mobile or desktop site. Thank you Sir
  9. Hello. Would some help me with profile pic issues? I keep getting messages that my file is too large. Tganks
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