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    Belo Horizonte Brazil
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    Anything kinky, from sweat to fluid exchange. Biggest turn-on is to swap loads inside each other.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Used to be an innocent late-bloomer twink, then I started being invited to orgies where people got me real high and it went on and on.
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    Would love to make face porn, but do have a few videos online. All bareback of course.
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    Connections, learning, jerking off, meeting wicked people like myself

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  1. Hey, my fellow Brazilian [banned word]. I'm kinda young and have little time of experience among these heavier fetishes. So I'd like to know if you actually like to create fictional stories for our forums in our delicious Brazilian way and would like to organize ourselves in some kind of obviously untraceable and secure community - just for the sake of hornyness - in order to exchange information with each other for us when we travel to different places which might seem difficult to find people like us in sexual freedom and willingness. That yould be my suggestion, nothing of the illegal sort would be accepted by obvious reasons, but it would be nice to know where to find the real putos and schemes to have a good fuck when we travel throughout the country.
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