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    As far from the sea that you can get
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    Have a sensible side, but I guess you're not interested. So raw fucking, in clubs, cottages, fields, and anywwhere. 1 to 1, groups, piss, chasing, prefer dad bod to gym bod. Young guys who say, don't worry I'm clean...move along. Young guys who show pig tendencies hang around. No upper age limit.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Versatile Top
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    Condom free since 1996, and not shy about where I fuck. Accumulate friends along the way, it's amazing how friendly pigs are.
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    I should be so lucky
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    Connection, intensity, I'm a bit mean looking but am not. Love to snog, once in rarely pull out and once you're in, it stays there. Prefer public places, bars etc, as individuals can be flaky and that fucking wears you out. Don't like fucking you behind your bf's back*, would prefer he came along. Groups, beer, piss and someone trying it on with a cheeky grin always works. *but I break that rule constantly

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  1. Can I test that no upper age limit? I’ll be 82 in about a month 

  2. When I was younger and I was asked "what I was into?" I'd get crushingly embarrassed and mumble fucking nonsense. Hit my forties and it was "I fuck raw and can I get in your arse". Lay bys or clubs, it seemed to work everwhere
  3. I have no hang ups in sex at all as long as it's consensual and legal, and I'm confident enough to say no to the fetishes that don't float my boat. However I've never understood the chastity thing at all, and guys who lock up for months at a time and are proud of not being sexual. If they want to do it, no problem at all, but when I fuck I get pleasure in the light behind the eyes and the orgasm. Wouldn't be interested in someone who sets off from the outset not to want to join in a mutual orgasm. Hasten to add, that guys who offer their arse in a sex club and don't shoot isn't the same thing IMHO, and have no problem with someone delaying their orgasm for an hour so they can be slutty.
  4. Similarly Dare to Bare in Boltz, Birmingham. Pre-pandemic I was a pretty regular attendee and I never saw a condom apart from every now and then. Saw a fair few biohazard tats and guys didn't hold back from the saying what got them off. Even had a couple of guys telling me that they hoped I'd knocked them up. I think that the Cumunion brand may be a bit too upfront for the UK market where we perhaps still like to fuck like pigs without necessarily shouting about it.
  5. First time at a sauna it was Pipeworks in Glasgow. Pleasantly drunk but being a bit old and grey, never really connected with anyone. Had a bit of a fiddle but couldn't really read the room so to speak. First time I was in a sex club was Boltz, and boy not shy at all. It was about 3 refurbs back and I went in an afternoon to check it out. Sat opposite a guy who was naked and with a pumped up cock and balls full of saline; thought well anything goes. The bar was quiet but there were pints on various shelves. Wanderd into one of the alcoves and a crowd were fucking a cumdump and being pretty vocal about it. Too late to join in, the bottom shot, but I stayed a few hours and fucked a few guys. Guess I'm better at reading that sort of room!
  6. I'm like eros and grew up in an environment where smoking was the norm and those that didn't were rare and ridiculed. However hearing both parents cough up their lungs every morning was something that meant I wasn't going to try that. I had a job where my workplace was perpetually in a blue fog and that led me to be lectured sternly by my doctor about the smokers cough I had. He was astounded when I told him it was because of passive smoke. But in the 70s and 80s if you pulled, it was going to be with a smoker. I got familar with the brands and if you saw certain ones I wasn't going to kiss them under any circumstances. Used to hate guys lighting up mid fuck because of the smell so the rise of no smoking in clubs cheered me up no end. But weirdly none of the men close to me in the family have ever smoked but all the women have, and as a child being surrounded by gossiping chain smoking women gives the act a tinge of feminity to me and so the general tone of masculine, rough smokers has passed me by. I guess I'm a bit unusual in that, so I'm not implying it's a common thing. On the other hand there was a friendly skin I used to fuck in a cruising site and he used to smoke a type of thin cigar, and he was very sweet tasting when kissed unlike the dry straw like cigarette smoke.
  7. It's interesting speaking from the other side. I have been on cancer treatment from just before COVID started and was reviewed regularly before for a number of years. I often speak to my doctor and nurse about the fact I consider they are talking in terms of probabilities not predictions and my outcomes are far more positive than the diagnosis suggested a few years ago. As it is so positive and my doctor has seen this, I joke I'm one of his successes that help him through the days when those he treats are suffering far more than I. One day in the waiting room a family came out in utter tears having heard the worse, admittedly with what looked like a 95 year old. It was telling that my doctor and his nurse had to break for a few minutes elsewhere as their faces clearly showed they were equally as upset. Personally I grappled with my mortality and am quite comfortable about a possible end, and part of that came from discussions about the pluses/negatives with the team about declining treatment and the pathway to death. While I discounted quite quickly the route of declining, it left me with the feeling my doctor was actually a good healer looking at me holistically, and since he's only relatively young, comes across with a sense of confidence and warmth.
  8. I've always said that I had incredibly wide variation in what I find attractive as it's far more polite than saying I'm a slag. Now in my very late fifties, I've rarely found guys up to early twenties attractive. However in the intervening decades, twenty something guys have become beefier and hairier, so I'm not so strict. Personally I have a physical attribute attraction, but it is really the eye contact and vibe that transcends that. It's one of the reasons I don't really do online and apps; there is something quite magical in the eye contact and the connection, especially in a sleazy venue. I'm happy to follow that connection when it conflicts with my physical triggers. So great sex with oaps, posh guys, married guys and the like.
  9. Fascinating thought experiment. I discussed a tangent of this the other day with a friend. I've been quite promiscous and was surprised how little bad sex I had. Just two events were unpleasant and compared to the thousands of other fucks that's a good ratio. I've always recognised that sex is a huge range of activities and approaches, so it's a bit like saying whether a bag of chips is better than a lemon ice cream. I've had some good relationships where the deed has been quite vanilla, but full of warmth and connection in it's exploration. I've had loads of one off events with unknown partners that have been intense but short and pretty dirty. I have no expectations on the future as none of us are entitled to expect anything in any arena, let alone sex. However as a fit, hairy, slutty twenty something I used to enjoy the 60/70 year old guys in toilets and laybys, and they were often complimentary on my charms and abilities. As a less fit, middle aged guy covered in coarse body hair going grey, it does seem I'm getting those younger guys in a bit of a karma reward. The only thing I perhaps am never going to get and miss because of changed behaviour is overnighters. Thirty odd years ago, there was little sex club activity in my part of the country, and as a consequence, I used to do my sex in hotels on overnighters. Then you often had a whole "relationship" in one day with someone from another country or town. Sex a few times, sharing of lives, finding a soul mate almost and move on in both sides (like the film Weekend). I remember some of those encounters vividly and think of them often, and in the days before social media had no way of maintaining real connections. The briefness of the experience sharpens it and gives it a specialness that preserves it beautifully.
  10. had a brief fling with a minister about twenty years. Really sad, as he had came out and he moved to my town. His family disowned him, he was thrown out of his church in disgrace and his wife reported him to safeguarding as she said he was a risk to their children. he was literally a mess and it really emphasised the whole hypocrisy of the xtian church based on love.
  11. I was in a long term relationship where we never used condoms and it crashed to an end. As I hit the inevitable slutty stage, in the early years of the internet, I found references to the bareback movie (Blue Moon somehing) and was reading all the negative comments, but even on the old prebroadband era thumbnails I was instantly attracted. I knew Titpig before of course, so it was a revolution to see him and other dadbod guys fucking with abandonment. That was the start, and I was in the cruising areas just topping everyone I fancied without caring. My ex had a crush on this well known bear in the neighbourhood and used to be quite cruel about it. However the bear was an utter slut, and was a nice guy and he and I fucked loads and always raw. We always ended up in the same lay by and he would fuck everyone around and loved his barebacking reputation and it rubbed off on me. Also an honourable mention to a couple of European guys I chatted to on the old bearwww site, who we would talk in code, but then came out as proud barebackers and so I guess that was my tribe.
  12. Huge tache fan, guess it was a relic of the time when I became sexually active in South Wales when seemingly everyone had one. While I like facial hair in all it's forms, there is something great about a bushy top lip contrasting with a smoothly shaved chin. Love it's slight resurgence and a young cub sporting one definitely piques my sexual interest. Of course getting rimmed by a tache wearer is something else, expecially if he rubs it well!
  13. While I have horned theistic tendencies in my pagan beliefs, I recognise that all religious beliefs are written (almost exclusively) by men, so there is no argument against creating your own viewpoint. Following that it can then go in the way of group worship or you can remain solitary. Of course it follows further that there would be a diversity of approaches. There is no right approach. I found the the most challenging, for me, was the recognition that rejecting Abrahamic doctrine, I had to own my own moral choices and couldn't hand the responsibility to others. This ultimately become worthwhile as I found I was kinder, more tolerant and laid back. But I do keep the general pagan tenet of not trying to harm others including yourself.
  14. Probably going to wait for the you know what to peak alledgedly in a couple of weeks. I've sorely missed the raw pissplay here.
  15. My first long term partner absolutely refused to use condoms with me, and I was probably not assertive enough in my youth to challenge this. At the time the treatments were only really coming to light, but his argument was that HIV was a myth and that AIDS was caused by poppers. It was my first experience of an outwardly looking intelligent person absolutley missing the point on data and knowledge. I've not exactly blamed him for my barebacking lifestyle, but after a few years of exclusively raw sex, it did mean I wasn't ready to go back to condoms when we split. At least however that was because I was slutty, not ignorant lol
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