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    As far from the sea that you can get
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    Have a sensible side, but I guess you're not interested. So raw fucking, in clubs, cottages, fields, and anywwhere. 1 to 1, groups, piss, chasing, prefer dad bod to gym bod. Young guys who say, don't worry I'm clean...move along. Young guys who show pig tendencies hang around. No upper age limit.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Versatile Top
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    Condom free since 1996, and not shy about where I fuck. Accumulate friends along the way, it's amazing how friendly pigs are.
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    I should be so lucky
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    Connection, intensity, I'm a bit mean looking but am not. Love to snog, once in rarely pull out and once you're in, it stays there. Prefer public places, bars etc, as individuals can be flaky and that fucking wears you out. Don't like fucking you behind your bf's back*, would prefer he came along. Groups, beer, piss and someone trying it on with a cheeky grin always works. *but I break that rule constantly

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  1. Not been since before the pandemic and really due a return. However let me assure you no one is judging, they;re too busy checking out the next opportunity for cock and cunt. I'm middle aged and not an a-gay at all, but never had any judgement. Always smile and thank the bar staff, and they'll be fine, and just chill on a sofa and settle. Once a couple of beers are down, I get horny as hell and then start the circle tours. Wierdly I always found it more relaxing naked than clothed
  2. if he is he must be pretty into BDSM. Due to a multitasking error, I got some hand sanitiser on my cock accidentally and the pain was really intense and in no way pleasurable. It felt like I was having a layer of skin peeled off like cling film. I in no way would want to explore that in my arse area!
  3. Quite furry myself and have always been turned on by the furrier the better and don't get me started on what a stocky hair covered back does to me. However when I've met guys that are naturally smooth, I've found that really sexy. A bit of hair here and there spoils it, but fully smooth woof. I've been lucky to get a few chunky clean shaven guys that have been smooth and it's been the best sex I've had. A shaven head and no hair on the arse is quite appealing. I think it's because it offers easy access and you can enjoy the view while my own arse is like the Amazon. Mind you, it might be because of my coming out in the 80's and in Wales, but I get ridiculously enthusiastic if a guy has a tache, even a wispy bum fluffer!
  4. Few minutes after I get naked I leak precum like a tap, and so thats what guides me in. Never had to use lube at all, but has already been mentioned, cum inside is great.
  5. Well into my fifties and know all about this. I love to go to saunas becuase I love the heat and steam. The presence of a bunch of naked men to look at is a bonus. But it's been at least a decade since I did any meaningfully enjoyable sex in one. (The bears days in some local saunas being honourable exceptions). I kind of understand why guys invest heavily in their appearance and want to connect with someone of the same type, But there is a real difference between that and being disparaging about people around you with their distaste being displayed in looks or comments. Of course bitchy queens trolling the corridors proclaiming their superioity being such a turn on to all.... Sex clubs are the exact opposite. The ones in Birmingham and London are generally far more welcoming and sex is more frequent. Many years ago it took quite a bit for me to approach SBN and Vault being far from body positive, and I remember the fit and attractive staff being genuinely welcoming and friendly when I'm standing there skinny and being a grower not a shower. I think it's the darkness, the beer, the presence of so much musk in the air that gets your lust going, and finds connection, and means guys response to attractiveness goes further than appearance. But I do think you need to go with a positive energy of just enjoying it, as thinking you aren't going to pull becomes self fulfilling. I tell myself of the sexy 50 and 60 year olds I was fucking in my 20 and 30s to remind myself that they might now be feeling the same way.
  6. Not as horrific as some of the other posters above, and when shared with my close friends they think it's freaking hilarious. I had a run of three sexual encounters in a local cottage. They were all differing heights so knew they were different guys, but all three looked like Neanderthal lumberjacks. Thick set, furry, thickly bearded etc. Getting right off on snogging them, getting a good blow job etc, but they're a bit hesitant on getting out their own cocks. Gets verbal and it's pretty clear I'm being invited to fuck them. As they drop their trousers, I'm confronted by red silky, frilly knickers, suspenders, black stockings. Crucially bearing in mind their Brick Shit Housedness, the underwear is several sizes too small! Not my thing at all and my cock shrinks to micro size in about 17 seconds. Make my excuses and leave, one of the guys wearily sighed, this always happens.
  7. 48 hours once in Glasgow. Picked up this short stocky tached guy and went back to his place. Mutual fucking everywhichway. Left to go back to work and I was certainly sore and had to have a couple of weeks off lol. Obviously something I could only manage when in my twenties. What I remembered vividly how time slowed and the atmosphere became quite unusual, spent most of the time naked or in a towel. Just fucking when mine or his cock stiffened and stopping when we were sated.
  8. I generally find that guys split into two groups. Those that are never comfortable with their desires (of whatever type) and act under the shadow of shame. They literally hate themselves after they've succumbed and protest loudly that they are not sluts. Most memorably for me in a gay bar in Oxford years ago when waiting for a drink from the bar man, a guy literally stage whispered to his companion, "he's a right slut, always up the A40 doing anyone". I thought that was hysterical as he was right, but I turned him down as he was a right prissy queen! The second type of guy is completely comfortable with his sexuality and therefore quite comfortable in his own skin. The type that comes up in a bar that opens up a conversation with, "not sure you remember me from the dark room in Birmingham", or will nod everytime we pass and chat over a beer. I was fucking one such guy, in a sunny riverside crusing area, and this bloke called over that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for barebacking. We stopped, looked at each other, laughed, and carried on. The other one carried on wanking watching us which speaks volumes I reckon. You can't blame that guy really as the heteronormative, Judeo Christian world view is hard to break out of
  9. Really sorry to see this place go. Birmingham is generally a friendly place and it's my town of choice to socialise. The sex was always good with a pretty attitude free vibe, and really welcoming staff. I always remember my first visit, and I didn't know what to expect, so I thought I'd do a midweek afternoon visit to check it out. Arrived about an hour after opening and was buying a beer in the eyeline of a guy sitting naked on a stool with his ball sack full of saline. After the beer had gone down nicely (with brilliant cheap prices btw) I wandered into one of the old darkrooms, to see a stocky skinhead fucking a guy in a sling with a few guys around. He pulled his dick out, turned to the guys and said that if anyone else wanted to breed him, go ahead. Thats when I knew I'd like it. Plus when their Pride went ridiculously ticketed, it was outside the cordon so you could have a beer and a couple of wild fucks while being a skinflint haha
  10. Fucked roughly against a wall by a Scottish cop and he invited the cab driver in before. The cabbie said no. Had a couple of flings with different soldiers, one long term. In a cruising area me and a security guard bumped into each other , good fuck. AA man, was OK did it for the fun of it Post man in his van Knew a gay fireman in the 80s. Kept well away as he was stern as fuck and wanted guys beefier and tougher than him.
  11. I'm Welsh and from the western valleys but left home in the 80's. As a teenager I definitely worked out where all the stocky tached miners used to hang out giving each other hand jobs (ahem, cottage in Newport's John Frost Square) but only watched. Lived in Cardiff for a bit in the 90s and was very worn out and popular courtsey of Tunnel and the Castle Grounds late at night. One my trips home, I never really pull much in Cardiff these days, it seems much less cruisy and not so welcoming to the average guy. However I always found a cheeky Sunday afternoon in Newport's Greenhouse used to scratch the itch. Being blatantly slutty in England, I don't think many non Welsh appreciate we have a different attitude to sex. I politely say to friends we're earthy, but when they ask me to explain it comes down to a loose commitment to marital fidelity and being quite unfussy about the gender of the person giving you a cracking blow job
  12. I gave up online dating years ago. Firstly I'm passed being God's Gift to anyone and secondly (like most on here), know what I want sexually and don't apologise. So my online persona triggered a lot of projection which happens in tandem with some one handed messaging. Used to have current pics etc, but hook ups could go a bit awry, and thats not even counting the times they didn't match their profile. There was a lot of energy that resulted in very little. Much prefer to meet in venues for realtime meets, because more often than not who you fancy is outside your prescribed list, and in a naked club you aint lying about your dick size or build, so if guys fancy you, it's because of what they see right in front of them. Plus, vibes are more easily read. I might get less sex, comparitively, but what I do is fun and with a surprising range of guys. Some of them become friends too.
  13. a) Far more guys fancy you than you think, so go for it b) Hang around your big town underground cottage, you'd have realised quite a few of those hairy, dark, tached welshman would have have been interested
  14. I had a friend who was quite experienced in the UK hotel business, and he once told me that there was nothing he hadn't seen and hotels aren't really bothered as long as other guests aren't bothered and they get paid. He, on a side issue, refused to break confidentiality and identify which high end hotel he was working in, and was called to remove one famous rugby player from the room of another famous rugby player as their amorous activities were disturbing neighbours.
  15. When younger, although I'm accused of having a stern look, I was very lean and I thought unthreatening. My employer used to give me a pair of Doc Martins every quarter, and I wore them constantly. Although I was quite vanilla (then!), I soon attracted mean looking fuckers that begged me to engage in boot play, putting my boots on their balls, getting them licked, cleanimg spunk off them. Rarely happens now apart from one startling day in a sex club a punter wanted me to name my price to kick him in the balls with my boots. I sidled away from him thinking that wasn't for me.
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