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Found 60 results

  1. Just been cruising and fucked a young willing guy and put my load in him. i was hugely turned on by the skin tight jeans showing off his peachy ass. Following his ass wiggle in to the bushes gave me an instant hard on. felt his ass though the taut material before pulling them down and fingering him prior to fucking Such a good winter look
  2. Cum in mouth or ass?

    For bottoms: Would you prefer to receive a load in your mouth or up your ass? For tops: Would you prefer to unload in a mouth or in an ass?
  3. Getting a few loads

    Last Friday, I woke up incredibly fucking horny. I was masturbating in my shower. Then when I got out of the shower I was fucking myself with my dildo. I couldn't believe how horny I felt. I went out for a bit. But I wore my jockstrap under my clothes to keep my horny buzz going. After I got a few errands done my craving for cock was just too strong and I stopped into One-In-Ten, the gay video/toy store on Bank Street. I paid $10 to go in the back room and went into booth #5. I stripped down to nothing but my jockstrap and waited on my knees while cruising profiles on squirt.org on my phone. Eventually an older fellow came in and found me. He unzipped and presented his uncut cock through the gloryhole, still soft, but looking pretty promising. I took the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking slowly, feeling it stiffen and fill my mouth up, the head pushing its way down my throat. I steadied myself against the wall and deep-throated him, letting him fuck my throat. He pulled back a couple of times and reached his hand through to touch my nipples. I directed his hand down my body to my lubed up asshole. He fingered me briefly and said he wanted to suck my cock. I said I wasn’t there for that and went right back to sucking him. I bobbed up and down on his cock for a good 20 minutes, breathing hard, drooling all over him, when finally I was rewarded with a sweet flood of cum on my tongue. I kept him in my mouth for every twitch and spurt and swallowed it all down. He said thanks, zipped up and left. I got dressed and went straight home. As soon as I got home, I stripped down to my jockstrap again and started fucking myself again with my dildo. Meanwhile I cruised squirt and posted a couple of really slutty ads on Craigslist. Eventually I had a couple of good prospects on squirt. I gave the first one my address and he said he’d be over in 15 minutes. I waited with the door unlocked, the lights dimmed and my ass lubed. When he opened the door I was on my knees right away and pulling his pants down. He stepped out of his pants and pulled off his shirt as I started working his stiffening cock with my mouth. I’ve been really getting into sucking cock lately, and I can deep-throat really well now, which in this case helped to get him rock-hard in record time. I got his cock soaked with spit before I stood up and bent over, presenting my ass for him. He plunged it into me balls deep with the first stroke. I leaned over the couch and begged him to fuck me hard and breed me deep. He did just that. I was grinding my hips against him. My fuckhole hungrily opening up for every deep stroke of his cock. I adjusted my angle just a little so he was hitting my prostate with every thrust and I felt my jockstrap getting wet with my own precum as he kept fucking me. Finally he pushed into me deep and held still as he unleashed his hot load into my asshole and finally pulled out, spent and dripping. He wiped himself down with a towel, got dressed, said thanks and left me with his hot cum oozing out of me. After the first guy left I logged back on to squirt and found another guy eagerly messaging me. I asked him if he'd mind using another guy's cum as lube when he fucked me. That seemed to turn him on, so I gave him my address and he said he'd be over in about 20 minutes. While I waited for him, I laid on my back, fingering my ass, dipping my fingers in, scooping out some of the cum and tasting it. I love the smell and taste of fresh cum. When he arrived, I greeted him more or less the same way I greeted my previous visitor. I was on my knees, deep-throating his cock as soon as his pants were off. His cock was bigger than the last guy by almost an inch and I was really excited about feeling it fill my ass, but first I gagged on it a little, covering it with spit. Then I bent myself over the couch and presented my hungry and sloppy fuckhole for him. He positioned the head of his cock and then effortlessly slid it into me up to his balls. He loved how wet and slick it was and he took full advantage, fucking me hard and fast, making loud squelching noises with every thrust. He pulled out for a moment to appreciate the sight of my creamy hole and I took the opportunity to switch positions. I laid down on the couch and put my legs over his shoulders. He really leaned into it now. He pounded his cock into me for a good ten minutes, making me groan and grunt with intense pleasure. I was begging him to breed me. Begging for him to fill me with his hot cum. I wanted his seed inside me. And he was more than happy to give me just what I wanted, squirting what must have been a load saved up for days. I felt every twitch of his powerful cock as it filled me up. He left me on the couch, his semen overflowing from my used and satisfied fuckhole, got dressed quickly and left.
  4. I'm 21 years old and 100% gay (i don't like women at all and never have and never will). I also don't suck cock and can't take it up the ass either, but I never really have anal sex at all because i can't orgasm from fucking a guy's ass. I definitely can't while wearing a condom. I've tried a couple times without a condom a long time ago but i never could from that either. However, I was always able to orgasm and ejaculate inside the first man I fucked in the ass. but that was a really long time ago. I really can only orgasm from being jerked off or sucked off. But I want to be able to orgasm from fucking a guy's ass too. Does anyone know how I can fix that?
  5. I'm usually a total bottom, but tonight I pigged out with another bottom. I posted an ad for a sex party on BBRT, hoping to host some hung tops and take loads up my ass. With only two responses and no confirmation from either guy, I deleted the ad. Disappointed? Yes, but there was an ad that caught my attention. This hot, muscular 28 year old bottom had lined up more than 20 guys to load his ass. Considering how hot his smooth white ass looked in his photos, it wasn't surprising so many guys wanted to drop their loads in him. The more I thought about his ass, the more I wanted to fuck him. So, I requested to join his party. Within 30 seconds, he confirmed and sent me the name of the hotel and his room number. It's a torturous 20 minute walk from my hotel to his (we're both on a business trip apparently). The hotel is older and quite small, perhaps ten rooms on each floor. I walk past the front desk and take the elevator to the fourth floor. The door to his room is right in front of the elevator, and the door is ajar. I open the door, and there on the bed is this beautiful athletic/muscular white guy with his ass in the air ready to be fucked. I get a glimpse of his face, slightly scruffy and so sexy. His beautiful ass is framed by a jockstrap, making the scene even hotter. As he huffs away on poppers, he shakes his beefy smooth ass and says, in his deep voice, "fuck me." I'm mesmerized by his ass and want to finger his hole before I fuck him. One finger slides in his hole, and it's clear he's been fucked several times already. His hole is red and gaping open. I can feel the cum, and when I remove my finger, it is slimy. As he turns and looks at me, I lick my finger. He moans and begs me to fuck him. Knowing how badly he wanted my cock, I couldn't hold back my desire to rim him first. So I pull his ass checks apart and forcefully shove my tongue in his hole. He starts pushing the loads out, and my mouth gets filled with the cum of countless guys who had fucked him. He continues to push, and even more cum flows out. It was totally unexpected...and so fucking hot. Just as I was standing up to fuck him, in walks a hot scruffy guy in his early 20s. The guy pulls off his pants and tugs on his cock until it's fully erect--an impressive thick 8 inches. He moves closer to the bottom, so I step out of his way and watch as he plows the bottom's ass. The fucker takes a long hit of poppers, picks up his pace, and then suddenly stops balls-deep in the bottom. He abruptly pulls out, and the bottom moans deeply. After the guy leaves, I spread the bottom's ass cheeks and again stick my tongue in his hole. The fucker's fresh, warm load was huge. The bottom pushed very hard this time, and out popped even more cum. I seriously think the bottom had taken at least a dozen loads, if not more. By this point, I need to bust my nut, so I stand up, push my cock all the way into his hole with one thrust, and breed him. The bottom pushes out my load, commenting on how big it is. I see it running down his crack, onto his balls that are now hanging out of his jock, and even onto one of his legs. I can tell he's tempting me to eat his hole again. Unable to resist my own urges, I aggressively push my tongue in hole as deep as I can get it, eating out my own load. Before I pull up my pants and leave, I position my lips over his hole and suck hard. He pushes once again and farts out even more cum. He messaged me a few hours later to say he took 20 more loads. If only I had been there to eat them out.
  6. Toppers wanna breed me?

    Would you top me
  7. Maybe I'm just an old fashioned gay man but I am all for a piggy bottom taking relentless pounding from huge dicked tops but what I don't get it is when they push out and essentially give us a look at a prolapsed ass that looks like it should be laying squashed on the side of the freeway rather than a butt of a pornstar. One particular guy had a hole like a pizza base with marinara sauce. ( Large size) is it just me but should fuck holes look hot or should they look something on an autopsy table?
  8. BB porn is great, but often disappoints a little when the top pulls out, unloads on the bottom's hole, and (better) pushes back in and maybe fucks the cum in hard (even better) or gives a few gentle strokes. it's obvious why the producers do it like this (to show that the top has cum), but breeding perfection for me is when my top goes as deep as he can in my ass to dump his load, and stays there till he's finished. if we wants to then fuck it in, great, but I want all of it as deep in my guts as I can get it. If he's big enough and deep enough to get past my second ring, even better. what do other bottoms like best?
  9. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    So, I'm transitioning FtM, which is basically the same as puberty, and all the fun stuff a boy experiences as he becomes a man is happening to me. Over the past few months, I've been blessed with hair along my jawline, over my tummy and chest, and you guessed it, on my ass (Spoiler alert- my profile picture is no longer an accurate depiction of what my bubble butt currently looks like). To be honest, running my hands over the soft fur on my buttcheeks makes me feel sexy as hell, and I can finally understand the appeal of bears, otters, and cubs- body hair is fucking manly! My newfound furriness is a testament to the testosterone running through my system. I'm stronger, smellier, and hornier than ever before, thanks to testosterone's impact on my muscles, pheromones, and sex drive- qualities associated with being a man. However, our society upholds some standards of beauty that are contrary to aesthetics that have traditionally been associated with masculinity- hairlessness being one of them. This leads me to my question: are hairy asses sexy? I know some guys go for bears and some go for twinks- everyone has their own preference- but I'm also curious about whether or not it's sexy just as a general rule of thumb. For example, many people can agree that high heels are sexy, even if they don't personally have a fetish for feet or shoes. That's basically what I'm wondering, but I'd love for the discussion to include personal points of view and individual sexual preferences, too. Also, while we're on the topic, would anyone care to explain the differences between bears and otters? And if a young bear is called a cub, is there a similar term for a young otter? I'm curious about the nomenclature, but will admit I'm also wondering if there's a label that would accurately describe me.
  10. Going to Slammer tonight looking to give some loads and take some. For taking loads I will be doing a load tally. Will be in a shirt with the #givingisawesome on the back of it.
  11. So I find that I love ass as far as looking at, pictures of, etc. But am 100% bottom. Maybe a goal thing? Like want an ass like that etc? My question is, do other bottoms share this? And do tops find other cocks hot? I've talked to a few bottoms who feel the same way I do, but never really noticed a top feeling the same about other cocks.
  12. Hello guys. I'm currently here in Portland, Oregon right now that will be graduating from school here by the end of Spring term. I plan to move out of the city for many reasons, but 2 of many reasons are, the city is very white populated, whom a lot are simply xenophobic. Another reasons is that there are too many bottoms over here. I know that there will always be a higher bottom to top ratio but just curious what city has the most tops? Just to inform you men, I am a bottom, that doesn't have much time to play much, but then I do, there isn't a cock big enough that I couldn't take. P.S. What city is best to live where the job market is good? http://bttmsub4topdad-rape.tumblr.com/
  13. Question tot the other bottoms? How do you make sure your ass is clean? Offcourse I take an internal shower before I date, but sometimes there is still some water inside when I get fucked. What's the best way or best moment to clean? And is there something special you do eat (or do NOT eat) before you get fucked?. I ask this because I don't want to take any risk that I am still a little bit dirty inside, allthough I took an internal shower. Please help.
  14. Triple-Loaded...

    That fuck buddy from the other day stopped by again the day before yesterday... This time he had two loads from different guys in his plastic syringe, so there was enough cum to squirt into my ass AND mouth AND the piss slit of my cock. The latter was a rather weird sensation - and not altogether pleasant - but it meant that when he left I had 3 loads in me - and my ass, mouth and cock were all dripping with cum even though I hadn't cum myself. As he was getting ready to visit me, I was already naked on the floor, waiting for him and sending him pictures off my willing ass... One of them turned out good enough that I thought I'd share it with you guys:
  15. Hole Maintenance

    So how do you guys keep your hole looking good? Do you use creams to keep it nice and smooth? I find if I get fucked by a few guys then my hole seems to get a few bumps, piles etc How to porn stars keep theirs looking so good?!
  16. For bottoms how do u take care of ur butthole to look sexy
  17. Piss In Ass Videos?

    Do anyone know about piss in ass videos? This is one of my unfulfilled fantasies, a mature top pissing inside me, and I want to watch some videos of a top pissing inside a boy´s pussy
  18. Ass Tattoo?

    What are your openions on getting a tattoo on a butt cheeks....nothing too crazy just something fun...
  19. What do you usually do, would like to do or have done? Three options only but many options & fantasies. After you were seeded; you go right to bed & sleep. you jump on a toilet to unload because you usually need to. you sit on a guy's face & feed him some cum farts (with or without some extras) top's choices; what are your prefferences after having loaded a guy? Anything you like him to do or not do? Cum farts or just farts; did you know it's a fantasy many guys are into? As for every male smells & everytthing that comes out of a man's body. Ever thought of having your male goodies sexually worshipped while fucking & the other way around for bottoms? you might already be a hot expert, pervy pig & enjoy many more than just cum plays? Get nasty, dirty, smelly, brown or whatever & tell me about your dreams or do's
  20. Mine will be to fuck & seed more male ass. Have more facials done, work on my fantasies list & potentionally expand it if still possible Last one will be to help more nice real guys to heir hot fantasies & perversions. Don't be shy with me, I'm so pervy there's a GROUP for all fantasies on my place. I may not be into something but you might. Reason everything was added. Take care, be very naughty, have a dirty hot year & the fun you want & like.
  21. Looking to get some thoughts on how guys prepare themselves to bottom. I'm obsessed with being clean and I suspect that my process is pretty extreme compared to others. Here or inbox, lets chat.
  22. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cas/5144257844.html
  23. Swimwear

    Usually I prefer to sunbath in the nude to get that all-over tan. But in some places you simple cannot go around wearing a bathing suit. What's you preferred type? Speedo, trunks, boxers, board shorts? I prefer skimpy, tight ones, like the ones I wear below. I love seeing a guy in a skimpy speedo with a massive bulge. You can see what you can get :-) I guess for the tops it would be what the guy's ass looks like in it.... Show me yours!
  24. First Time...ass Or Mouth?

    Hi to everyone! I´m a 18yo guy from Spain. I´m a bottom and i have arranged a meeting with one fuckbuddy in where I´m going to have my first bareback experience. He told me that he is neg, and he was the first one that i sucked and he also was the first one in fuck my ass, and now i want him to fuck me raw and to be the first one in gimme his cum. But i have a dude. He´s always asking me where i will want his cum, and I´m not able to decide it by myself. Any suggestion? If you were able to choose, were will you take your first load?

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