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Found 10 results

  1. This is a side-project that goes along with my other story. However, it can easily be read on its own. Be warned it will have a similar set up to another story on here, but only in setting up the setup of the plot. Let me know what you think down in the comments! ---- Part 1 “That's it boy, suck on that nice piece of meat. Get it nice and wet for what’s coming!” Urged on by the hot, muscled man standing above me, I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, enjoying the feeling and taste of his dripping, uncut cock sliding around on my tongue, my own cock throbbing in anticipation. I moan as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head, urging me even deeper down on his cock. Forcing myself not to gag from its massive size, I let him slowly rape my mouth as he let out a content sigh. Soon I'd finally get what I fantasized and dreamed of. A huge cock shooting a thick load deep up my virgin ass. — It was hard to believe that that morning I was just a young, 18-year-old virgin. I knew from a young age that I was gay; girls never even blipped on my radar, and I always found myself fantasizing about some of the hotter guys in my class kissing me and feeling me up. However, I never acted on it. My family had moved to our small, midwestern town when I was in 6th grade, leaving me friendless. My former best friend was over 1000 miles away on the east coast, as well as everyone I knew growing up. I hadn’t been popular, but I was at least well-liked by nearly everyone. In my new school, I was an outcast… quiet, shy, too smart for the popular crowd and disliked because I actually enjoyed being at school. By the time I hit my senior year, I knew I wanted to be like the guys I saw in the porn I found online. A slut, taking cock from multiple guys until shooting all over myself. My only friends were a few of the nerdier, but in my opinion, much cooler girls who shared some of my same interests in different books and shows at the time. Nobody, however, knew my secret… that I wanted nothing more than to lose my virginity to a hot top. This obviously didn’t stop me from being made fun of, with being called things like fag or queer by the hotter, popular jocks in the in-crowd. Rationally, I knew it was only to get a rise out me, but a part of me always worried they knew I was what I secretly wanted to be. By the end of my senior year, I couldn’t take it any longer. I was tired of jacking off and pretending I was getting fucked by some hot, muscled guy as I fingered myself to climax in my hand, licking my hand clean to keep my secret from my thankfully more liberal parents and 5 sisters. I decided to finally lose my virginity and started to secretly hatch out a plan. Having gotten a few letters from some prospective colleges from the large city about 3 hours away, I planned to go and look at a few, staying at my distant cousin’s apartment near one of the campus. Knowing he wouldn’t care if I was there or not, I figured I could make my parents believe my half-lie. I would look at the school that week, during spring break at my school, and during the weekend I would go to a gay bathhouse I had read about in some of my lurkings online. It would be a week after 18th birthday, so I would finally be legal to enter. And maybe, just maybe, I would find someone to help me fulfill my wish of losing my “cherry.” — The week came quickly when my parents sat me down, my bag already around my shoulders and my keys to the small Honda my parent’s bought me in my hands. I had hoped to sneak out with a quick goodbye. “Buddy,” my father, still in his lab coat from work at the local hospital, “We need to have a talk.” SHIT! I thought to myself, THEY KNOW. FUCK!!! “Uh… yeah, dad?” I said, trying not to let the fear in my mind crack into my voice. My plan was ruined, I was sure of it. The tone of his voice and the look on my mother’s face said it all. “Your mother and I have talked… we know you’re a man now, but… we’re concerned. You know we love you and only want what is best and…” “Oh Robert!” my mother sighed, her thick accent coming through as she crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes at my dad, “Shit or get off a pie.” “Pot… mom… it’s pot…. it’s slang for toilet…” I said, smiling slightly at her mistranslation. Thirty years and she STILL got idioms wrong. I was beginning to think it may be intentional. “I like mine better,” she huffed before continuing, before glaring at my father, “We know you are going to college soon. Tell him.” Pulling a pile of condoms and a handful of pamphlet out of his coat, he held them out to me. “You need protection. We know things happen at colleges… and we don’t want you coming back and trapped with a baby on the way with some girl, or something like HPV or herpes…” my dad blurted out, rubbing his hand on his coat as he sat back on the couch. “Uh….” was my only reply. I felt my cheeks start to burn. My parents thought I was going to get some girl pregnant. “Just take them and be careful. And have fun. We love you very much,” my mom replied with a slight nod. “And don’t trust a girl just because she is on the pill. She could be on an antibiotic, or could be asymptomatic or…” my dad replied, refusing to meet my eyes as he blurted out everything. “Thanks… I guess…” I said slowly, grabbing them with a slight grimace, “You guys know…. I learned about most of this from health class… right…? And I really am just going to check out a few schools. I’ll call and everything if you want…” “Just go have fun my little zaychik. Call when you get there so I know you are okay,” my mom replied, shooing me away. — 3 hours later, and thankfully over a hundred miles from my family, I sat my bag down in the small living room of my cousin’s apartment, glad he was willing to let me stay there while he and his friends went to spring break somewhere out east. It’s Friday night, and I’m ready to finally get down to business. Pulling out a tight pair of jeans I had outgrown the previous year, and a similarly fitting t-shirt, I changed quickly and looked up the directions and information I had written earlier and made my way to the bar where the bathhouse was located. Arriving, I quickly made my way to where the entrance was at the back and walked up to the small window, much like the ones I had seen in movies that they had at a seedy motel. I rang the bell and out from the back room came one of the hottest guys I had ever seen. Easily over 6ft, he had piercing grey eyes, long thick blonde hair, and a large piercing in his nose. He was wearing a tight-fitting wife beater that nearly covered his well-muscled chest and abs, and black leather pants that clung to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. My eyes were quickly drawn to his pert ass and large bulge. A heavy five’o’clock shadow covered his face, which reminded me of an extremely hot bad boy version of Thor for some reason. Even his voice made me melt, gravely and deep. “Can I help you, boy? The bathroom is back in the other side of the bar,“ he said, pointing back towards the bar, looking up and down my body before smiling, “Unless you see something you like?” Flustered, I blushed and shook my head. “No… um…. I’m here to… I mean….” I said, suddenly unable to form words. “Look, no offense kid, but you got to be at least 18 to even be in the bar. You gotta be… what? 15? 16 tops?” Shaking my head no, I pulled out my wallet and pulled out my ID, sliding it under the glass. “No, sir… I’m… I’m 18,” I said with a gulp, “See… my birthday was last week.” “Sir, huh? First time to the baths then, huh?” he asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes, deftly lighting one and blowing the smoke at the glass. “Uh, yeah… I… it’s that obvious huh?” I replied. “You’re a cute fucker. They are going to be all over you!” he said with a smile, the cigarette dangling in his mouth., “Room or locker?” “Oh… um….” I replied, realizing that I had no idea what to do. “I don’t really know which one…” “Hot piece like you will definitely get invited into a room in no time,” he said, “I’d go with a locker.” I nodded as he continued. “Normally the fee is $40 to get in, full $100 for a room, but seeing as you just had your birthday, and it’s your first time… how about $20?” he said, turning around and grabbing a towel and a key. Reaching into my wallet, I pulled out the two bills, left over from my gifts the week before. “Thanks…” “Don’t mention it. We all have our first times,” he said with a smile, “Maybe you’ll still be around later when I get off. Would like to help show you the ropes.” Smiling back, I entered the entrance, the door buzzing as he pressed a small button under the counter in front of him. — Looking around, I took in the sites, as dozens of naked men walked around, some with towels and others in various states of undress. I quickly found my locker, and with a deep breath, I quickly undressed. Throwing the towel around my now naked body, I grabbed a few condoms from my jean pocket, tucking them in between my skin and the cloth. Taking another look around, I felt like a fish out of water. 18, skinny with just a small amount of lean muscle on my frame. Black hair, blue eyes, and an average sized uncut cock were all I had to offer. And around me was every possible type of hot character from every gay porn I ever saw. There’s no way anyone would be interested in someone like me, I thought to myself as pulled the towel even closer. And that’s when I saw HIM. 6ft tall, heavily muscled, with a head full of thick brown hair. A face like a Greek statue, which sported a goatee and mustache. Nipple piercings and a thick hairy chest. And a what looked to be an uncut 10-incher with what looked to be a large PA peaking out from under the small towel that barely covered him, framed by a pair of low hanging bull balls. Tattoos all over his body. The man looked like sex walking. A bad boy who would ravage my hole if given the chance. Something straight out of the hottest porn. AND HE’S WALKING UP TO ME! I thought in a panic. I felt myself start to blush as he eyed me up and down, my cheeks burning even hotter as I saw his cock stir under the towel. “I’m Garrett.” he said, stopping in front of me and holding his hand out, “You must be new here.” “Jeez… it’s that obvious, huh?” I said, biting my lip as I stared at his hand, almost afraid. I looked around, lost. He waved his hand slightly in front of me drawing my attention back to him. “And you are?” I panicked for a second, thinking maybe I should make up a name before realizing that even if he knew my name, nobody around here would know me. Pulling up the courage, I shook his hand and replied. “Yurik… uh… nice to meet you…” I said, trying desperately to sound cool as my voice threatened to break as I suddenly started to spout a massive flow of words, “My mom is from Russia and that why I have a weird name. It’s-it’s my first time. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t expect to actually find someone so hot to actually talk to me, especially you. Not with how I look. And… and… and I…. should really shut up now…” He let out a soft laugh as he let go of my hand before slowly rubbing his hand up and down my arm while looking at my smaller body. “Dude, calm down. You got nothing to worry about. Fucking sexy thing like you is a rare find here,” he said in a low, calm voice and his fingers traced down my chest and ran over my left nipple, causing to bead up instantly. I fought back a moan and looked up at him in silence. “Need someone to show you around? I would love nothing better than to show you around. Make all these fuckers here jealous,” he asked, his smile growing bigger as he saw what his touching me was doing. I slowly nodded and smiled nervously as his hand wrapped around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. “Mind if we stop by my locker first?” he asked as I felt him slowly reach down and grab my ass under the towel. Fuck, that feels so good, I thought to myself as he slowly ran his fingers through my crack, teasing the hair near my hole. “As long as you keep doing that!” I replied with a moan. “Oh, I plan on doing much much more…” he replied, and we started walking, drawing the attention from a few guys. We came to his locker and I stood there quietly as he grabbed his key and opened the door. Pulling out a large leather pouch from his shirt pocket, as well as a brown glass bottle. I knew instantly they were poppers, which I had read about and seen in various sites online. I wanted to try them, and it looked like I might get my chance with this walking sex god. I was however slightly shocked when he pulled out a large, black and green cigar and stuck it in his mouth. Some of the guys in my school smoked them when there were no adults around, looking somewhat goofy to me. But this man looked even hotter somehow with it firmly in his jaw. Looking at me suddenly, he stopped and pulled the stick out of his mouth. “Mind if I smoke?” he asked, looking directly at me as he waited for my reply. “Oh, uh… no, go ahead,” I said, my cock now throbbing under my towel at full hardness, my face still blazing red. With a smile, he pulled out the lighter from the same pouch and lit it. Drawing the flame to the end, he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and brought it to life, taking a deep drawn in before blowing it straight up in the air. Quickly enough he put everything back into the locker and wrapped his arm around my waist and we set off into the bathhouse.
  2. Hungry bottom is looking for several hung tops to ravage my ass for several hours. Would Love to be gangbanged in a sling. Loves to suck and swallow Single male 5'8 190. White smooth. Blue eyes brown hair military cut. In South Jersey but can travel .
  3. I Had A Dream Last Night...

    For once I'll write about something that DIDN'T happen - but it was such a hot dream, though... I woke up so damn horny and craving cock BIG TIME! I was in some foreign city that could have been Rome or Paris or Madrid - or some amalgamate of them all, as sometimes happens in dreams - and some stranger struck up a conversation with me in the street and offered to show me some sort of cultural institution that's not normally open to the public but contained rooms for travelling scholars. So far this doesn't sound too raunchy, does it? Well, after a tour of the building he took me to his room, where two other men were waiting naked on the bed. All three of them were probably in their early 50's, but in good shape and before I knew it they had undressed me and I found myself standing up against a guilt mirror on the wall, legs slightly apart and with two fingers opening me up and getting me ready for cock... He shoved his cock roughly inside me - all the way with the first push - and in the mirror I saw the two men on the bed smile as I screamed out in pain. He was big - and I loved it!!! He fucked be roughly and deeply for a while, and then he shoved me unto the bed between the two other men who were quick to flip me on my front and begin fingering me, each of then shoving two fingers in me and pulling to each their side, stretching my hole gaping open so they could lube me up by spitting deep inside my hole. Oh, FUCK, it was a wild sensation! And then, inevitably, I was lifted up and lowered unto one of the men, my own weight pushing me down and impaling myself on his hard cock. He wasn't as big as the first man, but perfectly adequate for my ass! And of course I was pushed forward and while he held me in a firm, restricting embrace, the third man started pushing inside me as well. I was moaning and sighing as the two cocks stretched me wide open - and when the man behind me was all the way in he started fucking me slowly, but deeply. Once he had settled into a steady rhythm the other man also started thrusting, but in an opposite rhythm so as one cock pushed in the other was pulling out. My guts were pounded completely sore, and I loved every second of it. When they finally came in my synchronously I felt flooded with cum - and then I was abandoned on the bed as the three men got dressed and left. I dosed off for a while, and when I woke up it was in the arms of a young, very handsome guy. This didn't in any way confuse me in my dream - in real life it probably would! His arms were around me, and we ended up chatting a bit. He was - like me - fully naked, and after a while we were spooning and I was pushing my ass against his rock-hard cock that was just perfection like the rest of him. I reached back to guide him to my cum-drenched hole, but he kept pulling back and eventually explained that he really shouldn't since he worked at the *whatever* place we were in... I wouldn't take no for an answer, though, and eventually he caved and let me back my ass unto his cock. It seemed to go on forever! God, so long... He remained still - so I guess technically you could say he hadn't fucked a visitor, but I fucked myself on his cock. My hole was sloppy and wet around his cock, and it was hard work trying to tighten up so I could milk his cock until finally he unloaded inside me. Oh, it was SO good when I finally reaped the reward for my efforts and felt his cock spasm in me and his load blasting into my guts. -That's when I woke up! Massive hard-on, an ass that was craving cock and me generally being in a state to take any and all cocks on offer, though of course there was none... I'm off to work now, but DAMMIT! I need cock this evening! I need a big, hard, raw cock to fuck me and blast inside me! For real, not just in a dream...
  4. Tally Your Load

    Uninhibited bottom bitch tallying loads on my ass for the next 24 hours, just to see how many I can get. In Seattle? Cum by! Know someone in Seattle? Send 'em over!
  5. Was on barebackrt.com a few weeks ago - and this big dicked black guy hit me up. His photos got me instantly hard - shaved head, goatee, smooth skin - BIG dick with low hanging balls. Said he was free and how long it would it take for me to make it over. I jumped in the shower - cleaned up/out and jumped in my car to head over to his place. Before long I was parked and walking up to his apartment complex. He came out and met me and walked me in - wearing baggy PJ bottoms and a winter coat and hat. As soon as we were in his apartment he stripped everything off and signaled for me to follow him (turns out he was deaf so communicated by hand signals and 'texting' me on his phone)… I stripped down and met him in his bedroom - he immediately walks up to me - aggressive and hard as hell. His big dick pointing out and up and pushes me down on my knees - grabs the back of my neck and shoves his hard dick down my throat - skull fucking me. I'm licking and sucking and he grabs one of my hands and puts it on his balls and indicates he likes them pulled hard while i'm sucking him. I get to work and find i can easily deep throat his big dick… he LOVES it and rams his cock repeatedly down my throat - then holds on and lets it pump and pulse cutting off my air supply… i'm reaching up to tweak his nipples and slide my hands down his smooth body to reach around and grab his round globe shaped ass and pull him even deeper down my throat… we go at this for awhile - him pushing me back against the bed feeding me his dick. then flipping me up on the bed so my head is hanging off the bed so he can more easily fuck my mouth and throat… then he flips me over and spits on my ass - straddles me with his solid legs and starts feeding his hard, wet raw cock up my hole - getting the head just inside then slipping it out - teasing my hole and then WHAM slams it all the way in - i feel his low hanging balls slap against my balls as he starts long dicking me. MAN he was hard and horny as fuck - and just rammed my ass with his hard cock. Then he pulls out - flips me over and lifts my legs up over his shoulders - and slides right back up inside me - pinning my shoulders down with his hands as he straight arms above me and just pumps and pumps and pumps my asshole… then he pushes me up and back so that my ass is raised up in the air - my knees back by my head and he's standing above me lowering his hard dick down into my hole - pumping me from above… i start to see spots in front of my eyes from this position but he is just going to town hard fucking me - driving down hard and deep really owning my ass. i finally have to push up and back to get air back into my lungs… he laughs a bit and flips me over and climbs up on top of me and drives his cock back up in me - laying his now sweaty smooth body on top of me - i loved the feel of his firm stomach and chest rubbing up against my back as his big dick pumped the fuck out of my ass. he suddenly starts making noises and i can tell he is cumming deep in my ass. once he is done he lays there for a bit and then after a bit starts pulling out - and resting back on his legs he starts fingering my hole - and i can feel his cum leaking out of my ass. he pushes it back in and then gets up off the bed and pulls me up into a standing position - his cock still hard - and he bends me over the bed and slams back into my ass. i'm bent over his bed - my legs spread as he pumps another load up into my ass. then he slides out and turns me around to nuzzle my neck - i'm still hard having not cum yet - and his dick is still hard rubbing up against me. i run my hands over his smooth back and down to his ass - then i get this wild hair and turn him around and bend him over the bed - drop to my knees and start rimming his smooth asshole - pulling on his balls and stroking his dick getting it really super hard again - it's wet and slick from fucking and cumming in my ass twice already… i stand up and spit on my dick and slide it up his ass raw. i rarely fuck - and i'm so horned up that it doesn't take me long and i'm feeling the cum start to shoot out of my cock - i pull out and shoot up his ass crack and all over his back. He laughs a bit and then stands up - turns around grabs me and pushes me back on the bed. Then he flips me back over so i'm face down - climbs back on top of me and slides back into my ass. my hole is so open by this time that his big hard cock just slides right in - like it was meant to be there. This time he takes long strokes - really long dicking me long and slow and deep… i couldn't believe that i was getting hard again - and this was going to be his third load up in my ass. my ass was wet and juicy and making all sorts of wet sloppy noises. it was hot as hell - laying spread eagle on this guys bed - feeling his entire weight on top of me as he rutted in my ass - owning it again and again. He started building up more rhythm and i knew he was headed for the home stretch. Soon he was cumming a third time - pumping me full of his cum. After we rested for a bit - he let me jump through his shower and I headed out. Was sitting in my car thinking about how hot that fuck had been - and got a text from another bud of mine seeing if I was available. White guy - a few years older than me. I immediately got hard with the thought of getting another dick in me and texted that I was on my way over. Headed down to his place - and before long I was parked and walking up to his apartment. He buzzes me in and meets me at his front door - wearing a t-shirt and boxers. I haven't even taken my coat off yet and he had grabbed me and was kissing me deep and hard. our whiskers rubbing each other like sandpaper - while his hands start stripping me of my clothes. He gets me naked - and he has stripped as well - grabs my hard cock and leads me back to his bedroom. He climbs up on the bed and I climb up on top of him - rubbing our dicks together while we kiss and roll around on the bed - his hands are everywhere touching me - pinching my nipples - grabbing my ass and squeezing my cheeks and spreading my hole open - still wet from the hard fucks I had just received. he gets me up on all fours and gets behind me diving down to rim my hole. he has his hands on my ass cheeks spreading me wide as he is diving in deep rimming me good. then he pulls back and asks "did you just get fucked". "yup" i answer "three loads up there from this big dicked black guy". All he says is "hot" and dives back in… He rims for a good long while - every once in awhile reaching underneath to tweak my nips and then stroke my cock… then he jumps of the bed and says "have an idea"… he opens up his bed side table and brings out a dildo… nice size with a nice pair of nuts at the bottom… he flips me over - lifts my legs and starts sliding the dildo up my hole. my ass is so fucking wet from his spit, tongue and cum that's leaking out that it doesn't take much for that dildo to slide on up my hole. He is looking me in the eyes as he is fucking me with his dildo - sliding it in and out - working it into me. Before long he has it buried all the way to its nuts up inside me - pushing on the base. he leans forward and starts kissing me - pressing himself down on top of me - with that dildo buried up my ass… then he sits back - spreads his legs and pulls the dildo about half way out - and then starts sliding his hard cock back in along with the dildo. Double fucking me - he pushes in until he is buried all the way in and with his other hand pumping me with the dildo… i'm fucking stuffed… He's pumping away and getting a wild look in this eyes. "oh fuck man - your ass is taking both - this is so fucking hot" and then he is shooting his load up in me giving me my fourth load of the morning. I'm stroking my cock looking him and feeling his dick and the dildo buried deep up my hole and I start cumming all over myself. He smiles and reaches down with his hand to scoop it up and feeds it to me with his fingers - making me eat my own cum. He pulls out his dick and the dildo and lets me jump through the shower. I kissed him goodbye and headed to work - late but happy and very full of cum. True story.
  6. The guy with the tattooed cock is HOT anybody know which film this is from and who he is so I can find more? http://klutchh.tumblr.com/post/56039326211/bbexplorer-man-this-is-some-really-beautiful
  7. OtherGuy: johnny, i want you sucking me now OtherGuy: rembra, get your own back and make him choke on me OtherGuy: make him sub johnny.3000: im going down on it rembra.: pushing johhny's head down onto your cock sir johnny.3000: lips up and down over the helmet rembra.: forcing is mouth down OtherGuy: i wanna hear you choke johnny rembra.: holding it there johnny.3000: coughing and spluttering OtherGuy: rembra, force johnny balls deep on me rembra.: pushing his face down johnny.3000: hearing me cough trying to hold back from being sick rembra.: can i suck your balls sir? OtherGuy: in a minute rembra johnny.3000: eyes bulging and watering OtherGuy: hold johnny down balls deep, feels fucking good johnny.3000: still trying to suck rembra.: feeling him squirm on your dick OtherGuy: fuck yeah slaves OtherGuy: i need a piss, i hope you are both thirsty rembra.: oh yes sir johnny.3000: yes sir OtherGuy: both get on your knees johnny.3000: shoulder to shoulder rembra rembra.: looking up at you sir OtherGuy: mouths open johnny.3000: looking up OtherGuy: i stand in front of you, my hands behind my head. one of you grab my hard cock and aim it towards you johnny.3000: me first sir johnny.3000: i grip it hard in my hand johnny.3000: aim it at my face rembra.: drink from it johnny OtherGuy: i release and start to piss hard johnny.3000: im holding it an inch away from my wide open my mouth johnny.3000: it splashes in rembra.: wanking watching you piss into johnny's mouth johnny.3000: i gulp a bit but not quick enough OtherGuy: drink it down johnny, share it with rembra johnny.3000: pools in my mouth and runs out over my chin rembra.: spit it into my mouth SOUTHERNLAD91 ENTERS southernlad91: dirty pigs OtherGuy: you thirsty too southern lad? johnny.3000: i hold your chin and spit it at your open mouth johnny.3000: kiss you aiming the stream of piss over both of our faces rembra.: mmm mouth open for it OtherGuy: drink from me like a tap slaves rembra.: thirsty for it southernlad91: my cocks busting with piss johnny.3000: faces next to each other johnny.3000: moving it from one to the other johnny.3000: soaked with it rembra.: sir, can we taste southernlad's too? OtherGuy: johnny, grab southernlad and make him drink from me too OtherGuy: not yet johnny.3000: get down here man southernlad91: nah i dont drink southernlad91: i get drank from OtherGuy: wanna feed my slaves southern? OtherGuy: johnny, drink me dry while rembra, drinks from southernlad rembra.: feed me southernlad southernlad91: oo yeah southernlad91: here it comes southernlad91: fucking huge stream of piss rembra.: mouth open for it OtherGuy: as i finish in your gob johnny, suck my nob dry of piss johnny.3000: i close my mouth onto your cock ben johnny.3000: sucking hard on it johnny.3000: licking the wet shaft southernlad91: feeling my cock gettign rock hard while im pissing rembra.: push it into my mouth southern southernlad91: come here johnny let me piss fuck u johnny.3000: can i have it sir? johnny.3000: can he fuck me? OtherGuy: fuck yeah, bend over for him johnny.3000: on all fours, reach round to hold my cheeks apart, showing you my ring ready for it OtherGuy: actually, southernlad, sit on sofa and let johnny ride you as you piss fuck him southernlad91: come on jonny boy ride my piss fountain johnny.3000: fuck yeah johnny.3000: climbing on board johnny.3000: feeling the wet heat up my crack johnny.3000: aiming it in OtherGuy: rembra, kneel in front of them and lick southernlads balls while johnny rides him rembra.: mmm sucking hard on them, in turn southernlad91: fucking sliding deep and raw drippiong piss into jonny johnny.3000: forcing it into my hole rembra.: piss leaking out over my face southernlad91: ben can he have it ? OtherGuy: i climb on sofa, stand and straddle inbetween southernlad and johnny as he bounces. slide m big cock int southernlads mouth. johnny, eat my ass as you ride his cock southernlad91: mmmmm johnny.3000: piss stops flowing down so much cos its being held inside me southernlad91: drink it up rembra johnny.3000: oh fuck yeah, psuhing my face right into it, tongue out rembra.: loving it OtherGuy: rembra lapping up your piss from your balls johnny.3000: feeling full of steaming juice rembra.: licking around that cock OtherGuy: bounce real hard on his cock johnny OtherGuy: me now fucking southern lads face hard johnny.3000: i am sir OtherGuy: southernlad, you wanna breed johnny yet? or wanna a go on remora? southernlad91: i want u to come and double fuck johnnys piss filled hole ben johnny.3000: can still feel it inside me southern OtherGuy: get my cock nice and wet with your mouth southern lad and i will join you. it will hurt johnny, i am 9 inches and thick. how big are you southernlad? southernlad91: 8 inches but 6 inches thick johnny.3000: fuck im feeling that now southern johnny.3000: feel so wedged open OtherGuy: 2 big cocks for your ass johnny southernlad91: we r gunna rip u apart johnny.3000: i know its gonna hurt but i want it so bad at the same time OtherGuy: i slide my cock southernlads throat and climb off sofa OtherGuy: rembra, get your fingers inside johnny, along side southernlads cock rembra.: yes sir, pushing them in johnny.3000: ohhhhh johnny.3000: fuck man johnny.3000: can feel my ring so tightly stretched OtherGuy: holding on to johnny's shoulders, i get in behind him. remora, guide my cock it rembra.: guiding your cock sir johnny.3000: fuck it hurts so much OtherGuy: rembra, i want you laying underneath me, tonguing my balls as we fuck, and catching any piss southernlad91: o fuck yeah OtherGuy: i force my fat cock head into your hole johnny johnny.3000: shit man this is gonna ruin me rembra.: yes sir, tonguing those balls johnny.3000: i scream out as you force it in OtherGuy: without warning, i force all of my cock into your ass johnny, balls deep johnny.3000: tears in my eyes johnny.3000: feel like im being ripped in two johnny.3000: stinging tight ring but deep ache in my belly, feeels like a knife in my guts OtherGuy: i slide my cock almost all of the way out, aginst southernlad's dick, and them ram it back in deep southernlad91: fuck that feels good johnny.3000: ahhhhhh this is too much OtherGuy: cover his mouth southernlad as i start to pound him johnny.3000: my arse cant take this southernlad91: fucing take it boy southernlad91: yeah southernlad91: hand right over johnny.3000: muffled shouts under your hand OtherGuy: stabbing you hard in the gut now johnny southernlad91: find my piss soaked pants next to me on the sofa and stuff them dripping in ur mouth johnny.3000: my hands grabbing to try and find a way out johnny.3000: so sweaty, my eyes wide with fear pain and hornyness OtherGuy: holding you hard, brutally fucking you now johnny johnny.3000: shouting loud with each thrust OtherGuy: did we mention we are HIV poz Johnny?? southernlad91: ur arse on fire now jonny johnny.3000: moaning muffled rembra.: can i help sir? johnny.3000: my eyes get wider when you say that OtherGuy: kneel and wait your turn remora, you will get it too rembra.: thank you sir johnny.3000: im struggling to get away southernlad91: ur not gettign away boy southernlad91: we are gunna convert u OtherGuy: make you one of us slave johnny.3000: you hear me shouting no southernlad91: u getting ready to give it to him ben ? OtherGuy: fuck yeah, am close to pozing this cunt southernlad91: lets go together southernlad91: say when johnny.3000: oh fuck johnny.3000: dont OtherGuy: 3 johnny.3000: let me go OtherGuy: 2 johnny.3000: i dont want it southernlad91: of fuck lets do him OtherGuy: 1 OtherGuy: here it cums southernlad91: aaaahhhhhhhhh fuuuuckkkkk johnny.3000: fuck my arse is being ripped open southernlad91: ooo fuck OtherGuy: ram deep into you and start to unload southernlad91: dumping buckets in his cunt OtherGuy: ggggrrrr, fuck yeah southernlad91: o fuck southernlad91: fuck yeah southernlad91: take it all boy OtherGuy: milk our cocks with your hole johnny.3000: i stop struggling to get away johnny.3000: its all done southernlad91: ur ours now jonny OtherGuy: fuck yeah cunt johnny.3000: reaching under to feel how wide my cunts got round two massive cocks OtherGuy: i slide my wet cock out and sit next to southernlad on sofa southernlad91: o fuck i can feel the mis of blood piss and cum dripping down my balls OtherGuy: climb off johnny and kneel at the side OtherGuy: rembra, get over here and lick clea our poz cum covered cocks johnny.3000: carefully climb off rembra.: mmm yes sir, tasting all that juice OtherGuy: hold it insode johnny johnny.3000: holding my bum OtherGuy: southernlad, kiss me as rembra sucks us clean southernlad91: fuck yeah ben rembra.: lapping everything up from your cocks johnny.3000: still feels like im full of cock OtherGuy: taste that cum, shit and blood on our cocks rembra rembra.: every last drop OtherGuy: now remora, lay on the floor on your back OtherGuy: rembra rembra.: yes sir OtherGuy: johnny, squat over rembra's face OtherGuy: you ready to watch this southern lad? southernlad91: yeah johnny.3000: yes sir johnny.3000: moving slowly and uncomfortably OtherGuy: let your ass go and unload in rembra's face and mouth johnny.3000: squat down rembra.: my mouth open for it johnny.3000: too low by accident and my hole touches rembras nose, but im back up OtherGuy: feed him cunt rembra.: i pull you down more johnny johnny.3000: wobbly legs, tiny bits dripping down, trying to hold it in OtherGuy: feed him johnny johnny.3000: ok sir johnny.3000: pushing out rembra.: licking it from your hole southernlad91: shall i start fucking rembra? OtherGuy: let our poz cum and southernlad's piss fall fro your hole johnny.3000: it drips a bit, splurges, then trickles OtherGuy: let him eat, then turn him over and fuck him rembra.: getting my tongue in there to get all of it johnny.3000: lumps of white poz cum flop out johnny.3000: wet farty noises johnny.3000: getting out everything that was put in OtherGuy: flood his throat with our spunk johny rembra.: i want it all OtherGuy: rembra, you wanna be converted too? rembra.: oh yes sir OtherGuy: lay on your front on the floor, southernlad is gonna fuck you hard and raw rembra.: i roll over spreading my legs johnny.3000: i collapse on the floor, totally spent
  8. Sunday and Monday night poundings

    Partner and I meet up with a guy from online to hang out with on Sunday, had a great time just chilling talking and hanging out. By 9pm as the drinks started so did the poker games to heat it up we started play winner tells the other two what to do since sex was not on the agenda... lasted only a few rounds till we started french kissing, giving head at one point the other guy had me kiss my partner while my pants where around my knee's and just shoved his 8.5" cock home in my ass... WHAT A HOT FEELING. The rest of the night I would sit on his cock and he would fuck me for 5-15 minutes before we would stop at one point he fucked my outside as I up against the car while we where smoking. At one point him and my partner double fucked me for only my second time ever... Sunday night I took about 3-5 loads from him and 1-2 from my partner. Monday night we started all over again the same way but this time he also bottomed he took both my partners and my own load and I took another few loads from him!
  9. I'm looking for a few guys interested in filming a gangbang, faces not shown if you choose but i'm keen to start filming some play scenes in Melbourne and see where it leads from there. Get back to me if yr keen!
  10. I promise pussy is coming soon http://intothebi.blogspot.com/2012/08/thursday-night-good-night-for-double-fun.html joey

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