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Found 74 results

  1. So guys..... who’s going this year? It’s my first time in Berlin ever.... hoping to take at least 10 loads a night and give out a good 5-6. I reckon Berlin is the place for that to happen isn’t it! im staying at the Novum City Centrum (pretty close to the action in Shoneberg) in a nice big triple room. I wouldn’t ever say no to a top or 3 or 7 coming to load me whilst im there hah. Comment if you’re going and we’ll arrange a BZ group to swap as many loads as we can somewhere 😈
  2. I'll be at IML 2018. Who else is going?
  3. Just looking into coming to MAL for the first time in January 2018. What do I need to know? Lots of BB?
  4. I am pretty young when it comes to how stuff came about in the community, but I have always had a fetish for a guy in leather chaps or chaps in general. Even as far as making my own jean chaps. So my question is how did chaps come into play for sex in our community?
  5. I had these cuffs made for a hibearnation I am attending in STL this NOV 2017. I am going to the clubs bathhouse early Sept and wondered if I should wear them there or is it too gawdy? I am loving the way they feel and I think they give the message..lol.... I will also be in a chastity and blindfolded in the sling...Do you think I should wear one, both, or none?
  6. Thought I’d put up some of my bareback experiences over the years. I used to be a leather top, but I never was particularly dominant, and realised I loved being bred about a year ago, but that’s another story for another time... A couple of years back I visited London and I’ve visited Hampstead Heath a few times. Feeling horny, I got into my leather gear (leather jeans, leather shirt, boots) and headed up in my car. I parked up and walked down the dirt road, past the pond and towards the area I know that there’s often action - the infamous fuck tree. This is a tree which has grown at a convenient height and angle for guys to bend over. As I arrive, there’s a few bottoms bent over the tree, waiting for tops to fuck them. The bottoms vary - there’s a guy in tracksuit bottoms, couple in jeans and one in leather chaps. Interesting, might pop back later on. I continue having a wander. As I walk down a path I see a twink-ish looking lad - white shirt, matt effect PVC jeans and shoes. I look at him and hold his gaze for a bit and walk past him on the path and stop a bit up. He looks back towards me and walks up. I instantly get hard as he’s quite cute and he’s wearing at least some fetish gear! I get the impression that he’s not been cruising a lot and is just getting into fetish. Fine by me! We move away from the path and I initiate a snog, which he returns with gusto. I start running my hands up and down his body, he’s quite fit, slim but with a bubble butt and a good sized cock. He appears a bit nervous, but that’s even more of a turn on. He gets down on his knees and unbuttons my leather jeans. I’m not wearing any underwear so my precum soaked penis falls out and he starts enthusiastically sucking my cock. God this lad is good! He can’t take it very deep, but he’s got good technique. I decide that I want to fuck that bubble butt. I whisper to him “I want to fuck your arse”. He stands up and I start snogging him, running my hands down his arse crack and running a finger into his hole. God it feels tight! He’s quivering at this point but I turn him around and push my cock up and down his arse crack. I have a small pack of lube so I lube up my cock and his arse and gently try to push my cock in. It won’t go in he’s so tight. At this point he gets cold feet and moves away. So I’m standing on Hampstead Heath, rock hard cock sticking out of my leathers, horny and frustrated and needing to blow a load! I coax my cock back into my leathers. I decide to walk back towards the fuck tree. As I approach I see a muscular top in a rubber surf suit and waders pounding away at the bottom in leather chaps I saw earlier over the fuck tree. This rubber top is fit as fuck and has drawn a bit of a crowd of guys, wanking their cocks. There’s noises of slapping and groaning as he’s really giving the bottom a good working over. There’s a loud groan as the top dumps his load in the bottom’s arse. The top then walks away, as do a lot of the crowd. After that pounding I was expecting the leather chap wearing bottom to wander off as well. He just stays bent over the fuck tree. Horny as all hell now, I know I need to dump my load and I think that by now that bottom will have a well lubed arse with that top’s cum, plus he's in leather which is a major turn on for me. I extract my cock from my leathers and approach the bottom. I run my hand up and down his body - he’s an older guy, probably late 40s, toned, wearing a leather biker jacket and chaps. I tap my cock up and down his arse crack, he moves his legs aside a bit and I push my cock into his arse. Unlike my first attempt, this time it goes in really easy and I feel the warm cum from the top on my cock. Fuck this is hot. I start to slowly pound away and a small number of guys gather. I feel a hand playing with my nipples and a hand cupping my arse. I start speeding up, feeling the top’s cum lubing my cock with each stroke. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long and after a few minutes I pushed in deep and let out a loud groan, feeling my cum pulse deep into the bottom’s hole. I then pull out with a massive grin on my face. I look down and whilst it was dark I can see some of the cum dripping out of the bottom’s arse, and wet cum all over the crotch of my leathers. And with that I walked back to the car, spent but happy. One of my best nights ever on the Heath.
  7. Gran Can Fetish Week in Oct 2017

    Hey guys. Jusy wondering who else is going to be at Fetish week in Gran Can this year? I'll be there swapping loads every night any other dirty fuckers off here planning on attending?
  8. LthrBB sub NYC

    Hello men raunchy leather BB sub in NYC looking to connect with breeders/leather/fetish SIRS/DOMS.
  9. Folsom Europe 2017!

    Hey everyone! Planning a big trip to Folsom Europe with another bud whos into bareback fucking and just being pigs together. We are sharing a hotel room at Novum hotel Aldea near Nollendorfplazt and seeing if there are any fun mates or couples that would like to meet up and share drinks, fuck, whatever. Planning on not spending the entire trip on our phones or the Internet but to enjoy Berlin, all the pigs in town, and making connections with interesting guys we have chatted with before and that we meet during the event. Well anyways, I figured this could be a thread where you report if you'd like to meet up during Folsom if you are going and to see if we are going to the same parties etc. I am bottom he is top and we play well with other guys (I plan to also dump a few loads in used holes during the event) sharing cum, fucks and friendly banter. Put your plans below, and contact info if you'd like to plan to meet up or just connect with someone else going to Folsom Europe this year!
  10. Mature looking for fun

    Mature bear visiting open looking for party tour
  11. Folsom St East

    A reminder that Folsom St East is this cumming Sunday, 6/18/17 on West 27th St between 10-11th Aves from 11-6. I plan to be there, anyone else?
  12. new on the site. 46 year old leather boy looking for Leather Men to breed me.
  13. I am hearing about this Fort Troff Party May 6th 2017, in ATL...has anyone been to one? Does anyone have any info? Is it worth it to fly to? https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fort-troff-maneuvers-registration-33472349699?aff=M4U
  14. Hosting pig tops looking to wreck a pig hole at IML host hotel. Parties posted On BBRT under RAWCOCKFORME. My hole is there to serve you, looking to take all the pig cock possible .

    Firsy time to Easter Berlin and off to a great start. Took 22 cocks and 12 fists. Four more nights to go. Stay tuned

    Cum dump at Easter Berlin. Will be taking loads in the basements of Mutschmann's and Scheune, the dark room of New Action. Took 89 cocks during Folsom Berlin in September, looking to break that record. Help make me a happy cock and cum pig!!!!!
  17. Pig A/P+ Cherche plan déjanté déprave avec mec vicelard actif ou versa FF, uro, Insémination, JUS, plan planant chems slam Pig looking for fun with vicious active or versatile FFuckers FF, WS, creampie, cum, pnp, slam
  18. Vers sleazy manc lad

    Versatile, easy going and sleazy going guy available in north west UK (Manc) can travel within reason for hook ups, sometimes accom but not always. From mild to wild, lots of likes and only a few dislikes. Looking for 1on1, groups, party, clubs, sauna, fuck n go, longer sessions, like it sweaty, filthy, hit me up guys and we can get it on good.
  19. MAL 2018

    hello guys. Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, January 12-14, 2018 Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, host hotel for MAL 2018, is now accepting hotel reservations. link: https://aws.passkey.com/event/48987664/owner/12345/home?utm_campaign=273003497

    This Cumdump pig is ready to go for MAL. Just mixed my J lube. packed my fave jocks and toys. Looking for those top pigs looking for a "Pig Hole" to unload in. Parties listed on BBRT under PIGHOLE4BREEDING
  21. Men, I am coming to Berlin soon looking to be the pig I always knew i was meant to be. Looking to explore the wild freaky kinky fetish group dungeon party play fuck cum dump bottom I am. Please someone hit me up to help me find places to stay close to the kinky area or looking for Master Topsss who love to work train and use and own a sub bottom.
  22. Another Bathhouse Tale (Part 3)

    Actually, I was kind of happy for the break. One- I could tell I was getting dehydrated, and needed to go fill my water bottles. Two- I hadn't seen my BF Pete for several hours. Now, we're certainly okay about playing with others, but we do like to check in from time to time to make sure we're both alright and both having a good time. And three- when I parTy, I find that I get easily bored with the same 'scene,' and need new 'stimuli' to keep my interest in line with my high..... (shallow, but true). I took four water bottles to the fountain by the stairs and started filling them up, taking time to drink from the fountain between filling. I must have been a sight, 'cause I hadn't bothered to put on any shorts or a towel, and I was covered in dried j-lube and smears of crisco. A few knowing looks by passersby made me laugh at the situation. I took the bottles back to the room, grabbed my towel and headed down to the first floor to the large community shower to clean up. The place was pretty dead, save for the lonely souls pacing the hallways looking for one more hookup. The sound of the shower drew a few curiosity seekers as I soaped my body over and over, trying to remove the layers of grease, lube and bodily fluids. As much as I like sleaze, cleaning up occasionally becomes a necessity. Plus, the open exhibitionism in a public shower revs up all those old high school and college gym fantasies! And...gettin' clean just means that I get to start gettin' dirty all over again!!! After drying off, I stopped by the front desk to trade my towel in for a fresh one. Randy (a playbuddy) was working. Sometimes we trade stories or information about patrons, but he had a line of guys waiting to check in, so he was trying to be very professional. "You wanna go ahead and renew? Your time's just about up," he asked. "Shit! What time is it?" I said, wondering where the time had gone. "Nine-thirty Sunday morning, babe," Randy replied. I handed over my key to get my wallet out of the lockbox, and renewed one more time. "Thanks, man," I said, winking at Randy, and trying to remember where the last 36 hours had gone... On the way back to the room, I stopped on the second floor to check for any action. Coming down one of the hallways toward me, I saw a hot guy with his towel slung over his shoulder. He was stopping at open doors and checking out the inhabitants, and tugging on a very shrunken dick. As I got closer, I realized it was my BF Pete! "Hey, hot man!" I said, grabbing his muscular ass. He stared at me, clearly spun out of his mind, before finally recognizing me. "Oh shit!" he exclaimed, realizing how out of it he must have been to not recognize his lover. "I think you need some water, honey," I said, rubbing our stubbled cheeks together. "Uh-huh," he replied, clearly coming out of 'cruise mode,' and relaxing into my arms. I walked him to the nearest water fountain and made him drink. Then we continued up the stairs to the third floor, where I led him to the single shower stall and made him rinse off. The brief shower seemed to sort of revive him, and we headed back to the room for more water and a cigarette. After he'd finished one of the bottles of water, I handed him a bottle of Gatorade (really - just Gatorade!!!) to replenish his electrolytes. "Just sip it, babe," I cautioned. Within about 20 minutes, I could see he was starting to look and act more coherent - - - and glad that I had rescued him. Make no mistake...we were both still high...just a little more in control. "So, how many loads ya got?" I asked, easily sliding two fingers into his wrecked hole. "Mmmmmmmmm," he moaned, raising his hips to impale himself on my fingers. "I sorta lost track... got at least two from the black guy you left me with. He was fuckin' hot - and man could he fuck! Glad you fisted me before we hooked up - he was amazed at how easy I took him," Pete said, dreamily recounting the evening. "Then, when I couldn't find you, I went to the maze and laid in the sling for awhile and took - uhhhh - maybe three more loads. One guy asked if I wanted to come back and party with him and his boyfriend, so I ended up in the "Blacklight Room" for awhile. They had some reallllllly good shit - guess that's where I got so fucked up...." he said, caressing my wrist as I worked fingers three and four into his slimy hole. "Hey, how are we on time?" Pete asked. "Don't worry, babe. I already renewed us - - - again," I reassured him. "How much ice we got left?" he said, referring to Miss Tina. With my free hand, I reached deep into one of my leather boots and pulled out two fresh quarter bags. "Ya think this'll last us?" I smiled. "I dunno. The way I feel right now, I could spend another day here," he grinned. I hid the bags again, and pulled my fingers out of his ass. Grabbing a paper towel off the roll we'd brought with us. I wiped my hand dry of the lube and cum from Pete's hole. Then I rummaged through our duffle bag and pulled out some more leather. "Here - put these on," I said, tossing a pair of black leather chaps onto his chest. I found my own pair of Nasty Pig rubber chaps with the red stripe down the side, and sat down to put them on. Pete knew where I was going with this. If you wanna play rough, it helps to look the part! He found our leather harnesses, and we helped each other put them on. Next came the armbands. Pete picked a pair of black leather ones with a red stripe, and I found a pair of black leather ones with black pyramid studs. All through the ritual of dressing each other, we kissed and touched each other's hot bodies - reconnecting after a long night of being apart. "Pig!" "Whore!" "Slut!" "Fucker!" we called each other...the names that had originally drawn us to each other. "God, you're hot!" I said, before plunging my tongue down his throat. "Mmmmm - and I love you!" he growled in my ear. Pete dug into the duffle bag again, fishing around, and finally came up with a small plastic pill bottle. He opened the top and shook a variety of different colored pills into his palm. Poking them around with his index finger, he finally chose a pink one. Holding it up for me to see, he said, "A little X?" "Throw me into that briar patch, daddy!" I answered. He bit the pill in half, and placed one half on my tongue and the other on his. We took turns swigging more Gatorade to wash it down, and lit two more cigarettes to pass the time while the added drug started to take effect. "Hey, where's that new fisting DVD?" Pete asked. (We had brought a small portable DVD player and hooked it up to the small TV in the room, so we could add to the porn choices that were available. Sometimes, after being at the baths for as long as we had, you start seeing the same stuff over and over again - - - and our choice of the harder core videos can attract a "certain type" of audience to our room if they're bored with some of the more "vanilla" offerings...) I found it and popped it in the player. It was full of hot, hairy daddies in leather, fisting each other in a dungeon. Between the ample drugs, my hot boyfriend, and whoever was wandering the hallways - - - we were going to do our best to bring the DVD to life!!! The "X" started as a slow vibration across my chest - - - then spread down my torso - - - and eventually hit my asspucker. "You feelin' it, babe?" I asked. "Mmmmm-hmmmmm," Pete answered dreamily, letting his fingers lightly graze his sensitive nipples. I moved between his legs, letting my tongue trace a path from his stretched balls - up his hairy abs - to his eraser tits - and finally to his mouth. "Let's go get fucked," I whispered in his ear. "Just as soon as we do a bump," Pete whispered back. Not that we needed any more Tina - - - but when you get to a certain state - - - you think more just makes it .........more! I picked up the bag that we'd been using, and rolled a bottle of poppers over it to crush the few remaining shards into a fine powder. Pete laid back and spread his cheeks to expose his swollen hole. I licked my index finger and stuck it in the baggy, making sure I got a good dose to adhere. "Open up for Daddy!" I teased, while carefully guiding the crystal-covered finger toward Pete's hole. "Push it out, pig!" I commanded. The purple ring started to open, revealing the red inner folds of his rectum. "Fuck yeah! Show me that rose," I encouraged him. When he was good and open, I inserted my finger, watching it disappear in the warm tissue of his ass. "Fuccccckkkkkkk!" Pete moaned. I kept going until I was buried up to the last knuckle, and then slowly rotated my finger to make sure the drug was completely deposited in his fuckhole. When I finally pulled my finger out, I stuck it in my mouth and swabbed my lower gums to deposit any leftover Tina - - - and some strange cum that was deep in Pete's ass... "Okay - me next," I said, handing him the baggie and getting on my hands and knees. He returned the favor, giving me a liberal bump for the road. We snapped leather codpieces to the fronts of our chaps (so we would be free to move about the bathhouse without being called out bv the management for public nudity), and headed out the door to find some action. We heard some movement in the room next to ours (The Leather Dungeon - so called because it comes with a sling and a small jail cell - but the mattress sits directly on the floor and is not the easiest to fuck on). Most of the doors to the rooms were closed - and those that were open were either vacated and waiting to be cleaned, or had somebody laying on their stomach - ass up ready for cock. We walked by a pair of twinks who giggled nervously, staring at the two of us in head-to-toe leather on a Sunday morning. We went down the stairs to the second floor and found things much the same. (The second floor has all single rooms, some with TVs and some without - no 'specialty' rooms. But - - - this is where the maze/darkroom is! We slowly headed toward the entrance of the maze, taking our time so we might catch a glimpse of someone entering or leaving.
  23. Drummer North America 2017

    Is anyone else going to the Drummer North America fetish weekend in Vegas? Last weekend in January. I just booked my trip and can't wait!
  24. Another Bathhouse Tale (Part Ii)

    The guy in the shower was tall and lanky, and had a nice piece of uncut meat hanging between his hairy thighs. He stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet, and walked over to us. "Get to work, pig!" I ordered. The hungry Asian turned on his knees and swallowed the new meat in one gulp. "Fuckkkkkk," the guy from the shower moaned, reaching up and tweaking his nipples. "God that feels good," he said, grinning at me. "Ya got some piss for 'im?" I reminded him about the pig's thirst. "Yeah... he okay with a few .....uh ..... enhancements?" he asked. "Most definitely, man," I smiled back. "Tryin' to keep him as fucked up as possible!" The shower guy chuckled. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I could tell he was trying to concentrate on getting his piss to flow. I yanked the leash on the pig's collar, letting him know to quit the sucking, and just let his mouth become a urinal. A soft exhale from shower guy, and I knew that the pig was getting a nice, warm drink. Pig squirmed a bit, and I could hear him swallowing the warm, yellow liquid down his throat. "That's it, boy. Take the man's piss. No need for a urinal, when ya got a willing mouth," I said, placing my hand on his throat so I could feel the swallowing action. A calm smile spread across the shower guy's face. "That's all I got for now," he said. " Wish I had a 6 pack of beer to fill up on." "So, what's in your piss," I half whispered to him, drawing close to his stubbled face. "Oh, a little T, some G, X - - - actually, a lotta T!" he grinned, slyly. "Good," I said, rubbing the back of my hand up and down his hairy abs. "I wanna keep his hole hungry!" "Mmmmm....." shower guy growled, grabbing his towel and looking the two of us up and down. "Maybe I'll see y'all a little later," he said, giving his semihard cock a serious tug. "Yeah, man. We're always lookin' for cock!" I said. "Got some V, if ya need it," I added, grabbing his cock and balls and giving them a friendly squeeze. "Get up, PIG!" I ordered. He obediently stood, keeping his eyes downward, hands clasped behind him. We walked the halls of the third floor, me in the lead, checking out any open doors for cock. I enjoyed the looks we were getting - a big, masculine, leatherman taking his chemmed up pig out for a walk. Some were in shock or disbelief - others wanted to be part of the scene. Occasionally, I would stop and order the pig to his knees to suck my semihard cock. This definitely made some guys sit up and take notice. I made sure they got a good look at my large PA as it glimmered in the dim light. As we rounded the corner to the hall with my room, we ran into Trent from earlier. This time he was solo, and had switched from the bathhouse towel to a black jock. "Hey man," I greeted him. "Where's your buddy?" "Oh - he got all pissy and left. I told him if we came here, I was gonna wanna play. But he didn't believe me. Anyway, I'm kinda glad he left," he said, casually massaging the bulge in his cotton pouch. "You parTy?" I asked. "Yeah - but I didn't bring anything, 'cause I was with Miss Prissypants," he said. "Wanna come in an' smoke a bowl?" I asked, rubbing my free hand over his chiseled pecs. "Hell, yeah!" he perked up. He followed us midway down the hall to my door. I fidgeted with the key in the clock while trying to remember how I had left the room. I really hadn't thought about anybody but the PIG coming back with me, so I'm sure it was a sloppy mess. -------- I was right! The black rubber sheet was a gooey mess of jlube and Crisco, with two huge dildos laying in the middle. I HAD managed to stash the bags of T in my boot, but the glass pipe was right next to the TV on the table beside the bed. I pushed the PIG in first and unhooked the leash from his collar. He promptly crawled onto the bed and sat in the pool of lube. "Sorry. The place is a kind of a mess," I apologized to Trent. "Fuck! I think it's hot!" he replied. "This is why I come to the baths - - - to get fuckin' messy an' twisted an' - - - you know - - - dirty!" he grinned. Now he had his hand inside his pouch, and was unashamedly stroking his cock. "Allright PIG!" I said gruffly. "Service his cock!" PIG eagerly slid to the edge of the bed and pealed the waistband of Trent's jock down. My eyes bulged when I saw the mammoth piece of meat that fell out! Miss Prissypants should not have let this one go.... I shut the door and fished around in my boot for one of the baggies. I pulled out a half empty one and pulled the seal apart. Got my pen cap and scooped out a nice-sized rock and loaded it in the pipe (along with the unsmoked residue that was still in it .​ "Make yourself comfortable, man," I said, gesturing to a dry corner of the bed. Trent sat down, one leg cocked up and the other on the floor, so that PIG could continue eating his cock. I flicked the torch (which reflected in the mirrored walls and really lit up the room in a sort of drug-induced, leather dungeon way), and waved it in circular motions under the round glass bowl of the pipe. Trent stared like an animal that hadn't eaten in weeks. I watched as the rock liquefied and pooled in the dirty glass bowl. Then the thick white cloud started easing its way up the glass stem. I held the pipe to my lips and inhaled slowly and deeply. Hold it - - - hold it - - - hold it. I knelt down and placed my mouth over Trent's and shotgunned the hit into his hunky, hot body! I could tell he'd done this before, 'cause he didn't lose a puff of smoke! Our lips stayed sealed for what seemed like ten minutes, while we passed the smoke back and forth between our lungs. His right hand found my leather pouch and squeezed the greasy package inside. Finally, I pulled my mouth off of his, and handed the pipe to him. He held it out while I warmed the bowl again, and then he took his own hit directly from the pipe. When he was done, I motioned for him to shotgun the PIG. While they were shotgunning, it gave me a chance to get my mouth on Trent's cock. It WAS a beautiful piece of meat - thick, slightly veiny, uncut, large head and a slight upturn when erect to hit all the right spots! For me, one of the benefits of Tina is that it lessens my gag reflex. I was able to force the head into my throat and hold it for a few seconds until the spasms got too bad. I pulled off, gasping for air. "Fuck - - - nice - - - cock - - - man," I panted, catching my breath and drooling on my own chest. "Thanks - got no complaints," Trent said confidently. "You wanna fuck this pigwhore?" I asked, finally being able to talk. "I got 'im tweaked up pretty good, an' he loves big things in his hole." Trent wrapped his fist around the thick shaft and stroked until the foreskin pulled back and revealed the large head. "He take it raw?" Trent asked. "Only raw," I answered, lightly slapping the PIG's muscular butt. "Lemme give 'im a bump to get ready for you." My middle finger was already wet from being in the PIG's hole, so I just dipped it in the baggie and the crystal stuck to it. PIG slid a little toward me on the bed, positioning his ass so I could get a good aim without spilling any of the crystal. "PIG want a bump in his hole?" I asked, wanting him to beg. "Yes SIR! Please bump my hole, SIR!" he answered. "You want me to give your whore fuckhole to this hot stud, PIG?" I teased. "Yes SIR! Please SIR! I need fucked - - - please!" I inserted the T-covered finger into his battered hole. He didn't even flinch - just gyrated his hot ass around my finger. I wiped the insides of his burning rectum, digging the sharp shards of crystal into the delicate lining. The burn must have been delicious for a methpig like him. I pulled my finger out, and made a production of shoving it in my mouth and sucking the combination of ass juice, cum, lube, Crisco and Tina off with my tongue. Trent sneered in approval, slapping his hardening cock with an open hand. It now looked like an angry club, ready to beat this shameless PIG into total submission. I got up off the bed so that Trent could take my place behind the PIG. He positioned himself right behind the hunky Asian, and laid his fat cock in the crevice of his ass. "Damn, you're gonna rip him apart with that thing, man. You're fuckin' huge!" I said. In response, he slapped the big dong on PIG's cheeks, and took several warning pokes at the wrinkled, purple assring. I got down next to the PIG's ears and said, "Take a deep breath, and when I pinch your nipples, let it out." Trent caught the gist of where I was going - getting the PIG to relax for the giant cock. I pinched the PIG's nipples as hard as I could and nodded to Trent. He pushed forward, and the entire length and width of his giant cock disappeared into the Asian's hole. Two loud moans came from the hot men - I think both were in absolute ecstasy! I moved over to one of the mirrored walls, and propped myself up on the two cheap pillows they give you, and watched the show. Trent was a good fucker - taking his time, but making the PIG feel every inch of his cock. I found the baggie of T, and couldn't resist giving myself a hefty bump! Damn, the burn felt great in my hole, as I slid my T-covered finger in and out to deposit the meth. "Fuck him, man! Fuck his nasty pighole!" I chanted, while fingering my own. Out of habit, I grabbed a nearby dildo, and easily inserted it in my twitching hole. The chems allowed me to have a sort of "out of body experience," looking at the scene in the mirrors and imagining that I was living in a hot, BB sex video. I slid over next to the PIG and started deep kissing him. This gave Trent a chance to grab the dildo in my ass and start ramming it in and out in rhythm with his own fucking. At one point, I looked up at the mirror on the ceiling, and saw this amazing picture of muscle, skin, leather, rubber, lube and chrome - all enhanced by some very good drugs!!! After a good hour, Trent collapsed on top of the two of us and begged for a break.
  25. Iml 2017

    new attendee, returning.... host hotel is now accepting reservation. In 2017, IML events start a day earlier, on Thursday, May 25, 2017 host hotel: The Congress Plaza Hotel. current link to host hotel reservation: https://bookings.ihotelier.com/Congress-Plaza-Hotel/bookings.jsp?hotelID=5054&groupID=1672354 in case the link changes, event site: www.imrl.com

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