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Found 76 results

  1. Sub slut twink into rape and kidnap

    Seriously...no pussy doms need reply!! Don't want flakes or ingenuine people. For this week... Track and kidnap me and then full on rape my ass with as much seed as possible!! Track me down on LIFE360 APP and my code is: FYN-OLT . Join my LIFE360 circle and then when you see me, chuck me in a van and use me good. Really into restraints and blindfold! I don't really care what you do to me just make sure I get loads of cock. Really into restraints, blindfolds, breeding, sucking etc my only limits are piss, fisting, blood, Chems, smacking (though spanking is ok) bruises or marks or anything that will hurt my health - including poz. I am negative, disease free and want to stay that way!!! Very genuine - you be too!! Don't join my location if your not serious or have no intention of the above. Done this once before and was napped in a van so would help if you had a van or car. Would also be great if I was used by more than one guy! I am freshly shaved and smooth and can wear a butt plug all day if you want me to. Kik/ londonsub93
  2. Hey, guys. I'm heading to london next weekend, I'll be there 9th-14th. Hoping to let loose and get as fucked up and slutty as possible Never been to london so I'm looking for advice on cheap places to stay. What good saunas/clubs should I visit and when? hmu if you wanna meet too
  3. Beefy handsome new cumdump looking for loads all day in pleasuredome on Tuesday the 24th. All loads are accepted, come dump your load in my tight ass. I will be in my hotel South Kensington for first half the day and then moving to Pleasuredome for afternoon and late night
  4. Hardon London 19 August

    Hey guys. Any dirty fuckers off here going to hardon this Saturday? its my first time at Hardon and looking for as many tops as poss to fill and breed me with their cum - I obvs want to be made feel as welcome as poss lol
  5. Last week I got fucked late at night by an older, but very hot Scot Biker Dude from north of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was staying in the same London hotel that I was staying in. He messaged me on Grindr and said he wanted to be sucked and rimmed before going to bed. I went to his room and did exactly that. Then he bent me over and pumped a load into me. He has an 8" uncut cock that's very thick. And as rock hard as an 18 year old. He gives a good, hard and deep fucking. Once he had cum in my arse, we were both satisfied and I went back to my room about 1am to go to bed. Ready to go to work again in the morning. I was pretty busy the next two nights and didn't get any action. But on the 3rd night I contacted the hot Scot Biker guy and he said he'd contact me when he got back from his night of drinking with his mates. He told me he had fucked my Scot friend C.C. who lived near my hotel. He asked me to contact him and see if he could join us? I did so. C.C. is another older Scot guy that has fucked me half a dozen times when I've been in London. He lives just a few blocks from my hotel. C.C. told me that the other Scot guy had fucked him a few days ago. He would love to join us. C.C. showed up at my room about 10pm. He and I walked up two floors to the other Scots room. We all 3 quickly undressed and I ended up on my knees, taking turns sucking both their big cocks with red pubes. It was very hot. Then I knelt on the edge of the bed and the Edinburgh Scot began to fuck me, while C.C. knelt on the bed in front of me and fed me his cock. Then they switched places and C.C. fucked me. C.C. is a quick cummer and he filled my ass with his load in less than 5 minutes of fucking. So, C.C. and the other Scot changed positions again. I cleaned off C.C.'s cock with my mouth as the other guy again slid up into my arse. C.C.'s cum came squishing out as Edinburgh Scot's big, thick cock slid up into me. C.C.'s cum made great lube for this big cock as he began to pound me. He was slapping my ass and calling me a whore as he assaulted my ass. About 10 minutes of heavy pounding finally resulted in Edinburgh guy groaning and slamming deep into me, filling my hole with his hot load. When he pulled his long cock from me, I dropped to my knees to clean my cum from his cock, as he softened in my mouth. We all three kissed as we dressed. Then C.C. and I left as we all told each other that we hoped we'd someday, somehow have a chance to all play together again.
  6. A few nights ago, I was having a frustrating night with a lot of flakes and no-shows. Nothing seemed to be working that night. My BBRT post wasn't getting any response. I was only getting game players and pic collectors from Grindr, Growlr and Scruff. So, I finally posted an ad on Craigslist. I got 2 hits from it. One also turned out to be a pic collecting flake. But one reply finally worked out. He said he was a 24 year old str8 kid that just needed to get sucked and rimmed. I invited him to come to my hotel. Gave him my room number and he said he'd be there in 15 mins. I told him I'd have the door unlocked and lights dim for him to come in. I'd be on my knees, ready for him. He was really anxious for my mouth, because he was walking into my hotel room in under 10 minutes. He quickly shucked his pants and underwear and was putting his limp cock up to my mouth within seconds. I sucked on his British foreskin and felt his cock swell and grow in my mouth. I sucked on his cock and his balls and looked up into his eyes as I worshiped his str8 cock. Then he moved to the bed. He sat on the edge and I crawled over between his legs and again went to work on his cock and balls. He was now fully hard and leaking some precum. I lifted his legs and licked his puckered asshole. He moved his knees to his chest and I made love to his hole. I got my tongue as deep up into his hole as I could. I was licking the soft, pink insides of his arse. I ate his hole for about 5 minutes, then began to alternate between eating his arse and sucking his uncut cock. Finally, I got up and knelt on the edge of the bed. "Fuck me", I demanded. "I don't fuck guys", he said. "Fuck me", was all I said. I wanted his young, str8 cock in me. He finally got up and moved behind me. I had a small bottle of lube on the bed. I lubed up my ass and tossed the bottle to him. While he was lubing up his cock, I was sniffing poppers. He then slid up into me in one, quick motion. He was soon fucking me hard and deep. Just like he would fuck his girls pussy. His cock felt great inside me. He gave me about 4 or 5 minutes of hard fucking before he rammed deep into me and let out a soft groan. His cock throbbed as he filled my ass with his young spunk. Then he quickly pulled from me and asked if he could use the bathroom. I said, "Of course". He washed up, dressed and left without saying a word. There's something I find so enjoyable about getting a str8 guy to do more than they ever thought they'd do with another guy.
  7. Lunchtime Sauna Addict

    Any other city workers like me who love a quick lunchtime fix in a local sauna? Would live to meet regular sauna whores for hook-ups. And swap updates on venues.
  8. London Cumunion Parties

    Does anyone know what has happened to the London cumunion parties?
  9. Staying at Holiday Inn Wandsworth for two weeks, taking loads. Conversion party? message for details
  10. hosting a gang bang session this coming FRIDAY 4th AUGUST in a studio flat in SOHO. from 7pm onwards. ill be the ONLY bottom - taking ALL loads. no top refused. door will probably be open so just walk in, queue up, breed me and go. ONLY tops please. private message me if interested and ill send details.
  11. I was in London a few days ago and very horny to get fucked. I had posted on BBRT and on Craigslist. I received numerous hits, but they all seemed to be flakes: several of the guys were 'no shows', and the balance would want to chat and swap pics, but then dropped the conversation. London seems to have an overabundance of game players when it comes to online cruising. But then I began to chat with a guy who answered my Craigslist ad. He said he lived just a mile from my hotel and wanted to come over. I had not seen any pics of him, but his self description sounded nice. He said he was in his mid 50's, a very athletic and fit body, covered in thick, black/grey hair, large/thick cock that got and stayed rock hard. He told me that he wanted to get sucked and rimmed. And that if the chemistry was right, he'd fuck me, but he'd only fuck me if covered. Normally I would turn down getting fucked by a guy wearing a condom, but on this occasion I was getting desperate to get fucked, and, as everything else he said about himself sounded great, I invited him over. Within about 35 minutes, he was knocking on my hotel room door. I opened the door to find a very attractive Middle Eastern man standing there. I invited him inside. "Are you okay with how I look?" he asked? "Fuck, yeah," I replied. We both began to undress. Then he stood before me in just his undershirt, briefs and socks. I stepped up to him and rubbed his chest and his already hard cock through his white briefs. Then I dropped to my knees and put my mouth on the bulge in his shorts. I chewed on it for a moment, then pulled his waistband over his hard cock and took his thick cock head into my mouth. I worked his cock as I pulled his briefs down and helped him step out of them. Next he pulled his undershirt up and over his head. I looked up to see his very sexy, hairy chest above me as I made love to his now rock hard cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and I continued to suck on his very large and thick cock. My tongue slid into his large piss hole in his mushroomed sized cockhead. Then I licked up and down the underside of his cock, working my way down to his balls, on which I licked and sucked. He moaned as I did this. I then licked under his balls and he moaned even louder. Then I lifted his legs a bit. He got the hint and pulled his legs up to his chest as I began to lick and eat his very hairy asshole. I spread his hole and got my tongue deep up inside his tight hole. I lapped my tongue across his hole and he was groaning with pleasure. Then he flipped over onto his knees and climbed up further onto the bed. I took some deep sniffs of my poppers and pressed my face into his hairy ass and again ate his hairy hole. I came up for air, "Wanna fuck me?" I asked? "Not yet. Keep eating my hole," he answered. I continued to eat his hole, then he flipped back onto his back and I went back to sucking his cock. I couldn't believe how large and hard his cock was for a man his age. The hardness was like a kid in his 20's, not a guy in his late 50's. Whether is was from a little, blue pill or not, I could care less. I was loving this rock, solid cock in my mouth. Finally, he reached for my ass and fingered my hole a bit. "Okay, I want your ass," he remarked. I got off the bed and grabbed my lube, took care of my hole and then presented the bottle to him, knowing he had said he had said he would only fuck with a condom, but I didn't offer him one. I had a few in the drawer. But would only pull one out if he insisted. I climbed back onto the bed and put my ass up towards him. I was expecting him to ask for a condom, but he never did. He lubed his cock and put his hard cock head up to my hole. I started to sniff the poppers deeply, as I felt him begin to press into me. "Take it slow, please," I asked. The thickness and hardness of his large cock would take a little time, however, soon he was balls deep in me and began to pump in and out of me with some speed and power. He was soon slamming into me, making a loud slapping sound as his pelvis slammed against my ass. He had grabbed my shoulders and was ramming up into me. I had to take some more popper sniffs, but it was feeling great. "You like my dick?", he asked. "Fuck, YEAH," I answered. His cock was rubbing against my prostate and I was in bottom/pig heaven. Bam! Bam! Bam! His cock was ramming into me. Then he reached under me and pinched my nipples as he fucked me. That really gets me going. I was soon cumming myself as he fucked me and pinched my nipples. When I began to cum, that set him off. Now, he was groaning, growling and grunting as he filled my ass with his load. I was squeezing my ass on his thick cock as it throbbed in my ass. He continued to thrust into me for quite some time as he emptied every drop of his seed into me. Finally he pulled out of me in a quick withdrawal and then jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash off his dick. I dressed as I heard the water in the sink running. He came out. His now soft cock, still thick and long hanging down between his legs. He dressed in silence then said, "You've got my email address. Let me know when you're back. I'm married and it's sometimes difficult to get away. But I'll fuck you anytime I can," he remarked as he left my room.
  12. Hi Everyone, I posted a question yesterday about an upcoming trip but I realized I ended up posting it as a reply to someone else's post, so here it is again in much more detail (Just joined this site yesterday, so still learning how to navigate). I will be traveling to London (Jun 1), Brussels (Jun 5) and Berlin (Jun 9). I've done some research and found a couple of places to get used and seeded like a good bottom slut. A friend of mine told me to go to the Vauxhall (sp?) sauna in London and I read about a naked party (SBN) but not sure of any memberships needed or exactly where. I haven't had much time to learn more about Brussels. I will be visiting friends in both London and Brussels so I wouldn't be able to bring anyone over. I can however book a hotel for a night or meet at a sauna. I'm visiting Berlin solely because my friend told me about how sleazy guys are there and he highly recommended I go. What would be a good area to stay in Berlin? Someone recommended I go to Lab.Oratory but I keep reading about a bouncer who keeps turning guys away, so if anyone knows how to get past him that'd be awesome. Besides these places, where else should I go? It'd be hot if I could find some goodies or get booty bumped, but even if I don't, I am pretty excited about this trip and I hope to be able to get as many loads as I could possibly imagine and more. Thanks
  13. London trip

    Taking my new fella to London this weekend... Were is there to get his arse loaded with as much spunk as possible?
  14. London private facebook group

    Anyone interested in joining a private fb group?
  15. Fetish Week, London

    Is anyone going to Fetish Week in London this July (09-16)?
  16. London Gatwick

    Looking for a meet on 23rd March when I'm staying for a night. Can accom few limits
  17. I was in London for the weekend. On Sunday, I had an open day for "play". I had posted on Craigslist, BBRT, Grindr, Growlr and a couple of other hookup sites. I spent the afternoon weeding through the usual bunch of flakes, "talkers", time wasters and pic collectors. Finally, I had a confirmed guy that wanted to come by my hotel to fuck me. He said he was originally from Sri Lanka. He was married with 3 kids. Gay, but because of his culture and family, he had had to marry at a young age, in an arranged marriage. He considered himself gay, but had to be completely on the DL. He shared some pics with me. He was handsome with dark skin. A 5" uncut, very thick cock, with ample, loose foreskin. He said he could stop by at 2pm on his way home from Church. He met me in the hotel lobby right on time. We went to my hotel room, undressed and fell back on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. I then got between his legs, sucking on his very ample foreskin, licking the cheese between his foreskin and cock head. His cock was quickly growing to fully rock hard. I would repeatedly deep throat his beautiful cock. Then lifted his legs and lapped at his asshole. He was loving that. Moaning and groaning as my tongue fucked his dark, puckered hole. He especially loved my ball worship on his big, black ball scac. Then he told me to get on my knees. This Sri Lankan guy was insisting on a condom. Because he is married. While I'm not fond of getting fucked with a condom. I agreed. It had been awhile, since I'd been fucked. So, I just wanted to feel a dick in me. He lubed up my ass and his cock and slid up into me. He had great technique and had me moaning and groaning as his thick cock assaulted my hole. He soon began to growl as he filled the condom in my ass with his hot load. When he finally pulled out, I turned and took hold of the condom. I carefully pulled it off him. I wanted to save the juice inside for my Italian buddy, who would be joining me at 8pm that night. He either wanted my ass with a load or 2 already inside it. Or a cum filled condom to use as lube. So, I quickly salvaged the Sri Lankan guys cum in the condom and carefully placed it where his cum would be safe. As soon as Sri Lanka guy had dressed and left, I went back to trying to find some other tops to join my Italian buddy and me at 8pm. For awhile, it looked like I had 3 other guys lined up to join Italian buddy and me. But just shortly before 8pm, 2 of the guys suddenly flaked out and cancelled. Damn game players! But at 8pm a nice looking Scottish guy (I'm going to call him Redd. Not his real name) with red hair and bushy red goatee and mustache showed up. He lived close to the hotel. We had chatted before. But the timing worked out this time. And he was open for a 3way or group fuck. He's an older guy. Around my age, I imagine. Great, fit body. Very nice looking with a very friendly personality. We instantly enjoyed chatting. And his thick, Scottish brogue was charming. Shortly, my Italian fuck buddy showed up. (I'm going to call him Mario. Not his real name). He's so handsome! A beautiful bronze skin tone. Dark eyes. Scruffy, day's growth of whiskers covering his face. Athletic, fit body. 34 years old. Thankfully, Mario likes older, bareback bottom, Daddies like me. We made introductions and then took the lift up to my floor and to my room. Mario and I kissed and we all began to undress as we continued to make introductions to each other. As soon as we were all naked, I dropped to my knees and took turns sucking of both Mario's and Redd's cocks. Redds cock was about 5" long. On the thick side. And was already rock hard, solid. He had a cock ring on and had an amazingly hard cock for a man his age. He was very sexy and masculine looking. Kind of a Leather Daddy type of guy. Redd and Mario kissed as I took turns sucking on both their cocks. Mario's cock is about 6.5" inches. Nice and thick. And gets rock hard, very quickly. Mario then moved to the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed. I crawled between his legs and began to suck and worship his cock and balls. Soon, he had laid back and I had lifted his legs and began to lick and lap at his asshole. I tongue fucked his tight hole. I worshiped his cock, balls and asshole for 4 or 5 minutes. Redd played with my ass as I rimmed Mario. Then I climbed up on the bed, on my hands and knees. Redd climbed up on the bed and crawled to my head. He put his hard cock back up to my lips. And I resumed sucking him. Mario began to play with my ass, opening me up. Mario then put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me for a few moments then he told Redd to change positions with him. For the next 10 minutes, Redd and Mario continually changed positions. Both of them taking turns fucking my ass with their raw cocks. Redd said he was getting close. "Seed his hole", Mario told Redd. "I want to use your cum as lube, Redd. Fill his ass". That seemed to excite Redd. He began to fuck harder and faster. Really pounding my ass. I told Mario that there was a cum filled condom on the top of the trash can that he could also use as lube. Mario reached down, picking up the condom from the top of the trash can. He asked Redd if he wanted the cum for lube? Redd said yes. He took the condom filled with fresh cum from Sri Lanka guy, but instead of pouring the cum on my ass and his cock to use as lube, Redd put the condom to his mouth and drank the cum contents. Tossing the condom back into the can. This really turned Redd on. He was really fucking hard and deep, now. It didn't take long before he announced, "I'm CUMMING...!!!!" He slammed deeply into me and filled my ass with his cum. As soon as Redd pulled out of me, Mario knelt behind me. "Push it out, Dave". I squeezed my ass and some of Redd's cum pushed out of my hole. Mario scooped some up and tasted it. I squeezed more out. Mario again scooped it up with his finger and fed Redd his own cum from my hole. Then Redd dropped to his knees, behind me. He began to eat his own cum from my ass. He's swallow the cum. Then spit on my hole and push the spit up in my hole with his tongue. Replacing his cum with his spit. Then Mario stood behind me. In one quick thrust, Mario slammed up into me. He was like a wild man. This is what he's been wanting. To fuck me raw, using another man's cum as lube. Mario was grabbing me hard around the waist as he pounded my hole. Redd moved to my side. He'd pinch my nipples, which really turns me on. Then he'd feed me his still hard cock. I could taste his cum and my ass on his cock. Mario soon filled my ass with his own cum. Then Mario and Redd continued to tell me to push out their cum. Then they'd take their still hard cocks to push the cum back up inside my hole and fuck me some more. My ass was wet, sloppy and dripping cum. Finally, Redd said he didn't think he could cum again. Mario and I laid on the bed, caressing each other as we chatted with Redd, as he dressed. I told Redd and Mario that they had great chemistry as a top duo. And hoped we could do it again, when I get back to London in a month or 2. They both told me that they would love to do that. Those two really did work well together as a team of tops. As we all know. 3ways either work or don't work, based on the chemistry between everyone involved. This 3some had some good chemistry going. Redd finished dressing and left. Mario and I again got on the bed. Kissing and caressing. As I stroked Mario's cock, it grew to full hardness again. "Fuck me", I said to Mario. I got back on my knees and he knelt behind me. He rammed back into me. Fucking me for another 10 minutes. It was feeling great for both of us. But, Mario finally said, I don't think I can cum again. He laid back down on his back and I got between his legs. Licking and sucking his cock and balls. Then I lifted his legs and went back to eating his asshole. Mario began to stroke his cock fast and furiously as I licked and worshiped his asshole and balls. Finally he began to groan. I looked up and saw another nice sized load of cum dripping down his rock hard cock. I licked up his cum. Then took his cockhead into my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his cum. By now, we were both exhausted. Mario showered as I dressed. We kissed goodbye and vowed to meet up again on my next trip to London in a month or so. I wanted to keep what cum was still inside, inside me for as long as I could. I put my briefs back on as I spent the rest of the evening watching tv. Occasionally feeling cum drip from my ass. My briefs got sopping wet as cum continued to drip from my hole. Finally, about 3 hours later, that "urge", finally happened and I had to expel the remaining loads of cum in me. Seeing the huge load that had been deposited into the toilet bowl was amazing. Both guys had obviously dropped some huge loads into me.
  18. I'll be in London this weekend. I'm a bb bottom, wanting to take all loads. Can host at my hotel near the High St. Kensington Underground Station. Or travel in the general area. I'll be in town Fri till Mon. Sunday night, 5 Feb. works best for me. But, I may be open for hookups at other times.
  19. 14th & 15th January

    Hi In London this coming weekend and looking for holes to fuck. Any takers?
  20. I was in London last weekend and I received a message through Growlr from a nearby guy who wanted to come to my hotel room to fuck me, but he said he would only top raw. If that was a deal breaker, it was a deal breaker. But no condoms. I messaged him back that I also preferred raw. That was all he needed to hear; he definitely wanted to come over to seed me. I responded, giving him my room number and hotel, but told him to give me 40 minutes to douche and shower. He knocked at my hotel room door in 35 minutes. I opened my door to find an extremely handsome, 40 year old, Italian guy with dark, curly hair and a day's growth of stubble on his chin. I let him into my room, locked the door, and he immediately began to kiss me. I undressed him as we kissed, then we both fell naked on the bed. I worked my way to his cock and sucked on him until he was fully hard. Then I lifted his legs, rimming his asshole. He then took command, flipped me over, positioned me on my knees, knelt behind me and put his hard cock against my hole. I reached for the lube and poppers that I had next to the bed on the night stand, giving him the lube, as I took a deep breath of poppers. He then asked to use my poppers. Once I was lubed, he slid up into me. All seven uncut inches of his Italian dick quickly slid up into me. He slammed and pounded my ass for about ten minutes before he finally filled me with his hot load. After he came, we lay next to each other and kissed. About two hours later, he messaged me again. He said he had been chatting with someone online, and he wanted to bring the guy over to watch him fuck me, after which my Italian buddy said he wanted to fuck me again. "I'm up for it," I replied, "come on over." He messaged me back in a few minutes, to say they would be at my room in twenty minutes. Unfortunately, when my Italian friend showed up, he said his internet hookup had no-showed, but he wanted to fuck me again. This time, I straddled him and took his cock into my ass as I leaned forward and kissed him. We fucked this way for about five minutes, then he flipped me on my back and fucked me like that for another ten minutes. Then back on my knees, until he finally planted his second load into my ass. I slept that night with both his loads in my hole, awakening in the morning to find the hotel sheets covered with his cum that had drained from my ass as I slept. I'll be back at the same hotel this weekend. He's supposed to be arranging to bring some of his top buddies to seed my hole. I'll keep you posted if it happens.
  21. BB Bottom will be at a hotel in Kensington, this Sunday night, Dec. 10th, 2016. Not far from the High Street Kensington Underground Station. Looking for hung bb tops to come seed my hole. I'll be ass up in my dark room. Taking any and all raw loads. Send your email, KIK or Whatsapp contact info for an invite. Black bbc, Arab and XXL cocks are especially welcomed. But all hard cocks are desired. I'm looking to do this group fuck on Sunday night. But, might also be able to meet on Monday. My email is: vegasfun56@hotmail.com KIK: travelingbi Let's fuck. I want your load in me. Dave
  22. Just finalising details but shoud be able to post them tomorrow so if anyone is looking for a *huge* lovely double room in a period Edwardian terrace in SW2 Streatham Hill... available fairly immediately ... please follow this topic or comment and you should get the updated details.
  23. Looking to take and give some loads today,need warming up in the cold weather,any takers. 🙂
  24. Cum Dump Map

    As part of the redesign they've introduced a cum dump map see https://breeding.zone/membermap/ guess it's to help us spot people locally and help hook ups.... if that's your thing than go there and add a marker. Very sparsely populated at the moment, I've done a post in the UK group - there's bound to be loads of us in London..... could we get the most number of queer flags on the map? :-P Spencer
  25. Cum dump map

    As part of the redesign they've introduced a cum dump map see https://breeding.zone/membermap/ guess it's to help us spot people locally and help hook ups.... if that's your thing than go there and add a marker. Very sparsely populated at the moment, could we get the most number of queer flags on the map? :-P Spencer

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