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Found 14 results

  1. So I might be moving to Canada soon and one worry I have is my meds. I am poz and I can probably get some meds locally for at least 6 months to help cover me for a bit when I finally move to Canada. But I'm worried about after that. I don't know how the health care system works and reading around online made me worry about the costs. Right now, I am paying as little as 2 USD per bottle which lasts 30 days. Thing is, when I move to Canada, I will be starting from scratch with no place to live, no job, no one I know around. I will firstly work on getting my own place to rent then focus on job hunting. I heard healthcare is free but I am not sure how that works. Anyone here who can help me out? Maybe explain how things are for new permanent residents? Where would be a good place to get checked with an ID specialist to get my meds covered as soon as I can? How health care system works and how I could get free meds or at least pay less? Anyone wanna show me the ropes and be friends while I'm at it too? Would be great to find someone to talk to when I get to Canada. I'm targeting Toronto but I'm still open on that front. Hope to hear from you guys and I appreciate the help.
  2. Not on meds

    Yesterday my Daddy ordered,when i ll be poz he want that i dont do meds.He want his Sissy Slut fertile. I will obey and be proud to be his Slut. kisses Bobbi
  3. The quick version: Long term boyfriend is Poz undetectable, I was negative as of testing last fall, we've always played bare. Not a bug catcher, want to stay negative as long as I can, but also not willing to give up bare sex to keep it that way. Basically I accept the associated risks involved with our behavior. Recently his viral count came back as too high to be considered undetectable and it's really done a number on his libido and self esteem. He's missed his Meds frequently the past few months due to exhaustion and stress messing with his body chemistry. He's also weary of penetrating me now, which is very frustrating as I don't allow condoms. How can I get his groove back and show him his status is not something that I define him by, but not come across as a chaser either? (First real post too btw, love the forums here. Keep up the outstanding work gents!) (It's friday, have a big cock)
  4. Hey guys. Today has been a great day as I've finally been put on meds to treat my HIV. I have been talking to a few guys on here and they were wondering about my treatment so I look forward to being undetectable very soon. The medication I've been put on is Eviplera. Is there anyone on this medication? If so, how are you finding it? I'm going to take my first tablet after dinner, which will be very significant for me as it's the first real step to getting back to being myself again. So let me know if you've been on it, I'l be sure to keep people who havent started treatment yet updated on what it's like.
  5. What is your current HIV Status?
  6. Has anyone looked into Obamacare and HIV? I'm still on my parents insurance and untested, i'll need my own insurance soon. none of the information on the web is very clear. i was wondering if anyone has investigated it and what you think.
  7. Hey guys, I'm moving to London next week for work and I'd love to have nice raw top buddies to fill me on a regular basis. Also, I'm on my meds regime here in Spain and I am curious about how it works in the UK. Anyone can recommend me a good doctor there to keep my treatment? Thanks in advance!
  8. My Doc want to start med treatment asap, he told me my VL is not high and that I could wait, but he likes to start early. My poz master has been poz for years, never taken meds and while he has a high vl it has remain stable for many many years. He is against meds and doesnt want me to start treatment, at least not so soon. Some of his other slaves are doing fine without meds, while 3 of them had serious complications in less that a year with really bad consequences, but he tells me only 3 guys of the many guys he has been master. Should I start treatment and quit my relationship with my master or should I stay a bit longer without meds as he orders?
  9. I liked oral and anal both. The differences gave me variety not to menion that even with oral I could either put my hips to work driving my cock in someone's mouth the way we men fuck any other cunts or I could just simply kick back reading or watching porn, making out with a buddy, getting a blumpkin including when getting rimmed or just laying there while the cocksucker does the work. I still enjoyed a good blowjob as much as I liked pounding a load up an ass but when I was using a neg bottom I preferred to fuck his ass because pozzing a cocksucker was considered near impossible unless the cuntmouth had open sores in the mouth. I finally did get to pozz someone through the mouth. Phil was a slacker at the plant. In his early twenties he was less masculine than the rest of us men but at least he wasnt overtly effeminate. His wife was considered a good lay by some of the men she'd cheated on him with. Being mostly gay with my cut dick I preferred a good tight ass as well as the superior cocksucking skills of many of the gay and bi bottoms and versatiles I had at my disposal. I myself was a normal virile large man in my early forties with shorter hair, glasses, beard, nails clipped to the quick, seven and a half cut inches, size 12 feet and a libido rivaling that of an average college jock. I had to work Phil's shift several times over three years due to my bad luck with our work schedules. His latest was because he had his wisdom teeth pulled, all four at once. While I was doing his work at straight time he was kicking back on painkillers the two days he was off. Having to double back with just six hours of rest was a bitch. I decided that I would pay him back somehow even though he would be out for a few weeks after he caught the AIDS flu after I knocked him up. He was a bisexual who limited his ass to a couple of men he knew were neg but was blowing several of us. I was one of three or four poz men at the plant including the little quiff in the front office I'd had fun pozzing the year before. I think he was a bug-chaser. It was a funny circumstance when I had my landmark piece of Phil's mouth. He had shown up at the plant as I was finishing my second double shift. I kept my anger in check as he greeted me, apologized for the hardship he'd caused me and offered to drop me off at home and take me to work so I wouldnt have to ride my hog which would remain locked up in the employee lot's motorcycle area overnight. "How's your mouth feeling?" I asked as we headed to the locker room after I punched out. "Doing fine. The stitches come out of my gums in a week or two. I bet I could suck." he replied. I grinned and absentmindedly rubbed my crotch. We shot the shit on the way over to my place and he said his wife was at a hen party and his kid was at a school dance. He wouldnt be missed for a while. I let us in, got some beers out of the fridge, handed him one, saying, "Here, have a beer." We shot the shit while swilling a couple of beers and I occasionally rubbed my crotch and then reached into my pants to adjust my growing member which by then was slimy with precum. "I sure can use a good blow. You game?" I said, unzipping my trousers, lowering my shorts and freeing my meat. "I think I can take care of that." he replied, the two beers having their desired effect. I myself had drank half a beer, saving the rest until after the blowjob. I stripped in my bedroom and he did likewise. I liked the contrast between my stout hairy body and his comparitively hairless slender form. I spat on my hand and rubbed the spit onto my dick shaft while leaving the layer of precum on my glans. I knew that spit and precum also carried the virus and I needed to maximize my chances of feeding him my gift in order to get a better feeling orgasm in his mouth. I had always had better more intensely pleasurable orgasms when I knocked up a neg than when I fucked a poz, which was good enough, like my neg days when I fucked ass, but shooting my dirty cum into a clean hole gave me and my prick the added thrill of fucking up someone as well as fucking him. Laying on my back, I held my dick up for him. He bent over me and took it into his mouth. He sucked and hummed in delight at sucking my cock. He then settled into a good rythym, as he had his first week at the plant those three years before when I was neg. I was feeling good as the combination of his spit on my dick and my crotch odor from two days of sweating without having time to take a shower filled the room. I think the smells turned him on as well, judging from how he was enjoying sucking my cock. Phil fellated me for about fifteen minutes, my dick still pumping out precum all the while, the juices filling his gums from the sites of his extractions. My dick was rock hard as he pleased it with his mouth, oblivious of the fact that even then I was knocking him up through his mouth with my virus-laden precum as he worked to make my dick feel good while I lay there enjoying pozzing him with no effort on my part. He knew when to increase his pace, bobbing his head on my pick faster taking full strokes, my glans moving from his lips to his throat with each stroke of his head. He was working up a sweat although nowhere near the sweating I had done on those double shifts. I was getting close to cumming, still enjoying how good my dick felt in his talented cunt of a mouth. I didnt warn him of my pending ejaculation lest he suddenly realize my jizz could enter him through his gums and decide to abort the blowjob. I controlled my tensing up as I sometimes did before ejaculating and he kept sucking. After a couple more minutes of sexual pleasure I erupted in what was my best feeling oral orgasm, shooting my poz-carrying spunk off inside his mouth. I was euphoric as my jizz shot forth from my hard excited penis into his man-pleasing mouth. He paused a moment but I said, "Keep sucking." which he did. I then held his head and thrust for a while to better circulate my cum into his gums before releasing his head slightly a couple of minutes later so he could swallow it. Like all good cocksuckers he let very little leak out between his lips and my shaft so virtually all my cum remained in his mouth carrying my virus into him via those sewn-up holes in his gums. "Man that feels so good. I think you redeemed yourself." I said and thrust again before letting go of his head. He sucked off of my cock and replied, "Glad to help. I was hoping I could suck a dick. My asshole buddy stood me up so at least I get a load this way." I had planned to have him suck my cock when he returned to work and worried that he may have sucked a neg man or two and then declined my offer to let him suck mine if his mouth got tired or his gums started hurting. This way was much better because I got him slightly buzzed as well as got to him earlier before his gums' healing process got into full stride. I would have liked to top it off by giving him a drink of my warm beer on tap but I had heard that piss was relatively "clean" compared to spit, precum and cum and would also wash my remaining cum from his mouth. "Suck it some more." I told him. He did even though he was a bit tired from getting my first load. This way he could suck any remaining jizz from my prick which had began softening. My spent dick still felt good as he sucked on it. I myself felt good knowing that a few more HIV-carrying sperm cells were going into his compromised mouth. A few minutes later he sucked off of my cock and kissed it and my balls. He looked at his watch and said, "I have to get home Jim. Thanks for letting me suck your cock. I''ll see ya tomorrow when I pick you up." and kissed the tip of my now resting cock. He got dressed, I made the next day's lunch while warming up dunner, ate and then hit the hay. Phil picked me up as promised and mentioned that his gums back there seemed to tingle. I suppressed a grin, wondering if it could have been caused by my viral jizz. Two weeks later he caught the "HIV-flu" and again I had to work his shift but this time it was only once because personnel worked other guys into it because his doctor said it would be at least a couple of weeks before he could return to work. His doctor tested him and he came up positive. My job was done. My dick felt good and I felt great. A day later I had my first piece of his ass as a victory fuck. His ass was nice and tight, as good a cunt as his mouth, mainly because he had limited giving it to the two or three men he knew were negative. Several guys in the know, both poz and neg, congratulated me on pozzing Phil including three men who hugged and passionately french kissed me. At least one of the men who kissed me was still neg but he liked my superior manliness. I also got a few blowjobs, rimjobs and oral foot massages from almost half a dozen bottoms and versatiles including two neg guys. I also fucked a couple of poz assholes and a neg fella offered his ass to me which I accepted and threw a great feeling fuck into, knocking him up. I also began fucking Phil's nice tight ass now that he no longer needed to worry about getting pozzed anally but the neg men who fucked him moved on to new neg holes. Phil recovered from that initial flu and went through a less than pleasant divorce. He later became the "wife' of a large bear type buddy of mine who was poz. My oral foot fetish bottom friend had said Phil wasnt worth the dirt he licked from under my toenails but after the pozzing Phil seemed more humble, respectful and easier to get along with. Over the next two decades I screwed his ass half a dozen times a year as well as availed myself of his oral talents. Phil, like many other poz guys, wasnt as diligent on his meds as I was and lived only to his mid to late forties, whereas I was in my sixties and still decently healthy, when he lost his battle. His last physical contact with me was kissing my cock and balls. A buddy hugged me, kissed me, praised my studmanship and told me, "You didnt kill him. He would have caught it sooner or later and he fucked off on his meds so dont feel like you offed him or anything." and kissed me again while caressing my cock through my pants and asked me to let him suck it, which I did. I would always remember my excitement and sexual pleasure as well as how really good my dick and I felt proving my virility and manhood by simply laying there relaxing pozzing an asshole through his mouth while he did all the work and I got all the glory.
  10. I was currently detected HIV+ and I'm taking truvada and efavirenz, I was wondering if I can still do other drugs with these meds or not, like mdma/extasy or coke does anyone know?
  11. So I have a guy who has asked me to go off my meds to convert him.... im TORN the scene sounds very hot and piggy, But i don't want to risk my health, any body had this happen? Part of me says fuck it i will take a drug holiday. The other part is say u only have one body dont fuck it up.
  12. Question for my POZ brothers... What is being on meds like? I've mostly heard negative things -- are they all true? For example, Are they expensive? (for U.S. readers) Do you think "Obamacare" will reduce the cost of HIV treatment? Are the side effects really that bad? Is it true that meds, not HIV/AIDS itself, is what gives you "the look"? Are guys that are strict about taking their meds more likely to have "the look"? Did you have to experiment with a lot of different meds to find the one you like? Do you take a cocktail of meds each day, or one pill with various NRTIs in it? How are the 1990s meds (AZT, etc.) different from what we have now? Let's say someone doesn't know that you're POZ and asks what all those pill bottles are for - do you lie or tell the truth? Do you ever take a meds vacation to get your VL higher when you're going to poz up a NEG? Will meds make me not as horny to recharge and keep spreading The Gift? I take Xanax every day, and I know that I keep getting tolerant to it and have to take more and more. Does the same thing happen with meds?
  13. My buddy dirty nails Jim had successfully pozzed an asshole that others couldnt. Those dirty nails of his came in handy when he had to jab the asshole's ass cheeks to keep him still. I was built like Jim in that I was his height, weight and age, husky, wore similar glasses and had the same size dick he had including cut like him. My difference was I sported a crewcut with big baldspot and receding hairline to his shoulder length hair, shorter beard and kept my nails bitten to the nubs whereas Jim clipped his straight across every couple of weeks or so and he never cleaned them. A week after Jim pozzed the asshole we pozz studs were at a bar, including some of us who were at the rented apartment where Jim pozzed the 'hole. A little fairy was swishing around near the jukebox. "Who's the little fella?" I asked Jim. "That's Bobbie." he answered. "He poz or neg?" I asked. "She's neg but chasing. She wants a masculine man not a fellow twink to knock her up." my buddy answered. "You try him?" I asked. "That bitch took one look at my hair and hands and swished off. She needs to be bred." he replied. "I'm gonna try to score that piece of ass." I said, getting off my stool. He kissed me and said, "Good luck stud." as I then headed over to the fairy. I went over to the fella and asked him if he was cruising. He looked up to me and asked me if I was poz. I said yes. That was the magic word and soon we were in his pad stripping in his bedroom. I wanted him to give my tired feet that had sweated in my workboots all day some oral service but I knew most pansies werent into giving oral foot service, especially to sweaty smelly feet of fat men twice his age of twenty. I did start things off by having him kiss my weapon, and its "magazine" which was my scrotum, and suck my dick hard. He was quite talented for a small guy, taking most of my cut 7" in his mouth. He did gag when I thrust a couple of times. After enjoying him sucking on my dick and having him inhale my crotch odors that I enjoy putting to cuntmouths I had him lay on his stomach on his bed. I greased up because I knew he had only recently given up his ass cherry and hadnt been fucked by someone as thick as I was. I put just enough grease on my dick to facilitate penetration and keep my dick comfortable while I shredded his hole and pumped my load of HIV into it. I spat on his asshole, mounted him, put my dick to his hole and let my weight drive it home as he winced and let out a squeak like shriek. I liked how tight his hole was around my loggerhead and that he took it without screaming like some assholes did when I rammed it in with a fat-shaking snap of my hips although I didnt snap-ram it up him. After flexing my hilted love muscle in his ass I began fucking him. I was in no hurry because I wanted to spend some time enjoying tearing up his rectum inside before I pumped my dirty sperms into him. Unlike Jim I didnt have the option of jamming a finger up his ass to cut him up inside with a jagged nail like he could. Fifteen minutes after I started fucking him he seemed to be taking it better. I corkscrewed my hips at various depths to further fuck up his insides, then resumed fucking him. I then fucked faster and harder enjoying how good my dick felt in him. The little fella took it like a champ and I could tell he was enjoying getting fucked as my love shaft pistoned in his passion pit. Soon my pelvis was occassionally slapping his ass as I increased my pace. I pile-drove his ass, increasing the heat and friction between my meat and his love-tunnel, getting closer to getting my rocks off in it. I then slowed and pumped slowly as the lube finished wearing off. This allowed me to further rip his insides with my dick, giving me more time to do a better job tearing up his twat. A few minutes later I was ready for the kill. I sped up my fucking until my fat was jiggling and rippling as I jackhammered his hole, getting close. A minute later I began ejaculating in him while pounding him with snaps of my hips driving my dick into him and driving my poison-carrying sperms into his rectal walls. My prick pulsed with such pleasure knowing I was injecting my dirty AIDS into him, knowing how miserable his life would be once my nasty virus took hold and destroyed his immune system, especially if he shirked his meds. The good feeling my dick felt seemed amplified the way it had when I pozzed the last hole as I let my powerful loins take over repeatedly slamming my dick in him driving the little fairy into the bed, my pelvis slapping his ass on every rebound, driving my disease into his system, until I was spent. I rested on the poof's back catching my breath, my love-shaft buried in him as my sperms performed their mission carrying their deadly cargo into his bloodstream. I thrust from time to time enjoying how good my dick felt with each thrust as I enjoyed the afterfuck. "Well,you are fucked now. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did." I said after catching my breath as some sweat rolled off me onto him. "You're the best stud ever!" he gushed, thanking me for the great manly fuck I'd pounded into him. I corkscrewed my hips to stir the load and force more into his battered rectal walls, then hip-snapped a few more times before my prick began softening. I then pulled out and it seemed my softening dick was still throbbing alittle as I dismounted and stood up. Even in the muted light coming in the window I could see the pink froth on my dick with just a few streaks of brown. Some was coming out of his hole as well. I grinned to myself knowing that if I didnt knock that asshole up noone could. Bobbie finally got up. I saw the cum on his bed. I figured he would be turned on by getting fucked by me and sure enough he was. "OK Bobbie, show your appreciation for this good fuck I put to you, suck my dick clean." I told him. He sat on the side of the bed, took my dirty cock in his mouth and sucked it clean, sucked off of it and licked and sucked around the part he couldnt get into his mouth including into my pubes, then he kissed it and my sweaty scrotum. He then hugged my pelvis and sucked my dick back into his mouth and hummed before sucking off of it again. "Thank you stud. You made this little guy's dream cum true!" he gushed and kissed my deadly dick again. "You'll know for sure in a few weeks but I'm dead sure I infected you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it to you." I replied. "Now that I'm part of your community I think I will." he said and kissed my dick again. I needed to piss so I told him to get in the tub. I aimed my piss-cannon at his open mouth and relieved myself in his mouth getting most of it in as he swallowed what he could before I pulled out to finish by dousing his face and hair. I then returned to the bedroom and got dressed. "Enjoy your gift." I said as I finished tying my shoes and stood up. He didnt really say much as I headed to the front door. I had done my part, he had done his part so my sexual needs were satisfied. His were too. The next few nights I saw him swishing around in the bar and sucking various cocks in the mensroom and the alley behind the bar, then he didnt show up. He did return a month later looking much as I had felt and looked after my pozzing which had resulted due to a cocksucker's errant teeth on my dick immediately followed by fucking an ass full of poz cum. My friends and I had a little fuck party but Bobbie couldnt make it so I fucked one of my versatile poz friends up his ass and in his mouth instead of Bobbie who later did rim me and sucked me off. I kept to my strict regimen of meds over the years but as predicted Bobbie skipped a few times and went a week without taking them a few years later. He paid for it. I always enjoyed fucking asses and mouths but pumping my virus into an aids virgin just about doubled that great feeling my dick enjoyed when I fucked and came in the neg assholes. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Seems many poz gift-giver Tops have more sexual enjoyment and better orgasms when pozzing a neg. asshole and many bug-chasers enjoy getting pozzed by the right studs
  14. Poz, Not on Meds

    This is a question for all the Poz guys out there that are not on meds. I'm sure all of you have your own reasons for why you aren't taking meds, I'm just curious what they are. Definitely not judging at all, I am just trying to better understand the thought process for a poz guy that defiantly does not take any medication to increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life. Please chime in and tell me your story.

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