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Found 1 result

  1. CHAPTER 1 My brother-in-law (Devon) is a dick plain and simple. I despise him for how he treats my sister; well, for that matter, how he treats everyone. His haughtiness is unbelievable. His sneering remarks are abundant to excess. But, he is whom my sister chose to marry. So bet it. Had he been my choice no doubt he would need dentures to eat; but, he isn’t and wasn’t my choice. One topic I will say in his favour: He was a stud of a man—a man’s man. Devon was packed in his clothes and wore them well. He stood 6 feet tall; weighed 160 pounds; worked out at a health club; had dark brown hair all over his arms, hands, legs, feet, and chest; had dark brown eyes; had a manly mound of a butt; and had an impressive bulge down his left thigh. His feet were big as were his hands. He had a super nice overall package, but a personality that ruined it all. When they announced my sister was pregnant, everyone was happy for her. It was obvious that he was only a sperm donor as far as my family was concerned. And, it was obvious. The pregnancy had its issues. My sister was ill all the time. That illness was what sent her to her physician immediately, thus, finding out very early about the pregnancy. My brother-in-law was going to have to go without sex for about eight months. Well, a good fuck buddy of mine called me up a couple of weeks later, and we made plans to go to our favourite adult book store. My buddy (Brad) had finally pozzed me about a year ago. He talked me into not going on meds. We spent all the time that we could at bath houses, sex parties, adult book stores, and cruising parks. Brad loved to watch me get fucked. He always added his load to my ass whenever we called it a night. We had arrived at ABS and had been there about 20 minutes when I looked up and saw my brother-in-law coming in the peeps section. I grabbed Brad and pulled him into a booth that had a glory hole. I quickly told him why I had dragged him in the booth and that I would have to stay there until Devon left. Just as I finished telling Brad, the door to the booth next to us opened and closed. We heard the lock engaged, tokens dropped, and the movies begin rolling through. Carefully, I peered through only to discover Devon. I thought I would have fun with Devon and began to finger the glory hole. I was quietly chuckling as I knew Devon didn’t know what my finger meant. Brad kept playfully slapping on me as he snickered. I was looking up at Brad when he stopped. His eyes widened and mouth gaped. He pointed toward the wall. I turned to see a hard cock hesitantly being pushed through the hole. I was stunned. I stared a few seconds before my senses returned. My mouth wrapped around Devon’s cut 9 thick inches as I swallowed down to the pubes. I went to work on my brother-in-law to see just what he had. Devon kept a steady in and out going. I could hear his balls hit the wall with a good “thud” on each in stroke. My jaws began to ache a bit but I held steady. As if Devon knew about my jaws, he began to pick up his pace. Very soon, he was fucking my mouth like a pro. Brad and I heard a deep rumble of a growl that grew until at last I felt Devon’s cock hit the back of my throat where it began to spew huge globs of his ball juice. The barrage lasted several minutes after which Devon slid his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it in his pants. Instead of leaving as I expected, a short time passed when a piece of paper appeared at the hole. I took it and stood up. Brad and I read the note. I was dumbstruck. Devon was offering me the opportunity to suck him again at his home. The bastard! He was going to have a man over to his house to suck him while my sister—his wife—was pregnant! No doubt he would have to get her out of the house long enough. The bastard! Brad grabbed the note and wrote a reply. Brad agreed for me but the meeting would take place at “my” apartment—I learned later meaning Brad’s apartment. Devon was to come alone on Friday night at 9:00 sharp. Devon agreed, and Brad provided his address and phone number to cancel if he needed to. After Devon left, Brad told me that Devon knew my apartment but did not know Brad’s. Devon would have me in Brad’s bed room in the dark and a hood on. Devon would never recognize me. Brad said we should see how long we could lure Devon astray. I looked at Brad in awe at his quick wittedness and began laughing. Friday arrived and everything went just as Brad had outlined. Brad explained that I had a fetish and liked to wear a hood. Brad also explained that he was a good friend of mine who was there for support. Devon was a bit leery but finally okay with that. I did a repeat of my role at the book store. Brad gave Devon an okay that he could stop by if he wanted my services again but to call first to be sure. After he left, Brad was sure Devon would become a regular. Indeed, he did, and at each meeting I never spoke a word. For almost two months, Devon stopped by 2 to 3 times a week to get his cock serviced by me. It was then that Brad wanted to up the ante. Then, when Devon arrived one night, Brad offered to rim Devon. Brad became somewhat arbitrary and told Devon that he could have his ass eaten or his visits would be over. Devon was very agitated demanding to know why the change. Brad explained he was a world class ass eater and liked practicing what he was so good at doing. Devon finally agreed but was pissed. Brad rimmed and ate Devon’s ass like a pro each visit for the next month and a half. It was obvious that Devon was enjoying his ass worked on with each visit. Moans were now being made as well as him stopping in mid-stroke to reach behind to pull his cheeks wider apart. Brad upped the game once more and began fingering Devon. More moans as well as his body shivering in erotic vibrations. Brad was pacing Devon’s downfall. By the fourth month of our little deception, Devon had grown to enjoy having his cock sucked at the same time as his ass being worked over. It was patently obvious that Devon was enjoying himself. Then, as Devon was dressing to leave, he stopped and asked if I would be willing to let him fuck me. Brad looked at me and told him that would be okay. I was very prepared the next time Devon showed up. I sucked his cock for several minutes edging him as Brad worked feverishly on Devon’s ass. It was clear that Devon was in a high state of arousal. Brad stood up and moved to our sides. He pulled me off Devon’s cock and had me to climb on the bed with my ass hanging over. All the while, Brad was slowly jacking Devon’s cock keeping him aroused. Brad also was telling Devon that fucking my ass was going to be like sliding into warm silk. Brad told Devon that he needed to concentrate on looking at my hole as it puckered and winked. He kept saying that was me showing how ready I was to be fucked. Brad had his mouth up to Devon’s ear and was whispering everything. Devon was hypnotized as Brad slowly and methodically moved Devon into position with his piss slit at my opening. Devon never mentioned needing a condom. I held my breath as Brad coaxed and urged Devon to move his cock closer to my hole. Brad gently pushed Devon closer until at last his piss slit touched my hole. Devon sighed deeply at the contact. Brad spoke faster about how warm the inside would feel once Devon slid his cock in my ass. Devon looked to be in a haze Brad told me later but finally grasped my legs and pushed gently then more firmly until the head of his cock popped inside my sphincter. I moaned in such erotic agony at watching the scene play out as well as feeling my brother-in-law entering my ass. Devon then shoved his bloated cock all the way inside my screaming ass and began to pound me. Brad stood by Devon and fed him words of encouragement telling him he was doing great and to fuck my ass harder. He talked about how hot my ass felt on his cock and how tight my ring was encircling his cock. More and more Brad kept up his salacious words of encouragement to Devon. I knew they were having an effect on Devon because by this time he was pounding my ass knocking me away from him. Brad told him to grab my legs and to pull me closer so that he, Devon, could fuck my ass harder and deeper. Devon did so, and by this time, he was drenched in sweat. His cock had swollen to an unbelievable size. Later I thought about that and realized that Devon was absolutely turned on to fucking another man. I would dwell on that thought many times. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Devon screamed thrusting inside me as he unleashed a torrent of cum. I saw through my eye slits in the mask that his eyes were wildly open, and he began having trouble breathing. He pumped a huge amount of cum in me. After many minutes, his grip on me lessened. Slowly, his spent cock slid out of my ass. Devon was shaking. He backed away from me and sank down onto the floor where he heaved trying to get his breathing under control. Brad gently helped Devon back onto his feet. He did up his clothing and left with a promise to return. He wanted to fuck again.

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