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Found 7 results

  1. Bearing in mind how hard it is to achieve fresh sloppy seconds, have you ever been so desperate to get it that you've asked the woman to produce an already filled condom from another man and pour the contents over you, squeeze it up herself or put the rubber on you so it splits when you go inside her? Not ideal, but sloppy seconds nonetheless and no more risky than the real thing?
  2. I fantasise about posting this reverse booking request on Adultwork: Anonymous Bareback I want to fuck your pussy bare, and have neither of us know anything about each other. I won't look at your profile. I just come to your address, someone else lets me in. I give them the money we agreed. I undress, get myself hard, and then am led to your bed in a darkened room. You are naked, and can't see me either. We don't talk. I feel my way to your body, find your wet pussy (you've been playing with yourself), and start fucking you bare immediately, french kissing intensely. When we're finished, I leave the room, clean, dress and go home. We never see each other, don't talk, know nothing about each other apart from intense, raw sex. Will pay extra if you're already full of cum when I start. The only exception to the no-talking rule is that if you've already got a load of cum inside you, once I'm fucking you, you whisper in my ear where the load(s) came from. Other than the pussy full of cum (and any sex-related sweat from that), you will be clean and showered, and so will I. If you do this the first time we meet, I'll become a regular, and get to know you better.
  3. Breeding A CUMDUMP

    This happened last week when I was in NJ for business. I had been horny all day and my cock kept getting hard. I was busy with a work meeting but I was having trouble ignoring the growing lump in my pants. After I was back at my hotel I started to search for some hot ass to breed on BBRTS. I came across a cumdump ad from a guy that was taking loads a few miles from where I was staying. He was in a local Adult theater and was taking loads. I sent him an email and asked if he'd like some additional loads. He sent me a message that he was taking some loads from 3 cocks and as soon as he was done he was happy to come over and take mine. Sure enough, about an hour later he arrives. Hot guy late 30's 5'10" hairy chest and ass, and a wet hole. We started kissing and he got down sucking me hard. I couldn't wait any longer and pushed him on the bed on his back with his legs in the air. I sank my cock deep in that hot wet hole. OMG it felt so good with the other loads inside. I fucked his hole hard for a short time before my first load shot out of my balls and into his ass! "don't you dare pull out" he said. DUH I had no intention as I pushed further inside to let him feel my cock explode. He stayed with me for several hours and over that time I fucked him and seeded his ass several more times. I'm lucky, my dick isn't huge but its kinda thick and I can cum mutiple times. He was a greedy cumdump and took everything I had. Honestly I was spent and very happy. He left my hotel room about 4am with a very happy wet dripping hole! I want more! I love it and am addicted to breeding hot ass!!
  4. Been awhile since my last post. Life has been busy, but yesterday was much fun. I work at home and yesterday so was the boyfriend. The work day was close to ending, and as I hadn't heard off my fella for a good hour or so, I went downstairs expecting to find him watching TV or preparing dinner. Instead when I walked into our play-room I found my regular cumdump fuck buddy in the sling and my fella balls-deep in his ass, smiling at me! All I got from him was "Glad your here now as I can't hold off cumming any longer," and with that he let of a roar and filled my fuck buddy's hole with a massive load! I didn't need to be asked twice. Giving each of them a kiss on the lips, I dropped pants and slid straight in and proceeded to fuck the load out of both my balls and my fuck buddy. I was so horned up I lasted all of ten minutes before breeding my fuck buddy. Turned out they had been planning this all week as they both knew I would love it, so now it looks like my fella and I are to regularly fill my fuck buddy as a couple, and perhaps occasionally invite a few of our other mates to enjoy his hole! Later on that evening, my fella, who was still horny, pounded the living daylights out of my ass. Tomorrow we have another buddy who is going to stop over, and both of them will tag me. I do love my fella. He's pure filth!
  5. Just fucked a guy. Found out afterwards that there was HVL cum in his ass. Anybody know my risk?
  6. Risk Sloppy Seconds

    Hi, I started on PrEP a week ago so I hope to start freely barebacking soon. I used to only top as I don't like to use condoms and a top has less risks of getting infected, but as that limit is being taken away, I hope to start getting fucked and take loads as much as give them. Now I've got a question about the risk for my partner who's not on PrEP. How much risk is there for a neg top when he bare fucks a bottom who has already poz loads in his ass from earlier hook-ups? As I love sloppy seconds and hope to do that a lot now, I'd like to know the risk for the other guys. For safe only guys it's easier to loose the condom when they have sex with a guy on PrEP so I don't want to give my sex partners a false feeling of security by accidentally infecting them thrpugh sloppy seconds. Thank you in advance for your response! Ps. Love hearing your stories on sloppy seconds (and thirds ect.) as well!
  7. I will be in the Cheshire Motor Inn off Cheshire Bridge Rd. be arriving Thursday after 4pm. I will be hosting all day and nite in my room. I will be in the back bulding. I will ahve my lights out and porn playing Will be total nude and ass lubed and very clean and taking all. TOPS need to be 18 to 55 yr old Race not important so if you want to cum by and plow a tight clean smoth bubble but then cum by and use me and fill me as you like. Bring any buds you like or send them by. Love Tag teams groups and more. into oral jo foreplay kissing and more. I will post my room# when i arrive. LOve total anoymous cum by dump ur load and go. Also into PNP but i will not have anything but poppers

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