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perv/taboo chat

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twink with no limits or morals. the nastier and more fucked up the better. super into taboo stuff... nothing is off limits ;-) wicker: whynot123321

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6 hours ago, Archer21 said:

Hi 20m bi, looking for extreme taboos especially young, the more extreme or kinky the better wickr Archer21

Archer21 not found on Wickr.

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I'm in hundred percent with TheBreeder and straycowboy on this one. If only I had the chance to experience it with either of them. Grr

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5 hours ago, hairybidude said:

Archer21 not found on Wickr.

Sorry had to change it to everyone its now Fullpd , to anyone who didn't see it I'm looking for taboo/young the more extreme the better 

Edited by Archer21
Got something wrong

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11 hours ago, familyking said:

Filthy perv. Raised in the family way. Kik is familyadventur

Do you have a wickr id?

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Wickr is NJDevil

Into discussion of the most perverse with no limits.  Bi, Gay, T all okay.  Only contact if wanting a real discussion. 


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4 hours ago, NJDevil said:

Wickr is NJDevil

Into discussion of the most perverse with no limits.  Bi, Gay, T all okay.  Only contact if wanting a real discussion. 

Sorry, the wickr id is njdevil


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I want to hear people's fantasies, it's what gets me off. I'm happy to chat through them when I have time. I can handle most stuff outside of pain, rape, and beast. Boy or girl, both are good.

wickr is milo1818

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    • By jayfox
      (not my story, taken from Squirt.org and written by a former member named Megawogtop)
      I'm a hot lebanese guy with a very big dick. Im a total top: never tasted cock, never had it up my arse and never will. But one thing I do like is the feel of my huge cock as it slides hard down a throat or snaps tight into a manpussy.

      I have three leb mates who feel the same. We regularly roam the beats in Sydney looking for those real sluts that are just asking for rough sex, and let me tell you they aint hard to find. For those yankee fuckers reading this a 'beat' is ozzie for a cruising ground.

      Last night me and a bud hit a very cruisy beat, musta been 'bout 20-25 cars parked so looked like there'd be plenty of action. It was a dark open area of low bushland, plenty of trails to wander looking for cocksuckers. My bud and I seperated as I've found the manpussy tends to scatter if they see two or more guys walking together. I wandered through the bushes checking out the trade. Lotsa young guys, few rough types, few older gents. It was a warm night and as I wandered into a clearing I saw a sight that stirred by meat into action. Lying on a towel just ahead of me was a real goer. Stark naked, face down, legs spread and butt humped into the air, the invite was clear: cum fuck my mancunt, I'm easy. The mancunt was prob early 20's, hairless and the guys back reflected his muscles in the moonlight. He was asking for it!

      I backtracked to find my mate which took a few minutes and told him of the package that awaited. We headed to the spot. Seems the few minutes were enough for the manpussy to be occupied. As we approached we could see the white butt of some guy as it banged into the naked slut's hole. The guy turned and saw us but didnt stop the pumping, he beckoned us over. As if we needed an invite!

      We stood for a minute watching the guys dick going in and out of the naked bitch's arse. He was being done doggy style which gave a great view of his spread mancunt. It was hairless and his cheeks wobbed as they were pounded. I pulled out my monster and got to my knees in front of the plaything. He didnt even stop to think but opened his mouth to take my meat. He started slurping on my head and foreskin. Nice warm mouth, I thought, but I want throat. I grabbed the guy by the back of the head and pushed hard. His head devoured my meat. I just love the feel of tight throat around my cock, and the slick feeling of warm muccus as I coats my meat. I held the fucker's head and pushed hard feeling the tight throat wrap round my shaft. The bitch started to gag so I pulled out, just for a second. Then rammed it back. The little naked muscle slut was a real pro and he took my cock well.His throat felt tight and hot.

      Watching the throat fucking musta been too much for the guy doing the pounding, as the pace quickened, he slapped the bitch's arse twice, moaned and blew his load deep. He pulled out, chucked the 'dom, upped his dacks and was off. He had gotten what he wanted. The arse slapping musta been heard as a few guys were now standing around obviously wanting a free sex show.

      It blows me away how some guys can strip naked and let total strangers do em over in semi public places! But where would we be without 'em eh?
      The bitch was still doggy, and throat massaging my shaft, so he didnt know who was watching, time for my bud to take position at the mancunt end and have some fun.
      The guy moaned as my mate rammed him hard from behind. He probably would have yelped but for the fact that his throat was full.

      My bud and I have tag teamed arse and throat on many occassions so we know the score. Get a good rhythm going. My mate placed his hand on the back of the bitch's head and pushed as I grabbed his hips and pushed them back onto my mate's meat. The sound of muffled gags and crotch slamming into arse is a hot sound that gets me hard. We pounded away at both ends, hard fast and furious. This musta been too much for one of the watching wankers as I heard him moan and dump his load, zip and wander off.

      We pounded throat and mancunt for about five minutes, then decided it was time for a flip flop.

      We swapped places and I when to town on the hairless crack that wiggled in front of me. One thing I like about sphincter is that despite a relentless pounding, it can still stay tight, hot and firm, especially when you find an expert bottom who knows how to massage a cock with his arse. And this bitch was one of those experts.
      I rammed that arse as hard as I could right to the balls and the groans and moans of the naked guys got me hotter and hotter. No starting slowly for me. I love the feeling of ramming in hard first go then pounding relentlessly.

      By now we had about 7 bystanders each wanking and watching. They were standing close now getting a good view of my meat as it rapepounded that hole. One guy blew and splattered the back of the the bitch as we spitroasted him. With a mouthful of my mate's cock I still could hear the moan of pleasure from him.
      My bud said to me in lebansese that he was close. I pushed the back of the bitch's head to make him throat deeper and my mate threw his head back and moaned in pure pleasure. I increased the pounding of the sphincter.

      The thought of my mate blowing deep in this guy's throat brought me close to the edge, as as he blew I had to let my load go too. Six hard sharp rough jabs with my dick was enought to force the load from my balls and I unloaded hard and deep into the warm mancunt, as my mate unloaded down the bitch's throat. The feeling of relieving ourselves at the same time was hot.
      We pulled our meat from both ends, cleaned up, slapped the bitch's butt, laughed and wandered off satisfied. The naked slut stayed doggy eying off the crowd that still stood around. Im sure the hot little muscle nude performed more party favours that night!

      Back in the van we decided to check out another beat about 20 minutes away. Just time to stew another hot load and find another target.
    • By Grey
      I don't really write that often (or ever before, to be specific), so let me know what you guys think.
      I probably should've been more careful.
      I've lived with my uncle for a while now, having moved there when my dad was sent off to prison. My mom had died not long after I was born, which left me being sent to the closest relatives I had. Turned out that was my uncle Eric. He was a good guy, but these days, he was pretty busy. The auto shop he worked at had acquired a contract with a major local rental company and handled most of their repairs. Today, like most days, he was off working at the shop, probably late into the evening. I was used to that.
      What I wasn't used to was having dad back home. When I was a kid a ten year sentence sounded like an eternity. In reality, time passes quickly, and he's been nothing but an absolute dick since he'd gotten out. Eric had tried to get him a job at the shop, but that quickly went south, since dad didn't take kindly to being ordered around. Prison hadn't done him any favors in that department, and my uncle said he was a surly bastard before that. I don't remember too much of him from before, really, but he sure as hell hadn't gotten nicer.
      Seeing as Eric was gone all day as usual, I guess I'd assumed dad would be out, too. He was supposed to be headed to follow up on a few job opportunities today, and Eric had dropped him off in town in the morning. I had stayed home, as usual, and when the gardener had come around during mid-day, we did our usual thing.
      Mitch was the first (and only) guy I'd fucked. He'd been my uncle's gardener for years, and given all the work he did around the house, he had a muscular, rugged frame. He was a local guy, about fifteen or so years older than me. There were more days than I could count where I'd spent the afternoon sitting at the window, watching him haul his sweaty shirt off his body to reveal that bearish physique, hairy body dripping with sweat. I was a teenager the first time he caught me trying to get a peek at his dick, and after pleading with him not to tell my uncle Eric, I managed to convince him to let me have a good look. A good look turned into a blow job (which apparently, I was a natural at), and before long, we had a steady routine with him going out, doing the yard work, then coming inside and stripping down, lowing his hairy, beefy body on top of me to fuck my face and throat. Admittedly, that was easier said than done; he had a meaty seven inch cock, and it had taken some getting used to when he'd thrust it down my throat in the throes of a good skullfuck.
      Of course, it didn't take too long for him to go further south and have a go at my hole. That truly had been an undertaking, but once he was balls deep in me, I couldn't get enough of it. We only got worse then, even getting me to convince my uncle that the yard needed more upkeep. Every time he came over now, he spent more time pounding me than out in the yard. That's what we were up to today, with him up on top of me, groaning with delight. "Jesus, Mason, I can feel your pussy pulling me in," he panted, sweat dripping down from his brow onto my chest. I could feel the entire bed rocking with his thrusts, my body bouncing back and forth with it as well. I kept an ear out for the sound of my uncle's bike pulling up, as that was usually our cue to pack up and get decent, though at this point in the day, I figured there was little chance that would happen. Imagine my surprise, then, when the sensation of Mitch's shaft pumping in and out of me was interrupted by the sound of the door slamming open. Mitch fell off of me in a surprised heap, and behind him was my dad, his face looking bewildered. I wasn't really sure how to react; after all, I was naked, with my hole exposed right then and there.
      "The FUCK is this, boy?" his voice snarled out, and I could hear Mitch scrambling to his feet, stuttering as he gathered up his clothes. He didn't even take the condom off before pulling his underwear on. For his part, my dad glanced over at him, scoffed a bit, then turned back to me, ignoring the other man in the room while he stared me down. "You got me out looking for jobs when apparently we've a perfectly good whore on our hands right here," he said, and I found myself stammering, not even sure how to respond. Mitch was bright red, his clothes barely hanging on as he bolted out of the door. I could hear the door slam downstairs, my heart racing as dad stood there, leering.
      "Well? Anything to say?"
      "D-Dad, I swear, it's not like that," I stammer, and he leers at me, grinning now.
      "Well, I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be now," he says, latching the door shut. I made a move to get off the bed, but he quickly shouted, "Stay right as you are, boy. I didn't tell you to get dressed." I froze, my heart hammering away. I could smell the booze on him from here; clearly, he'd gone out and gotten drunk instead of going to get a job as he'd said. He made his way over to the bed, shrugging off his coat as he did. "I'm gonna see about getting in touch with a couple of my buddies to find some men looking for some tight pussy to fuck. You're gonna do what they ask, they're gonna pay me, and that's that. You understand?"
      "Dad, I --" I started, but the look he gave me was enough to convince me otherwise. I could see his jaw twitch, and I paled, for once wishing my uncle would get home early. Dad seemed satisfied by my silence, then continued. "On that note, it's been too damn long since I got a chance to breed some hole. Given that you're all ready to go, I'm gonna be your first John," he said, then reached down to pull off his shirt. I had avoided him since he'd gotten back, and so I had yet to see what he looked like shirtless. His torso was covered in varous tattoos, some of them there from when I was a kid, but others entirely new. The one that stood out the most was the one right above his groin: a biohazard symbol, much cleaner and newer than the ones around it. I was no fool; I knew exactly what that meant. Apparently, the look on my face said it too, as a predatory grin spread across dad's face once he looked up from taking his jeans off. "Looks like I don't need to explain the next part."
      Now fully naked, I found myself trying to crawl away from him, his massive form dwarfing mine. I'd inherited his beefy build, sure, but given how much younger I was and the fact that he'd been lifting weights longer than I'd been alive, he was an absolute beast of a bear, barrel-chested with a beefy gut and thick limbs. I felt one hand reach and grab at my leg while the other pinned me down, the weight seeming impossibly huge as I felt him force my leg up to my chest. "It's gonna hurt, boy, but you might as well start getting used to it," he said, roughly folding me up with his weight as his hand slammed down over my lips, muffling my protests. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the terrible reality of the situation setting in. I struggled, but all I could really do was wriggle around under him, flexing and whimpering helplessly. Meanwhile, I could feel his hairy body rubbing against me, his cock slapping up against my beefy ass. I could feel it pulsing, growing thicker with every second. He rubbed it back and forth down my crack, sighing some as he threw his head back. "Can't wait to hear what the guys say when I tell them I've found a pussy for us to use," he said, and even as I struggled, he moved his hardening shaft back, letting it slide downward until the head was right at the still-open entrance to my hole. There was no warning, no preparation. He didn't even lube it up before pushing forward and sliding into me. Luckily for me, Mitch had lubed up before fucking me, but even then, given how much bigger my dad was, it was impossible not to cry out into his hand, my hole burning.
      "Holy shit, that's tight," he chuckled, whistling a bit to himself. I could see him grinning even with the tears blurring my vision, and as my hole tightened in protest, he increased the pressure, forcing it deeper and deeper, splitting me in two. I gasped out in agony, his hand only tightening. When that hairy groin finally pressed up against my ass, I felt like he was punching me in the gut with it, my belly aching from the feeling of it pressing in. He held it there for a brief moment, savoring the first hole he'd fucked in months. "See, there you go, relax," he said, chuckling to himself. It still hurt like hell, but indeed, now that he had no more cock to force in me, my body was forced to adjust, slowly relaxing around his thick girth. He pulled back, the burning coming back some, though not nearly as horribly as the pain of him forcing in. Still, it was by no means pleasant as he rammed back and forth into me. my hole losing the bit of relaxation it had attained before. The bed rocked loudly, his hips slapping against mine as he bore down on me from above, his face looming over mine, sneering as he ruthlessly thrusted away. "That's right, slut, you know what's coming to you, you know what this means..." He chuckled to himself, closing his eyes and enjoying my hole. "I've knocked up every bitch I've ever fucked, Mason, and now I'm gonna knock you up, too," he grunted, then panted out in erratic, short bursts, his thrusts growing frenzied and brutal. I could feel my hole get wet, stinging now, and with a snarl, he rammed his cock in deep. I knew he was cumming, and I could do little more than whimper in response.
      After what felt like a few minutes, he pulled his cock out of me, still panting. My hole ached, though I was glad it was seemingly over with, as his hand left my mouth. I remained limp underneath him, resigned to it now that his load was oozing out of my ass. What was the point? I knew what that tattoo meant, and what was no doubt in store for me next. Even as he rolled over onto the bed beside me, reaching down beside it to fish his phone out of his pants, I remained there, a bit scared to even try getting up without permission. Dad looked through his phone for a bit, then grinned, putting it aside. "Alright, cunt, my friend will be here in a bit... Now, turn around and get on all fours. You're ready for your second dose of daddy's venom..."
    • By bottombitch89
      Hosting hung tops in a central SF Travelodge all day and night 4/24/18. Looking to get wrecked and filled. Loooove pleasing tops, and would love to suck big dick while getting dp'ed...over and over again.
    • By AllOfLifeIsHere777
      just spent an hour in the sling at Basement.
      9 loads taken, all bb.  Exhausted
    • By boredhomo
      Did my crew shifts and have a VIP Ticket for myself. Anyone else? Love to meet up with some peeps on here. Top here, love bottoms expecially twinks and cd/trans.

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