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perv/taboo chat

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okay so, kinda new to this.

Just gained a recent kink lately: I'm into young (guys). I've always been into taboo stuff like fam and forced sex, corruption, even k9, since knotting is hot. But I've never been into that new kink until now.

Looking to chat with other, like-minded people who are into that (the rougher, the better).  Kik me at snowy_y99, if you just wanna chat or exchange fantasies like the naughty pervs that we are.

Fair warning; not into scat or extreme torture into death type of stuff (yes, I know how stupid that sounds)

Everything else is welcomed

Happy fapping! :)

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I seem to be the only one from all my wickr contacts to have updated the app - now I can't talk to anyone on there, because they all have the older version :(

So, for everybody with the current wickr version:


stealthing, rape, forced chems, torture, snuff

incest, yng, taboo, beast

filth, raunch, scat, puke

....and more

wickr: schvenn

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8 hours ago, pervCub35 said:

wickr is pervcub35

love jo/chat face2face with other pdo prvs.  no lims on age, not into raunch except some watersports.

Hello CIA 😂

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Anything apart from Scat

stealthing, taboo, incest, chems, rough sex, watersports and other stuff. Both straight and gay chat.

KIK: dylanluvsex17

WIKR: dylanluvs17

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For the last few weeks I wasn't feeling good chatting and perving, but now I'm back and hornier than ever. Wicker is ynglover720, name explains what I really like. Besides that I'm into anything really, incest, scat, forced, farts... anything dirty.

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Evil 20 year old pedo perv. The more sick and twisted the better. Absolutely no limits. Want to explore satanism more in regards to gay perverted sex. If you have experience or tips I'd appreciate it. If you're in central or south Texas hmu. Kik totallylegit69 

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19 hours ago, totallylegit69 said:

Evil 20 year old pedo perv. The more sick and twisted the better. Absolutely no limits. Want to explore satanism more in regards to gay perverted sex. If you have experience or tips I'd appreciate it. If you're in central or south Texas hmu. Kik totallylegit69 

too bad you don't have wickr. 

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Add me guys

Snap benben8711

Wickr ben871

Into everything and anything taboo no limits especially beast, young and incest

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    • By ohvisit
      A week ago when I was in DC, I decided to cruise a building on a university campus to see if I could score any understall action. This particular building was known for its active cruising scene, and the posts online seemed to indicate it was safe for non-students. Fortunately I can blend in with the student body at this particular university. So around 4pm in the afternoon I made my way to the building, then up the stairs to the floor with the restroom that supposedly had the most cruising. I walk in, and it's totally empty. But it's easy to see why guys choose this place: the stalls are set far back from the door, and the door is so squeaky you have plenty of warning. I pick a stall in the middle, wondering how long I'll have to wait for someone else to show up. In less than five minutes, I hear the door open and footsteps leading to the stalls. I peek through the crack between the stall door and wall. It's the tall muscular black guy I had spotted in floor's lobby area on my way to the restroom. He quickly drops his pants and taps his foot, wasting no time to signal he wants to play. I tap my foot, but before he can even respond, the door opens again. I peek through the crack and watch a trim black guy, probably in his early 30s, enter the stall on the other side of me. He drops his pants, sits down on the toilet, and immediately taps his foot. I'm sandwiched between two black guys looking for action!
      I tap my feet to let both of them it's safe to play. The muscular guy drops to his knees and slides his legs under the stall. His cock is huge, at least 8" and thick. I get on my knees and start stroking his cock with my left hand. I motion with my right hand under the other stall, and the guy within seconds slides his legs under, presenting me with a second thick cock, probably around 7" long. The guy on my left reaches under and starts rubbing my ass. He pulls his hand back momentarily, returning it lubed with spit and getting my hole nice and wet. I spit into my hand and lube his cock. Knowing that someone might enter and disrupt our fun at any moment, I don't waste time. I quickly squat down onto his bare black cock, taking his entire length up my hole. As he starts to slide his cock in and out of my ass, I lean over and start blowing the other guy's hard cock. The guy fucking me starts to pound me hard, and I can hear his breathing increase. He moans loudly. I feel his thick cock pulse in my hole. His raw cock is loading me up with his cum. He pulls out fast, and I feel some of his load leak out of my hole. I quickly stand up and lower myself on the other cock, honestly not caring if he came here to fuck or if he was even willing to fuck raw. He didn't pull away, so I bounced on his cock until he started to push and pull in and out of my ass. Within maybe a minute he pushed in deep and held his cock buried all the way in me, giving me his load. I squeezed my hole tightly as he pulled out, hoping to keep as much of the cum in me as possible. 
      After the guys left, no one else entered for the next ten minutes. I pushed the loads out into my hand and licked up the warm gooey sperm. I jerked off and left, feeling fulfilled for the day.
    • By MiaSlut24
      open to doing a Q&A so you guys can know more about..   and i also enjoy taking about my self and my experiences. 
      So here your chance if you ever wanted to ask anything? 
      Leave me you 21 or  could be less Dirties most personal questions you would like to know about me, my life, my past, my job, my sex life, anything. no limits! 
      i will pick the most interesting ones or the ones i can provide hot details that i think you guys would like.  
      Let play !!!

    • By Cumdump35
      Where's all the country cock? I don't get much spare time, but when I do I like to be pumped full of cum and piss....have at me :-) 
    • By CigarBear68
      After receiving many messages from a negative bottom here on breeding zone, I finally responded, and we began some back and forth pozzing chat.  I told him how much I enjoyed fucking a tight hole raw with the sole purpose of knocking-up the bottom.  He responded saying how much he wanted to be my bottom pig.  After a few months of message exchanges, I told him I was ready for him to follow through, or to quit messaging me.  He replied saying he was a four hour trip from my town, and he would plan a trip to my locale, and would get back to me with the details of the trip.
      Well, a month passed before I heard back from him, and was somewhat surprised when he opened saying he had booked a hotel room nearby for an upcoming weekend.  I was skeptical, but just in case I told him to let his beard keep growing and not to let anyone fuck him until after our weekend. 
      The Friday of his projected arrival, I had dinner and just watched some TV, not expecting him until fairly late as he wouldn't even commence his trip until after he got off work.  Around 10:30, I got a call from him, letting me know he was at hotel.  He sounded nervous, so I reassured him he'd be fine.  I got in my truck and drove the 30 minutes to his hotel room.  When he opened the door, I was surprised at how sexy he was - at (approximately) 5' 9", beefy with a belly, and a beautiful bushy brown beard growing up onto his chubby cheeks.  He invited me in, and I could see how nervous and scared he was, so I gave him a big hug to break the tension.  He relaxed, and I pulled his mouth to mine and gave him a deep kiss which lasted nearly a minute. 
      "Damn you're a sexy cub," I told him, and asked where my bourbon was.  He quickly grabbed the bottle he brought, and poured us a few drinks.  As he did, I removed my shirt and hat, and made myself comfortable on the bed.  He joined me, and as we drank he rubbed my belly and tits, and my cock began leaking precum inside my jeans.  Once the alcohol was kicking in, I told him to get naked for me, and he quickly did, showing me a sexy cub covered in fur from head to toe.  As he stood beside the bed, his 5" cock was arching upwards, oozing clear fluid out the tip. 
      "Get my boots off, boy." I ordered, and lit my pipe.  When he was finished, I had him put his head back on my chest and start sucking my nipples.  So I'm just leaning back enjoying my pipe as he's working my nipples, and I ask him if he's ready to suck my dirty cock.  He nods, and I tell him to remove my jeans and get between my legs.  I start stroking my cock, working more precum out, as the cub watches me eagerly.
      "You sure you want it, boy?  You want my cock in your mouth?"  I grabbed the back of his head and guided him down on my cock.  Seeing his hairy mouth open wide for me just makes me harder. "Suck it slow, boy- remember this first load is for your ass.  I've been saving it all week just for your hole."
      The cub slowed his pace, and, looking down between his legs, I could see his cockhead was a bright red, and it glistened with his own juices.  Pulling him off my cock, I positioned him on all fours, along side me, his hole convenient to my position.  Gently fondling his balls, I segued to stroking his hole as I finished my pipe.  He whimpered in pleasure as, initially, I rested the warm bowl of my pipe against his tight ballsack, only to slide it onto his crack and rest it on his opening.  I can see his hole clench. 
      Smacking his ass, I told him "What a good little fucktoy you're being.  Put your head on the bed, pig, and keep your ass absolutely still for me."
      Now milking my cock, I scooped-up some of my precum, rubbing it on his puckered hole. "You like having daddy's tainted cum on your pussy, don't you, boy?"
      "Yes, sir," he unhesitatingly grunted.
      Noticing a string of clear cum leaking from his cock, I caught it with my fingers and added to the precum I had earlier applied to his hole.  A finger inserted into his hole met resistance, but I keep going, urging "Open up boy.  You got some of my precum in you now."
      He moaned in approval.
      Repeated I finger-fucked his hole, increasingly roughly, enjoying his moans as my assault intensified, and even more enjoying the tint of red that was showing-up on my fingers.  It was time to progress to the next level. 
      Getting to my feet, I had the bottom position his ass at the edge of the bed, which was the perfect position for me to slide my cock up and down his crack, spreading more of my toxic load onto his hole. He held perfectly still, even if breathing hard.  Finally I began to work my head a little deeper, urging "Take my poz cock, baby.  Open up for Daddy."
      While I couldn't understand the words he grunted, I could understand his level of excitement:  he was actually cumming on the bed, and I wasn't even inside his hole.  Naturally I quickly shoved my rock hard seven inches in his ass.  He flinched in pain, even perhaps intending to extract himself from my control, but instead I held him still, as I hammer-fucked his ass. 
      "Stop, man, stop," he demanded, but I wasn't about to comply.
      Without pausing in my thrusts, and as my balls tightened, I snapped "You're taking this load, pig, shut the fuck up!"
      His moans continued, which added to my perverse pleasure in seeing the streaks of red which alternated with the precum with which my cock was coated.  So I fucked him still harder, ever harder until finally my balls erupted, shooting my six-day load deep inside his ass, my cock twitching inside my new pig.
      Panting hard, I announced "That's it baby.  Take your first dirty load.  Let it soak in.  Let it make you a whore."
      His head hung low, his body frozen as I finished stroking my final drops of toxic cum into his coated boy cunt.  Afterwards my cock plopped out and his hairy hole slowly closed, but not before I saw a little bit of my load leak out - so I scooped it up and pushed it back in.  Waste not want no, you know.
      Lighting my pipe anew, I lay on the bed, ordering the pig to join me, gesturing for him to lay his head on my chest.  Some tears ran down his face, and he hugged me for support.
      "Hush, there, Pig, it will be okay," I cooed, and when he calmed down I guided his mouth to my cock.  He knew what to do, and without a word licked my tool and crotch clean.
      "Look me in the eyes," I ordered, and with my cock still lodged in his mouth, but his eyes were fixated on mine, I took a draw on my pipe, and admonished "Remember the taste of that cock.  It's the one that knocked you up." 
      We fell asleep, and twice in the remaining hours of the night I bred him again.  In the morning I left for the day, but came back Saturday night and managed to fuck four more loads into him before he left Sunday afternoon. 
      I continued chatting with him online, until finally eight weeks later he messaged me to let me know it took.  He was officially knocked up.  He let me know it made him hard to think about it, but he was scared and wanted to come visit again.  I replied "No.  My job is done, pig.  You gave me your cunt to fuck and to knock up, and I did that.  You're a whore now.  Go fuck strangers.  Go fuck bookstore trolls and old men.  Go share your little bear pussy with anyone who wants it.  You're a cumdump now.  I prefer negative boys."
      He deleted his account the next day. 
    • By sO9ovZNQyyPB
      The following is how my friend became the prison bitch and is reposted here with his permission.
      I really am an Ex-con. I spent a very long time in prison. It's been over a decade since I was there though. Most of my sex mental images were formed out of that time. Feel free to ask me questions.... but I'll be honest in my replies. I love adventures. Near public sex. The great outdoors. Sexy soft asses. Giggly girls. Tough bitches. Freaks of all kinds. It doesn't have to be sex, I just like experience. Let's talk.
      I have been in and out jails, and prison until my last release in 2001. I was 18 when I went to prison the first time. I am not sure what led me down that road... it was a different time, and the world was very different. I never really fit in. I never really found a way to fit in either. The struggles led to a lot of bad decisions. Confused thinking... probably a familiar story now.
      I was young, very slim, hairless, feminine when I was sent to prison. It was the 80s big hair, rock n roll, drugs, and sex. I was far from helpless. lol, I was in fact, a very violent person even then. However, the prison was a world full of tough guys. It was a world that I would eventually learn to survive in.
      I was moved from Quarantine to a Prison Psych Hospital within 60 days of my arrival. For further observation and testing. My mind was a mess...it was scary as the decisions I made at this time would follow me everywhere in prison. There really are no secrets in prison, and everyone is some type of predator looking for weakness. Even the inmates at the hospital knew that I had arrived at the prison dressed like a girl.
      I received countless kites (notes) from inmates from day one. The short version, some promised protection in lieu of sexual favors, others offered money for the same, and some promised violent rape. Everyone waited to see how I would respond. Deep in my heart, I knew, and I knew before I was sent here that I would not survive my entire sentence without someone fucking me. The only real question was did I decide or would someone else decide for me.... who would be in control.
      It was a lot to think about. I was not interested in being raped... some died from it and the beatings associated with rape were brutal. Further, if I was raped I did not want the rapist to have the power of seeing me weak, screaming or crying... I had to take that power away from him... silently I knew that I would have to be "broke in" I began to evaluate guys trying to figure out who would be discreet and gentle.
      Shortly after I had decided this course, I was moved to a five-man dorm setting but there was only three of us there. Terry a black guy much older then myself was already my friend and in the dorm, the other guy was heavily medicated.
      I decided that I would ask my friend to break me in... I had no idea if he would, he never led me to think this way, it was a risk... I wrote a note. That stupid note changed everything. I was no longer a friend... I was a prize. Negotiations between us followed. In the end, we struck a deal... he would be very gentle with me and break me in, and discreet but I would shave like a girl, dress up for him, he would break me in then I'd submit to him the rest of the night. I had to write a note declaring that this was not rape and I asked him to do it. Sign it. I knew that everything was changing...
      It was like watching my life from outside myself. I could not believe that I was in this position. I was sinking into depression as I stared down at my life unfolding. I was nervous, and he was very eager. He watched with lusting eyes as I prepared myself that evening. Shaving, showering, douche, makeup and finally just panties and a t-shirt. I laid there in my bed thinking as we waited... waited for lights out... waited for our roommate's drugs to kick in and he'd be asleep... waited for the guard to make his round.
      I was a man of my word, and as the guard passed, I got out of my bed... placed a blanket on the floor between the beds out of sight... Terry was already touching himself... I couldn't help myself I had cut my eyes and seen him. It was dark (lights out) but there was a slim beam of light from the small window in the steel door that allowed me to see non-detailed shapes across the room.
      I was very nervous... I knew that there was no turning back and everything could change. I was torn... I wanted to back out before it happened and part of me just wanted to be done with it. " No, I had to back out" I turned to say something and was caught off guard as Terry was standing next to me already. Before I could tell him that I had changed my mind he had wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly against him pressing his lips to mine... My small frame seemed to melt in his embrace... I was not expecting that!
      He was treating me like he would a girl... his hands gripped my butt tightly and pulled me against him. I could feel his excitement against my belly through my shirt. At that moment my mind said that I was a girl... I felt like a girl. he was a foot taller then I was.... stronger. My slim 5 ft 5 frame at 119 lbs was overcome with a sense of femininity as it melted against him.
      He broke from my lips and without a word I knew that it was time.
      He was already lowering his pants as I turned away and pulled my panties down, slowly got on the floor before him... Laid down on the carefully spread blanket face down.... I placed a pillow under my midsection to raise naked butt in the air slightly offering myself to him as he stood over me.
      One last look back at him towering there naked... now I was scared again he was much larger then I was. I was sure that this was going to hurt. As he gently kicked my feet apart spreading my legs and lowered himself down onto my back... my mind screamed " You're a damn fool. No one asked to be turned out. Now you're going to spend your life as fuck boy"
      My self-critical thoughts were interrupted by his weight on me. I felt the coarse hair of his legs against my smooth shaved legs.... closing my eyes I felt everything as if in slow motion.... the hard dick pressed against my ass pulsating, all of his weight crushing me covering me.... the hair on his chest against my back even though the shirts thin material.... I seemed so small beneath him. His hand brushing the long hair from my neck and his lips ... the hot breath on my shoulder as he kissed my neck and shoulder before whispering in my ear, " are you ready?"
      No need to answer that and he didn't wait for me to respond. His weight lifted and his hands trailed down my back as he knelt between my spread legs. his strong hands pushed the bottom of my shirt up over my naked butt to my waist, as if it was a skirt. they gripped my cheeks and pushed them apart exposing my near virgin hole to his lustful gaze. I just lay there as he poured Baby Oil down the crack of my ass, his hand working in being sure that I was "wet" He lubed his rock hard with desire dick, as I reached back like a wanton whore grasping it pulling it toward me. He lowered himself back down on my back and I guided him home.
      Its tip pressed against me... suddenly he was in me. I gasped at the suddenness of it. I held my breath to keep from crying out. As I struggled to take it in and adjust to its size. I wanted to scream... to stop... OMG, what had I gotten myself into... My entire body was tense even my toes were curled up and my hands gripped the blanket... he pressed forward, and I realized that he barely in me. Tears welled in my eyes as he slowly pushed his way in... all the way in. He whispered, "relax" I tried but it was still several minutes before I adjusted to his size and the overwhelming pain began to ease allowing to breath.
      He must have sensed that, as he began to pull out... then back in. My mind raced with thoughts now that I could breathe. I was seeing it as if I was floating above us... my small feminine form beneath him, legs spread... him pumping away and holding me... I felt him sliding in and out of me. Felt his desire and needs for release... muscles tensing... pelvic thrusting against my ass... hot breath on my neck... sweat dripping on me from his labors... I rolled my ankles out opening myself wider for him inviting him deeper.
      There was no turning back now... I was a bitch. He was pounding away grinding ... there was no more pain. His breathing was labored, and I could feel his dick starting to pulsate... I knew that he was getting ready to cum... totally shocking myself, I blurted out, " cum in me" and he did. then collapsed on my back exhausted from turning me into a bitch.
      When he had composed himself, he pulled out of me... I suddenly felt empty, his spent juice oozing out slightly in the cool evening air. As I stood I could feel it dripping running down my inner thigh and walked over to toilet area to wipe. When I turned around I saw him staring at me... It was almost time for the guard to make another round, and I pulled my panties back on. It was done... I had been broke in and it wasn't so bad... I returned to my bed where I laid thinking.
      I laid there knowing that I had changed everything... I was cursing myself out for being weak. Judging myself harshly. Hating that I was willing. telling myself over and over how stupid I was... but excited by the idea of a life here in prison as a girl. I couldn't handle being seen as a bitch... I had liked it and it was too late now anyway, I had dressed like a girl and basically begged a grown man to cum in my ass... My self-judgment was interrupted by the guard's flashlight in the window checking on us...
      As the guard passed, I got up and went to the sink to better clean up, turned the water on and wet the wash clothes before pulling my panties down to clean up. As I wondered if Terry was still awake, I was startled by his hands around my waist. I felt his hard cock slide between my cheeks across my tenderness... he was clearly awake.... he bent me over the sink right there ready to collect his end of the bargain... "... I'd submit to him the rest of the night"
      With my panties around my knees, he pushed my feet apart and I remained bent over the sink submitting to him as agreed. He easily entered me this time and wasted no time... it was his reward. Without a word he took what was his... it was all I could do to just brace myself as he pounded away at his treasure...
      I truly didn't feel like a guy... I felt like a bitch... he was pounding my pussy for what seemed like an eternity before a deep thrust... he was quivering as I felt the now familiar pulse of him cumming followed by the wetness of my hole... his hands grasped my naked ass cheeks... pulling them apart so he could view himself buried spent deep inside me. I can only imagine what it may have looked like... he seemed happy to be there...
      I felt him pull out.... the spent juice again dripping down my thighs...I tried to wipe but it was just kept oozing out. I was full of cum and my pussy was not tightening back up as before... I stepped out of my panties and went over to the toilet to try and push his cum out of me. He followed me ... my mind screamed, " Damm you're not done"
      As I sat down, he walked right up to me...his softening dick glistened in the window light... he smelt of sex. Heavy musky scent combined with baby oil. I felt so submissive... so feminine. He pushed his midsection toward me until the tip of his dick touched my lips... I hadn't thought about this occurring. I just assumed fucking me was the thing... his hands caressed my long hair as I parted my lips slightly and he pushed himself past them into my mouth. the smell was repulsive... I wanted to pull away. He must have sensed it as he gripped my head tighter... almost like I knew what to do my hands went to his thighs and I began to relax... my nose against his belly my tongue caressed the bottom of his dick. It jumped into my mouth and began to harden. I started to apply sucking and his grip lessened on my head. I looked up into the darkness as if seeking his approval. I began to instinctive do what was being asked of me. my hand grasped his member, my tongue feverishly licked and caressed it as my lips held it firmly sliding up and down its shaft... eagerly sucking it back to life...my eyes searching begging for a sign that I was being a good girl seeking his approval.
      It didn't take long for him to be rock hard in my warm loving mouth, then throbbing, jumping and pulsating as he exploded. it tasted salty and thick and smelt heavy... tears ran down my cheeks as I choked gagged but swallowed his spent cum... I had never knelt before a man, much less had a dick in my mouth...
      What a pathetic man I had chose to be... even now I imagine the scene... 18 yr old kid, 119 lbs, 5 5 slim feminine long hair, white shirt smooth soft legs escaping beneath it. seated on a toilet, cum dripping from his ass, mid thirties hairy black man, standing before him, hard dick shoved in the tear streaked face... cum dribbling across the red lips... it was not a vision that I would see for long as he was not done... lifting me up from my submissive position I turned away... tired but willing i spread my legs wide and bent over the toilet so he could take me again... he did.
      That is how my first time in prison went. That one night changed my life forever. It did not take long for those events to be known... I could not hide the fact that my legs were shaved and with group showers it was quickly noticed. Within a matter of days, even outside of the hospital, in the general population of Riverside correctional facility everyone was talking about the "fine ass sissy" in the psych ward... me.
      If you like this and want more friend me or follow me... ask me anything. Please try to understand, that most my pictures are from a time gone by now... I am old now and the those days are gone for me.... however I do enjoy relieving the memories here with you all... Thank you.

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