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    • By Nipping420
      Some reason my twitter can't be found through my screen name. I tried everything to get it to do it. Try a few of these things off you want to find and follow me. 
      Twitter: CumSwirls 
      If you have my email it says you can try that too. 
      Sorry for the stupidity of it all I just made it not long ago. 
      Hmu here or there and let's connect! 
    • By Ozpig
      I wonder if tops in private parties prefer a smaller number of tops rather than the more the merrier. On Sunday I had arranged for seven tops to come to my apartment to fuck and breed me. They knew it was a gangbang and they knew I was the only bottom. One turned up dropped his load and left before the others arrived. As a total cumdump I was in heaven but one particular top, an Asian guy, who was the only one that did not have seconds or taken part in DP'ing me told me quietly he would love to fuck and breed me again but it is much better with just three tops max as he said he had to wait too long to fuck me. Do other tops hate hanging for too long to take their turn?
    • By Willsuck4cum
      Spending the night and hoping to slip away and take a load or two. If anyone is staying here December 30 overnight hit me up. I’d like to service you in your room. 
    • By Cumholeaz
      Looking for Phoenix tops to come breed my hole. I’ll be ass up Thursday dec 20th in a downtown hotel. Come alone or bring a friend, just make sure to shoot it deep in me. 
    • By Cumslutbottomm
      I just turned 20, but having a crazy work and school schedule, I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday, but I made up for it last night.
      I have class Monday-Thursday, and as I had the day off I decided I'd try to set something up.  Now, I commute to school and still live at home, but I recently started working at a hotel which has the fringe benefit of affording the employees a discount on rooms as long as the reservation is within the same hotel group, meaning the hotel is owned by the same parent company.  I also decided to take advantage of the discount and to make the reservation in the city where I attend college, which is an hour away from my home.  Telephoning ahead I made a reservation and got the discount, which was great as I was afraid they wouldn't honor the discount given I'm less than 21, a threshold at some hotels, but everything worked-out.  I had the reservation.  In thinking about my plans, I can't honestly say I specifically planned an anonymous session as I didn't see myself as all that much of a cumslut.  I couldn't have been more wrong. 
      Anyway I checked-in, pulled on my jockstrap, and scrolled through Grindr.  While I was hit-up by a few fuck buds who bred me here and there, none were readily available.  Then I received a message from a profile which was blank, conveying absolutely no information.  No age, no height, weight, status.  Nothing.  Just a dick pic of a cock which was easily nine inches.  And it was as thick as a beer can.  My hole twitched and my cock swelled hard at the sight of the cock.  I needed it inside my ass.
      I replied providing with my hotel and the room number.  The guy responded letting me know he was enroute, and would arrive shortly.  He also instructed me to be ready, so that when he walked through the door I was on all fours and blindfolded.  My initial reaction was trepidation, but my cock was so hard that I agreed to his terms.  I unlocked the door, left it slightly ajar, placed a blindfold over my eyes and, stripped and ready, knelt on all fours on my bed.  Upon hearing the door creak on its hinges my heart sank a bit.  A stranger was in my room, and I was vulnerable as all hell.
      Fortunatelty before I could dwell on what might happen, a tongue licked my hole.  My worries melted away as I pushed back on his tongue.  My cunt was soon dripping from his spit.  I heard him spit on his rod.  His cock head slid into my hole with remarkable ease.  My ass was pleased with the circumference of his cock.  My slutty little heart was happy.  His full cock is inside my hole and my cunt lips are gripping him for dear life. He’s a quiet fucker too. I feel his pace pick up and his cock is shooting his seed in my pussy. He rests on my back for a bit with his cock growing soft. I feel his shirt and his zipper against my naked body and realize this horny fucker didn’t even bother to strip down. Just unzipped and planted his seed. I hear the door close and get a message from him. He thanks me for letting him use my “sweet boy pussy.” And I thank him for his cum. I’m totally turned on by the anon scene at this point. I throw on a hoody and pull it up over my face. Just in my jock and a hoodie and waiting for my tops to come over. I get some messages from tops with profile pictures. And don’t get me wrong i won’t ever so no to cum in my ass. But the blank profiles sparked my interest more. It’s probably stupid and dangerous. But I just sent every blank profile “need more loads in my ass” followed by my room number. I ended up getting 8 more loads within an hour. I guess people love anon cumsloppy bottoms I have a total of 9 loads in my hole. (Some leaking out of course despite my efforts.) I’m still on Grindr with my ass in the air and I hear the door being pushed open. I put my phone face down and arch my back even more than it already was.  I hear a belt unbuckle and pants drop to the floor. Soon after there’s a cock inside my well used hole churning a mess of loads in my asshole he’s the most verbal of the night. Calling me a pig 🐽 and smacking my ass. He tells me repeatedly that I’m a good whore and he loves my cunt. He’s fucking me so hard and fast you can hear the cum sloshing around in my hole. He gives me a 10th load. Zips up. Says “thanks fucking slut.” And is out the door. I start playing with my cunt and fingering all the loads in my ass. I’m on my back and I hear the door open again. I quickly cover my face with a pillow and prop my legs up so this man can use my pussy. I recognize the thickness. It’s the guy who started this. He confirms this by saying “I needed more of your pussy man. Especially now that it’s used. He’s making an absolute mess and a lot of noise. (Actually it’s the cum in my hole making the noise.)  and he gives me another load. This time he tells me he seeded my pussy he’s almost out the door when he turns around says “I was only quiet when I came the first time cause I wasn’t sure you wanted to be bred. But I know what I wanted. By the smile on your face I can tell you’re happy with yourself, whore. “  boy was he right. 

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