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    • By Hunter22
      After almost an entire week that my partner locked my cock in chastity and me being in heat, hunting for cock to fill me up and scratch my itch cause getting a rough fuck and having anal orgasms were my only relief, my bf announced that this weekend I would be released, “with a bang” he said. 
      I was naturally intrigued and my hole was twitching in anticipation so naturally during Friday I was horny all day and collected 8 loads before I got back home to prepare for Friday night fuckathon. 
      So after my bf had his protein shake directly from my hole I went on and prepped my pussy having it squeaky clean and ready for my bf to deposit his load that will serve as lube for the night, and then I was led down to our play room, got locked on the fuck bench and waited. 
      After was seemed like 20 minutes during which I heard the guys gathering up upstairs, they began coming down and I had my first cock in front of me directed at my mouth and a second guy from behind playing with my hole till I felt his cock head pressing in, this gave the signal for the rest of the night, I had a fresh bottle of poppers up my nose, a cock buried in my throat and the guy behind, shoved his entire cock up my pussy till he was balls deep and I was fucked hard in both ends. 
      Guys came and went during the night, I was spit roasted for hours (gotta love how comfy the fuck bench is!) and they just kept cumming up my hole. 
      During this my locked cock kept oozing cum and my entire body shuddered from having anal orgasms till after about 5 hours they guys were all spent and tired from fucking and cumming in me 2-3 times each (25-30 loads in total) and I was released from the bench and my partner had a feast from my hole and we got cleaned up and went to bed, me feeling my used and abused hole still filled with some of the cum left in me. 
      We woke up and after having our morning fuck, I told my partner how hard it is and how bad I need a release, so he just told me that I better rest my ass today and have it ready cause the tonight is going to be the grand finale gang fuck and at some point I will be released. 
      I was so excited from both possibilities that I went on and got thoroughly cleaned and used some of our large toys to stretch my hole ready for the night.
      This time I was to be on the sling, blindfolded and with noise cancellation headphones to make sure I was concentrating only on the pounding I would receive and the sensation of getting filled up. 
      I don’t know how long it took before the first guy started pounding me but it was like going 0-200mph in 2 seconds  
      i was moaning like a bitch in heat and it was so strange cause I could hear myself! 
      I was fucked on the sling and the fuck bench for hours, each guy fucked me harder than the previous one, obviously they were putting on a show and making sure I felt them. 
      Then I was moved again, I was led to the big mattress we have in the room and was guided down to ride the cock of the guy laying down, when he was balls deep, the fun began cause a second cock was gaining access to my used pussy till I felt that wonderful “pop” and he in, they were starting to fuck me in a beautiful pace and I couldn’t take in anymore, my cock was oozing cum and I was having the most intense anal orgasms and they just kept on going. 
      This whole scenes started a whole different fun, I was presented with a cock in my mouth and when I opened up and had the cock head only in I felt that wonderful warmth of the guy starting to piss so I began swallowing as much as I could while another guy started pissing all over me and the guys that were fucking me. This went on for hours more and the guys just kept switching places, making sure I was filled with 2 cocks in my pussy and on in my mouth while I took each and every load up my hole. 
      12 hours later, as I was riding 2 dicks, I felt my bf removing the headphone and blindfold and told me it was time, so he unlocked me and my poor cock that was leaking cum the entire night just sprang to full mast and he sucked me off while the guys behind me buried themselves as deep as possible depositing 2 loads of cum and I just exploded in my bfs mouth 
      at this point I was totally spent and drained and just collapse on them while they were still in me till we all could move again.
      my bf places me on my back and lifted my legs and pushed his dick in me for the last fuck of the night and he deposited his load deep in me while we were kissing and making love 
      then we said our goodbyes to the remaining guests, went upstairs to get cleaned up and my bf sucked out as much cum he could and we shared it with a very sloppy piggy kiss before I was plugged and we took a well needed shower and collapsed on the bed with a huge smile on our faces
      overall I services 24 guys that night and most guys came in me more than twice, so do the math how many loads were deposited up my sloppy hole 😈
      Today we just spent relaxing and I was recovering my well spent, sore hole (I just fucking love that used hole feeling!!!) and just fucking each other
    • By JockstrappedSlut
      Can anyone in Sydney recommend where a good slut can get his ass filled ?
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      A friend was in town and we decided to try one of new 442 events held at Catalyst since the original 442 closed. We got there shortly after the 10 pm opening and paid our entrance fee. After putting our clothes in the locker, we went out to explore. At first I was disappointed as there wasn’t a huge crowd and the play spaces seemed rather random. However...maybe because of the smaller size of the crowd, I ended up having a good night and having longer sessions with each of the 4 guys that I hooked up with.
      The first guy had an interesting twist to him. I met him in the dark room which was a pitch black area behind a curtain in the corner. It wasn’t very large but you could seriously not see a thing! My ass started to get felt up and I felt a finger probing. Of course I leaned over and relaxed more to let the other man know that my hole was completely available. I had gotten fucked very briefly by an Asian guy but his dick was small and he had a hard time staying erect. Needless to say, it had quickly ended! As I felt my first real top of the night start to push against my hole, I knew that some stretching would be required. He definitely had girth but was slow and patient, letting my hole accommodate to his length and girth. His thickness definitely filled my hole and as he started to get into a rhythm I moaned with pleasure. His slow methodical fucking encouraged me to open my hole even more as he went in deeper and deeper. At several points, he would completely stop and I would enjoy the sensation of his cock balls deep and completely inside of me. This continued for a good 20 to 30 minutes and then he pulled out completely and gave me a tap on my ass which I knew signified that he was done with my hole for now. As I turned around to thank him and to suggest meeting up again, we made eye contact and both of us registered shock! It was my friend that I had come here with! Neither of us had realize the entire time that we were fucking who the other person was! Although he’s made comments over the years about tapping my ass, we have never crossed the friendship line. 
      After that surprise, I walked around more and caught the eye of an attractive older white gentleman wearing a leather harness. We started off again in the dark room where I had returned as it seemed like most of the action was happening there.  He proceeded to fuck my now thoroughly opened hole. He expressed pleasure over my hole and after about 10 minutes groaned while he unloaded into me. We separated for a bit but after about 20 minutes he came and found me and said that he would like to continue with me in a sling. We went up to the platform where the sling was. He enjoyed himself in me and gave me his second load. Afterwords he told me that he’d had a great time and that he was quite pleased that I had gotten another load out of him as that always didn’t happen to him anymore. 
      The third guy was a hot dominant black guy who used me at repeated intervals throughout the night. He came into the club and every guy looked at him when he entered. He had a hot muscular body and a piece of meat that would give any porn star envy. We made eye contact in the locker room. After he stashed his stuff away, he came over to the corner where I was, pointed his erect dick in my direction and told me to get down on my knees and suck it. Of course I obliged! After about 10 minutes he told me to go into the next play room and lie down on one of the platforms. I went in and lied down facing the wall. He turned me around so that everyone in the room could see that he was fucking me. He wanted to put on a show and boy did he! His thick dick went into me and he demanded that I open up wider to him. He told me to call him Sir. And to tell Sir how much I liked having his dick inside of me. That was not hard to do as I really did like the intense pleasure that his dick shoving deep inside gave me. He stretched me deeper and wider than I’ve ever been but continue to demand that I open up to him more. Each of our sessions was like that! I’d start off sucking his dick and then we’d progress to where he fucked me in a public display and use my hole thoroughly. Him fucking my hole made me want to beg him to do it forever; yet at the same time the pleasure was so intense that at times I felt I couldn’t handle it.
      The last time he used my hole, he made me clean him off. As I was cleaning him he gripped my head and proceeded to force his way down into my throat. As I was gagging with snot and spit running out of my mouth and nose, he repeatedly made me Deep Throat him several times. Next he told me to follow him into the bathroom. After he had washed his dick off with soap and water, he told me to get the paper towels and get on my knees and pat his member dry. While on my knees another guy entered the bathroom and was watching. He told me to turn around and suck that guy’s dick. I was happy to please him.
      In between fucks with the hot dominant black guy, One of the guys watching in the crowd, an older white guy, jumped on me when the black guy left me for a bit. He fucked me on the platform for a while but then had me move to the sling where he proceeded to fuck me roughly banging at my hole till he pounded his load deep into me.
      Altogether a satisfying night at catalyst. My hole was well used and pleased!
    • By barenekkid
      Waiting naked and lubed up with the door unlocked. Come over and breed me
    • By Cumslutbottomm
      I recently finished my first degree. (Associates in nursing, still in school for a bachelors in psych. )
      i also FINALLY moved out of my parents house into my own place. I was able to land a pretty sweet new job at the hospital here too. 
      On with the story, I moved into an apartment complex targeted for young/single professionals. There’s no age limit, but they’re all  luxury studios so they’re targeted for  single people and about 95% of us are in the 20-26 age range. The apartment complex is in the middle of a suburban type neighborhood. White picket fences, minivans, all that. Both my parents still work, so they weren’t able to help me much with my move. Luckily, this older (probably late 30s early 40s) neighbor introduced himself and helped out. I was going to wait until a friend was off work to move the heavy stuff but I didn’t have to. “We got this.” said my new neighbor. We ended up getting everything inside my apartment. We were both pretty sweaty and it was extremely hot from all the moving. I didn’t have much groceries but I did have a few bottled teas and some leftover chicken that I offered. He took me up on both. I get to chatting with this sexy new neighbor of mine, finally getting the chance to see just how sexy this dude is. He’s got a nice set of pecs and a bit of a hairy dad bod that I can barely see through his sweat soaked shirt, he’s about 6ft, not too much taller than me but still noticeabley taller, his hair has little specks of grey in it, but otherwise black. He’s wearing some grey running shorts and some running shoes. 
      We get to talking and he tells me that he’s married to a “crazy fucking chick” as he says and then gives me a pat of approval on my chest and says “bet a stud like you has tons of crazy chicks.” 
      To which I respond “nah man, I like dick. “ with a chuckle. 
      He smiled at me and says “hey even better.” Followed by a quick “hey I gotta go, but we should hang again.” I agree and thank him for the help. 
      Still the same day, I’m putting stuff where it belongs and here a knock on the door. It’s my upstairs neighbor. He’s a geeky type, chubby, glasses, somewhat awkward and even has a Star Wars shirt on. He had brought a plant to put in my house as a gift. I offer him the standard chicken and tea and he also accepts. We chat a little bit and me being the whore I am, and never (knowingly ) getting fucked by a “nerd” start craving this dudes cock. I don’t wanna be known as a creepy neighbor, but I want his load. My cock grows hard st the kitchen island and he notices. He starts rubbing my cock and I do the same. I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth. He’s pretty fucking thick which makes me want him inside my hole even more. I always keep lube in my car for when I go cruising. But I hadn’t bought any “house lube” I keep suckin his cock and make sure it’s nice and wet. I slowly stand and turn. I start backing my unslicked hole into him. “Condom?” He says. 
      “Don’t have one.” I replied. He didn’t care. I feel the sting of his head popping through my hole. Then part of his shaft, and finally the base of his cock. He keeps himself balls deep for awhile. He had already came. 
      “Sorry I’ve never fucked raw before, I’m still rock hard too.” 
      “That’s okay, I got your load.” I said. I start grinding on his cock and he grabs hold of my hips. He starts fucking into me, slowly. He picks up his pace. “Fuck I’m gonna cum again” and that he did. I clean his cock off and he’s on his way. 
      I kept his loads in me. I always do but but felt especially obligated in this case. It’s the next day and I can feel him leaking out of my hole. I clench to keep his load in and hear a knock on the door. It’s my friend from before. The daddy. He’s all sweaty from a morning run, I invite him in and his slight BO has my hole twitching and oozing stranger cum. We are having a friendly chat but I noticed he’s wearing the same shorts from the day before, only this time he’s freeballing. I can see his bulge and this drives me to the edge. He inches closer to me and grabs my hand, he puts it in his shorts. I can feel how sweaty his bush is and his dick is leaking Precum. He tells me how him and his uncle are faggot fuckers. They always have been but they’re both married now and haven’t lived up to their title lately. That’s enough for me to drop and start sucking. He holds my face in his pubes while his cock is jammed in my throat. He face fucks me for awhile. I can’t take it anymore. I beg him to fuck me. He thinks this is a great idea. I’m on my kitchen floor in all fours. He plunges his cock into my hole and absolutely wrecks my hole. He grunts loud and says “take my fucking load bitch.” And I do. I feel him pull out his softening cock and hear him snap a picture. He asks if i thinks I can handle another load. I obviously say yes and he leaves. I’m confused for a bit until about 20 minutes later he’s back with another guy. Turns out, his uncle  is the ER night doctor who’s also my boss. (Always thought he was at least curious, he’s always winking at me.) 
      he doesn’t say a word, he  has a second go at my hole while I prep Dr daddy’s cock with my mouth. Nephew  loads my hole again, and I turn around so doctor can have a turn and I can clean   his nephew.  Dr gives me a huge load and they both leave. 
      I was on call tonight and ended up going in. Doctor daddy always works weekends, after a team huddle he calmly asked for my help with something. We went to  3rd floor admissions (which is closed at night) and he bent me over in the supply closet. Spit on my his cock, and shoved into my hole.  He came buckets in under 2 minutes. Told me he’s gonna stop whenever he wants to get drained, and he’s gonna fill me when he pleases. Yes please sir. 

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