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My Landlord Pozzes Me

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Hi, I'm Adam. I'm 20, am in good shape, have a seven inch uncut cock and I'm gay.

I was about to attend classes at the university, and allthough the student accommodations were overall fine, somehow the dorm rooms didn't feel all that private, so I found myself looking around, scouring the newspapers for a cheap but decent place to rent. After some searching I found an advertisement for a room to rent that looked interesting, so I telephoned the listed number. The guy who answered the telephone indicated he was the landlord and that the room was still available, so I went over to take a look.

The building was neat and tidy, and it turned-out the room for rent was fantastic, but Dan, the landlord, who showed me around, and who sported a goatee and bulging chest muscles and calves was even hotter! I was very satisfied with the room, and so Dan and I went to the lounge where we talked at length. He was wearing shorts that were quite revealing, and I couldn't stop staring at his meat which was to one side of his shorts. After some small talk we agreed that I would rent the room and Dan said I could move in the following week.

Back at the dorm all I could think of was Dan's muscles, and his dick encased in those shorts. Mmmmmmm. Wanking myself silly, I soon drifted off to sleep.

As the week went by I packed my stuff and on the designed day headed over to my landlord. When I arrived Dan answered the door, greeted me, all the while covered in sweat, remarking "Sorry, I was working out, buddy."

I just couldn't stop staring at the masculinity of the guy. Finally I managed to brake off my stare and headed to my room to put in my stuff. I heaved a sigh of relief as I shut the door, but honestly the image of Dan kept coming to mind.

i settled in comfortably, but after a few days I found myself watching TV when Dan entered the room, wearing the skimpiest pair of shorts yet: they were very tight and his cock was bulging. "Adam, is everything okay?" he asked.

I stammered yes, but couldn't take my eyes off his crotch. As I stood up to go out, for some reason I fell backwards. Dan grabbed me asking "Whoa, steady there, boy. Are you sure you're okay?"

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Part 2

Tingling sensations raced up and down my arms, and then my whole body began to feel little electric shocks. He held my arm as I stood there, looking at his handsome rugged face, all the time feeling like I was about to fall again, and sure enough, as I lost my balance and fell against him, I was not so out of it that I neglected to move in for the kill by pressing my lips against his mouth. He was no less greedy for me, 'cause his tongue met mine, as we mutually explored each other's mouth. He also wrapped me in his embrace, torso to torso, crotch to crotch, as our kisses became more frantic. Even through his (admittedly) skimpy) shorts, I could feel his throbbing cock. I did my best to squeeze his cock with my crotch, and he responded by moaning in between kisses.

After a couple of minutes, we parted and I assisted him in removing his his shirt. As I expected, his body was all muscle and quite rugged. Again he leaned in for the kill, as he gestured for me to get naked. In seconds I had stripped-off all my clothing, and my cock throbbed and stood at full as he virtually ripped off his shorts. We ground our erections against one another, and I explored his body with pleasure. Breaking off the kiss, he asked "Are you sure, boy?"

"Yes, I'm sure," I replied, and with that he pushed me down on my knees, directing my open mouth to his massive cock meat. I didn't care if it hurt or whether I could get the whole thing down, I simply eagerly sucked on him, taking his cock down my throat, bit by bit, until I had successfully deep throated him. He moaned with pleasure, as he also held my head in such a way as to force me further down the shaft.

Finally he let me off, and I took the opportunity to say what I had been thinking for several minutes "Please, fuck me, fuck me, please."

He then stated "I only bareback, boy."

I was beyond caring - I wanted his meat in my ass, and quickly. So I smiled my approval, and he directed me onto the sofa. I liberally kissed his body as his breath became increasingly ragged, and occasionally, when I kissed a particularly sensitive part of his body, he would his torso would buck off the sofa, as he moaned in delight. Then he suddenly stopped, and for a split second I wondered if I had done something wrong, but no, he pushed me away, saying "We can't, we can't, such a sweet boy like you. It wouldn't be right to do this with you."

"Why not, please, why not?" I murmured, as I kissed his rugged chest.

He then came out with it: "I'm HIV positive."

I immediately recoiled from him, my brain analysing what he had said to ensure I had understood him correctly.

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Part 3

Dan sat with his head in his hands. I could hear the sobs coming uncontrollably from him, so I leaned in to hug and assure him, saying "Poz or not, I want you to fuck me," adding "Dan, I need you, I need your seed in me." As I then leaned into kiss him, he met my kisses, which became increasingly greedy and ferocious. I assured him I was ok and that I only fucked bareback, so I knew one day I would seroconvert, adding "Who better than from the man I fancy and for whom I have feelings?"

"Adam, do you realise what you are saying and asking of me?"

"Yes I do," as I calmly took his hand. He wiped his tears away on his arm as I looked deep into his eyes and said "Please fuck me raw. Please cum in me."

I then lay my body on top of his, our hard-ons squirming together. As my ass twitched for Dan's meat, I kissed my way down his chest and torso, until I reached his cock, which was glistening with pre-cum which, naturally, I hungrily licked clean.

Then, all of sudden, unbidden, I said "Make me your poz boy."

My mind was racing, trying to understand why I said as much, even as I leaned over the side of the couch so my arse was exposed, waiting for ready for Dan's eager meat to fuck me. I felt a warm wet tongue licking my arse, which prompted "Oohhhh, godddd that feels good!"

I knew this might be the last neg load I shot, but fuck, I wanted this man in me. Then I felt Dan's cock at my hole. He used spit and then procceded to push his throbbing cock in. "Oohhh fuck!" I grunted, as inch-by-inch his poz cock impaled me.

When he was balls-deep, Dan leaned to me and whispered "Yeah, fucker. You fell for the tears, as they all do. I'm gonna fucking charge your ass, boy."

With that, Dan started fucking me hard and deep saying repeatedly "Yeah, take my poz load, fucker," and, after a couple of minutes, he began slamming me, saying "I'm gonna cum" and "Take my poz babies!" Honestly, I didn't care what he was said as long as his cock was fucking me. Then suddenly he grunted, saying "Here it comes, fucker!"

I felt this cock spasm in my arse so I knew he had cum. My own cock shot without any assistance.

"Yeah," he said as he withdrew, adding he would continue to fuck me until I converted, and he had made me his.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"I've always wanted my own little poz boy," he replied.

After several months of continuous fucking I became ill. Dan took me to the clinic, where, after blood tests, it was confirmed that I was poz. Dan took care of me during my illness and we settled down to a pretty good life until one night....

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Yeah, he fell for the tears. And his need to provide full service to any real man who wants his ass.  I hope the next part is coming up soon.

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