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I have talked over the years with a few guys online that claim to have gotten roofied at Flex and woke up some place other than the bathhouse and with a kinky doc trying to brainwash them into some majorly kinky shit. To the doc and anyone else helping him out where can i volunteer lol other than Flex since i rarely get there? You guys ever get to NYC?

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this triggered a fantasy. I'd love to go out to a bar get picked up by a group of guys that slip something in my drink i get real compliant and they take me back to their place and i wake up in a cage or tied to some bondage furniture and spend the next few days at their mercy then get dosed again and dumped off somewhere then after a few days or weeks i start getting pics and vids of what happened to me during that time sent to me and i always wonder if they will take me again lol.


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    • By PHXariesAZ
      Bi-the way……
      I have always considered myself tolerant of guys who were not like me, straight, especially when one of my best friends came out to me my senior year in high school.  We had been planning to room together in college and his news didn’t change my mind.  In fact I was somewhat intrigued at the thought of having a gay roommate.
      We never did anything with each other and had our own friends.  One of my other friend said he knew two roommates who were bisexual, and he thought they would go out with us and we’d have a good time.  They were very sexual and it would be easy to score some college pussy off these girls.
      We planned an easy evening and ended up in the girls' one bedroom apartment off campus (It was apparent the girls slept together all the time.)  We were drinking all night long when one of the girls pulled out a strange glass pipe and began smoking some strange white crystal.  The girls remarked the crystal really got them horny with the intense desire to be fucked.
      At first I was reluctant to indulge, but my friend lit up and exhaled a big white cloud, handed me the pipe and torch, grunting I’d love the feeling of fucking on this shit.  I decided 'what the hell', lit the pipe and took in a big hit.  After that we got down to business.
      We were all kissing and peeling off our clothing as the first hit affected me in a positive way.  We all kept smoking as we kissed, licked, sucked and eventually fucked.  Both girls were hot and my bud and I took turns fucking each girl.  Then something strange happened.
      I was eating one of the girls out when I started getting the best blow job of my life.  As I paused in eating the pussy, the second girl kissed me, leaving me wondering in my drugged-up mind, who's hot mouth was on my hard cock.  You guessed it:  looking down I saw my buddy sucking my cock.  "What the fuck?" I exclaimed.
      "Oh, I didn't tell you - I'm also bisexual," he remarked and then went back to servicing my my cock.  One of the girls urged me to take another hit from the pipe.  One hit turned into five big hits.
      While my buddy sucked my cock one of the girls began to lick my ass.  This was also a new sensation for me and it drove me crazy.  I quickly shot my load down my buddy’s throat as the girl kept sticking her tongue deep inside my hole.  I zoned-out in pleasure, and when I began to resurface, I found my buddy was crouched between my legs, face to face with me.  Looking into my eyes he asked "Enjoying yourself?"
      "Hell, yeah," I groaned in replied, whereupon I received my first man to man kiss.  His hard cock was also prodding my soaked hole.
      For some strange reason I can’t explain I let him continue and the tip of his hard cock penetrated my virgin ass.  There was a noticeable pain as he started to breach my hole.  He seemed to know I was in some discomfort as he broke our kiss instructing me "Breathe in deep, breathe with my cock," adding "Give this a minute or so - I'll stop if you want, but within a couple of minutes I would think you'll be begging for me to fuck you."
      As he anticipated, gradually my ass relaxed and my buddy was able to slide his entire eight inch rock hard cock deep into my (formerly) tight ass.  When he reached full depth he began to slowly rock in and out as he gave me another kiss.  This time I let his tongue enter my mouth.  While his kiss had me slightly distracted he began to slowly pull out and slide back in.
      While he began to slowly fuck me, the girls were making out and 69’ing eating each other’s pussies.  I’m not sure when it happened but my friend  stroked my hard cock telling me "It looks like you are really enjoying being fucked."
      He wasn’t kidding, as he fucked me all I could do was moan and grunt my approval.  I then surprised myself when I asked him to fuck me, fuck me hard.  I heard his breathing change as his cock grew harder deep in my hole.  I knew what was about to happen but didn’t try to stop it as he grunted out and I felt his cock spasm inside me.
    • By Bebop210
      The porn industry is about to change - big time. I found my new favorite porn site. Previtus Media. These guys are new. I've been following them since day one. Ex-male escort Miles Previtire is about to be the pioneer in professional pnp porn, or porno as he loves to call it.  If you are into the rough, verbal, drug driven smut that fags like me just love, then you should check out their site www.previtusmedia.com for pnp porn for smokers, not slammers.  They claim to be using fake dope in their BTS stuff BUT I DON'T KNOW. They are smoking through clear glass pipes what appears to be a very convincing imitation of T. Their other series called Hate Crime Porno and one called Smoking Boyz. The trailers on pornhub and on their tumblr are enough to send me over the edge. I've been following him on Twitter forever. Can't wait. #SmokingBoyz
      Here is a link to a full scene they released on their pornhub. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph583b7a0e8554d
    • By ColoTwistedBro
      Horny as fuck and always looking for sweaty fun with guys here in the Springs. Get to the point, strip, fuck, breed and repeat. Anonymous, groups, outdoors, homemade porn, recharge, bug chasers and gifters, perv, taboo, incest....all good. Want to whore my ass out? Hell yeah.

    • By FilThFiendFtM
      Hey fellas, how's it going? I'm a total newbie to this lifestyle, so this may turn into a bit of an introductory post for me. Please either forgive me if I mess up the slang terms and stuff, or punish me and make sure I get it right next time ;p Basically, I'm a transman who's always been mostly into women, but also very into raunch and cum, too. I'm almost 5 months into my transition, and I feel like testosterone is definitely having an impact on my sexuality, an effect which I've heard is quite common. It's kind of hard to describe, but basically it feels like my masculinity is more animalistic than I expected- I was a fairly restrained, eloquent ladies man prior to starting T (testosterone, not Tina), but actually having testosterone controlling my urges and personality is making me care less about men's fashion and convincing women how charming I am, and more about down and dirty fucking and getting off.
      In the past, I've given and received golden showers (mostly with women, but occasionally with dudes or crossdressers), and it's one of my favorite activities. I love the physical sensations- the warmth as it splatters in my face, flowing over my skin and soaking my hair, the distinctive smell- and the way it feels emotionally- knowing that my partner is marking me like an animal, feeling like a piece of trash for getting off on something so filthy and depraved. Most of the women I've done it with are definitely *not* into pigplay though, so I've always had to wash off before we moved on to sex. My whole life, I've been extremely aroused by the idea of really filthy, nasty, depraved fucking- I mean just wallowing in our combined filth, letting it get ground into my hair and slathered thickly over every inch of my body, cumming hard from the awareness that I'm enjoying being utterly defiled. I gave up on the idea of brown showers when a girlfriend convinced me that it's gross, and the point was driven home the first time I witnessed a guy getting fucked up the ass and the smell of his shit being churned filled the room we were in- the smell definitely turned me off. But goddamn, a part of me still wants to know what that warm, stinking mess would feel like flowing over my bare skin, my face, even my coating my genitals in hot, thick slop and letting strangers fuck it into me, like lube. The part of me that wants to be a pig is making my dick throb right now, but there's another part of me that makes me too nervous to act on my filthy fantasies, and I want to silence that apprehension. I'm also hesitant about taking loads bareback- thanks to T, I can get creamed in both holes without worrying about pregnancy, but now I worry about disease. I've always wanted to be a cumdump, and when I've been with guys and felt their cock throbbing as they spurted seed, I wished they weren't wearing a condom. I fantasize a lot about how it would feel to get filled with thick, hot cum, to take loads one after the next until it's oozing down my legs and squelching obscenely with every thrust. The idea of being subjected to an anonymous, condomless gangbang makes my fun size fuckmeat rock hard. I want it so fucking bad, but, just like with scat, I'm too apprehensive about the consequences to pursue my fantasy.
      Okay, so here's the meat of my post: I want to give in to my fantasies about no holds barred pig play, and let myself get completely used in the filthiest ways possible. I've used IV drugs in the past (though not T yet), and know that injecting coke, for example, obliterates ALL my limits, and makes me so horny I'd happily consent to, and get off on, just about anything. From what I gather, T (not meaning testosterone, this time) is even better for bringing out one's inner depravity. I would love to find a partner, or a group, that would get off on busting a few of my cherries, and turning me from a straight boy who's secretly an inexperienced but eager pup, to a complete and total, fullblown fuckpig. The idea of being drugged, either with my knowledge or stealthed, in order to get me fucking and sucking shamelessly, and indulging in the nastiest raunch the top wants without hesitation, completely fueled by piglust, makes me so goddamn horny. I want that release. I want to silence my shame and doubt. Here's my main question, though: Is combining chem sex with pig play frowned upon? Can I be cosidered a pig if I need to be high to get really nasty? Or is drug-fueled debauchery accepted/normal?
      Thanks for reading all this, and thanks in advance for your feedback. Also, if anyone in the Boston area is into the idea of getting this little stray transboy fucked up and turning me into a total fucktoy, let's exchange numbers. I'll also send pics if you want, sorry I've been too apprehensive to post any in my profile.

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