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    • By Bb4allloads
      Face down ass up what more can u ask for ooo am sloppy hole to use and have me ur way rough raw and loaded slutted location u ask come some of y’all should know n others will figure it out 
    • By Wetnraw
      The following story is a branch from my story "Married Couple looking for a third" So read that first, then this one.
    • By Bb4allloads
      Let’s do this guys I’m bored sometimes I just want the door to open and the hear cumdump as I assume the position and u ram deep in me telling me the cum slut I am U enjoy and I should be honored to hold ur TOXIC DNA!! Knights inn 5116 ga hwy 85 forest park 153 push enter and do what u do 
    • By PlowMyField
      6pm at Heart of Chicago hotel, just a few blocks from Jackhammer. Taking all loads offered.
    • By Malesack
      So I was traveling through northern Louisiana last week when I stopped for the evening.  I wanted to get slammed.  I needed loads.  But there were several hours of sunlight left.  Experience has taught me that I can get loads in the late afternoon, but then interest tapers off through suppertime until after sunset when it picks up again.  
      The rundown motel room faced west, the afternoon sun shining around the curtain edges.  It was hard to make the room dark like I like it.  I used towels around the curtain edge, taped the door lock with gorilla tape for easy opening, put my valuables in the room safe, laid out a couple different lubes, a wash cloth, brown poppers bottle, butt plug, and posted the Grindr ad:  "For NOW.  Strictly bottom, in jock that stays on, cleaned and douched, ass up ready for breeding.  Anon, dark motel room, door ajar, push on door, get yourself hard, mount up, pump, dump, zip and go.  No talking!  No watchers or other bottoms.  My ass pic only."  I left a couple condoms on the bedside table a foot away from the lubes for the 'safe' breeders but only after they somehow got pinholes through the wrapper.  If they wanted one, it was there.
      There was some replies within a half-hour.  One looked promising and was ready to go.  I wasn't ready yet and told him I was still working but would be finishing soon.  Hopefully he would not lose interest or find another bottom.  I used the time to get cleaned out and to make sure I was ready to get mounted .  I lubed my butt plug and worked it a bit, loosening my hole so that if the first guy slammed too hard it wouldn't rip me too early.  I wanted to take as many loads as I could get and it sucks when the first guy is too big or too rough and ruins me for the night.
      I texted him back when I was ready.  He was only 1435 feet away.  There was no picture and no description in his profile.  I gave him the room number, stacked a couple pillows, bent over them on the bed, feet just off the edge, and pushed in some lube.  I didn't have much time.  He was too close.  By the time I pulled my blindfold on he was pushing on the door.  I put my phone down and closed my eyes, then took a strong whiff of my own poppers, my adrenaline still a little fast in anticipation.  He took in the scene, knew it was for real, and I heard him pulling down his zipper.  Seconds later he was stroking his hardening cock up and down my ass crack.  And then he pushed.  There was a little pain but he wasn't rough and guided it firmly straight in until he bottomed out.  He paused, then started slow stroking.  He grabbed my hips and started rocking into me.  I was still getting used to his deep stroking when he jerked a couple times, then real slowly pulled all the way out.  I didn't feel him shoot, but I knew he had.  He stepped back, cleaned off his cock with the wash cloth, zipped up, opened the door and left.  I gave him a few moments to get in his car, then pulled my phone out and thanked him for his load.  "np" was the reply.
      One down.  I checked my phone but it was quiet.  I reached back and felt my asshole.  It was wet.  I grabbed my butt plug and pushed it in.  I love to keep the loads in me.  I got up and wondered how I could make the room darker.  The sun was not my friend.  I grabbed a swig of Southern Comfort, pulled out my iPad and started stroking to some Last Load stories.  A few more replies came in.  One wanted to come over to watch?  "Did you read my profile?"  He said he had but was hoping to give me a blowjob.  What part of no watchers or bottoms did you not understand?  I blocked him.
      But suppertime was approaching.  It's always slow.  Too late for the working, family men and too early for those needing to pound one out to help themselves sleep.  I took the opportunity to get some food myself, anxiously waiting for sundown and the night crawlers to come out.  
      "How many loads?" was the next message. 
      "Just one, but it is a Tuesday" I replied. 
      "Let me know when you have more.  I like it sloppy and wet."  Will do.  Though I know many won't show up.
      It was starting to get dark when the next message came in.  He was 23 miles away.  Too far.  Generally I don't respond to those that far away but it was slow. "I don't want you to see my face.  Is it truly anonymous?"  I replied that it was, that I had a blindfold and even I would not see him.  "Can we start with a BJ?"  No, I replied.  Getting hard is on you.  He asked why that was and I said because I was there to get fucked, not get guys hard as I've had many that couldn't get into the scene I wanted.  He said he understood but had never done this before.  He asked for more pics.  I sent him my ass pic.  He never replied.
      Sunset had come.  The next message came from six miles away. "I need to dump a load.  I have a big black dick.  Room number?"  I replied I would give it when I saw he was within a few hundred feet as I have had a few "no-shows" and "wanna come laters" who showed up only after I had locked the door for the night.  "I'll need $50 for my phone bill."  No.  Not interested.  I blocked him.
      It was another 20 minutes before the next message.  It was a 30 year old who was a mile away.  "Gotta work break coming.  You ready?"  I replied I was.  I checked his profile and he was a black top looking for now.  Perfect.  "omw" he replied.  I quickly got ready again, pulled the plug out, put some new lube in, plugged in a couple nightlights in strategic locations that just let enough light in that he would see my ass and the night stand, then turned the lights off.  "Room number?" was the next text.  "141.  First floor, back corner, push on the door."  I assumed the position.  
      Then the next message came.  "Nearby.  Need to unload.  You ready?"  Shit.  "I will be ready shortly."  Then my door opened.  I put the phone face down and slipped my blindfold on without looking towards the door.  I felt a finger, then my ass was slapped hard, but I maintained my position and composure.  I heard him undress, grab the lube off the nightstand, and heard the condom wrapper.  Damn.  After a few moments, he was pushing in and he was in a hurry.  He started stroking and went deep.  I grabbed the covers and held on.  He pumped for a few minutes, rotating from side to side as if trying to widen me, then grabbed my shoulders and pulled himself tighter inside me.  I heard his breathing as he clearly was unloading into the condom.  He finished, pulled out, and 20 seconds later the door was opened, then closed.  I waited a few seconds, sent a thank you text, then got up to stretch my legs.  I looked down for the condom, then saw the wrapper was curled but was still unopened!  I felt my asshole and felt the wetness.  Yes!!!
      "I'm across the street.  You still there?"  It was the guy who texted me when the last guy was entering my room.  "Yes.  Sorry.  Had a phone call."  I immediately gave him the room number and got back into position.  I never even looked at his profile.  I didn't know how old, big, race, nothing.  Who cares?  I'm here for loads.
      The door opened again within three minutes I already had the phone face down on the blanket, ass in the air, blindfold on.  I knew I was dripping.  Maybe he would think it was lube.  Damn if the first thing he did was grab my ass and stick his tongue in deep.  He started slurping.  He had to be tasting the earlier loads.  Next thing I knew he stood up and shoved his cock in without fanfare.  Yes!  And he was a man on a mission.  He wanted rapid fucking, the kind that often leaves me sore and dry.  But he didn't care and I did what I was supposed to do -- I took it.  And he unloaded.  He wasn't huge but damn it felt really wet and sloppy.  "Bitch, you're mine.  I'll be back.  Answer when I text you right away."  Um.  Okay.  Sure.  I heard him zip and leave.  I sent another "thank you, Sir" text.  
      I flipped over and laid on my back, catching my breath.  I had some loads now.  I could sleep.  I started to doze when that Grindr notification tone dinged twice in my ear.  I pulled out my phone and looked at the message, seeing that I had also been tapped.  "Do you like being raped?"  Hmm.  I wonder what that means.
      "What does that mean?," I replied.  
      "Sometimes I like to get rough and fuck hard.  Can you take it?
      "How big are you?"
      "You won't complain.  I'm nearing your exit on the interstate.  Room?"
      "I don't mind a little rough but I'm not looking for scars, blood or shit play."
      "Good.  I don't either.  But I will be on top of you a lot."
      I was certainly a little cautious but still ready for more loads.  "You read my profile, you know what to expect.  If that's what you need, my ass will be up." and included my room number.
      "Get ready.  Keep it dark."
      I then looked at his profile.  He was a 22 year old student, also a wrestler at a black college down the highway.  Really nice huge dic pic, black as coal.  Okay, I would be ready.  I think.
      Five minutes later, I heard the door open.  My blindfold was on.  He undressed and crawled on the bed in front of me.  Uh-oh.  I was here for ass fucking and he wanted a blowjob.  I had my blindfold on.  It smelled a little rank but again I did what my top wanted and started licking up and down.  He started getting hard.  I love the feel when they start growing in my mout -- shit!  What was that?  He wasn't alone!  Some guy just grabbed my ass and shoved two fingers in!  Crap.  I usually don't do tag teams and didn't expect it.  
      The guy in my mouth put his hands on my head and started thrusting deeper, almost to the point of making me puke.  But I kept licking and swallowing, taking it all in when WHAM!  A huge cock was slammed in my ass without any preliminaries.  God, that hurt!  It was painful!  Was I truly being raped?  I almost bit down from the sudden movement but the dude in my mouth told me if I bit him I would regret it for the rest of my life.
      I was in over my head.  Not because I didn't love group scenes (I did) but because usually even though I'm the bottom I've always had some control.  This time it wasn't happening.  I was truly being taken.  And it hurt.
      I felt a slap on my face.  "Keep it wet, asshole."  I realized then my mouth had dried and I was desperately trying to get some saliva going.  
      Then a sudden deep thrust into my ass.  The unknown second man was clearly unloading in me.  He told the guy in my mouth to come try this ass.  He continued to stroke, clearly emptying his balls completely.  He pulled out and grabbed the bed cover and wiped himself off.  As he went to the bathroom to further clean up, the man in my mouth came around and mounted me immediately.  He started slow but started rabbiting like he was ready to dump.  He grabbed me by the shoulders, put all his weight into it, and slammed deeply into me pushing all earlier loads was inside.  
      Wow!  It was nearly over.  The man leaned down and said to me, "My friend is not done yet.  Don't move or he will hurt you."  I froze.  I was scared.  He got up and started to get dressed.  He then opened the door, but I stayed still.  His friend was still in the room.
      "We gave you what you wanted whether you knew it or now  We didn't use rubbers.  And you've been flooded like we've done to many fucks just like you.  Now stay still and whatever you do don't move."   I was clearly shivering.  Then I felt it on my back.  What the fuck -- he was writing on my back!???  He stood up, shoved two fingers in my ass, pulled out and stuck it to my lips and simply said, "taste it."  I did.  And it was bittersweet.  He removed his fingers, then got up and exited the room without shutting the door.  I kept waiting but it didn't shut.  I heard a car engine start and the car pulled away.  I felt safe enough to get up and locked  the door.  Whew.  My breath had gotten back to normal.
      I turned on the light and checked the mirror.  I turned my back and read what he wrote.  "Seeded by (university name) BBC cocks.  He'll never go back."  
      I grabbed some Southern Comfort, stuck the plug in, and drifted off to sleep with a smile.  I didn't realize until morning I had forgotten to thank them.

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