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    • By blueswede
      Any poz tops who are discreet and want to meet up October 31 - November 3 when I'm in Washington DC with my class?
    • By vjohn90
      My name is John, i'm 24, average height, slim build with soft brown hair and blue eyes, I'm not the best looking guy but I get my fair share of attention. i'd finished university in the summer, split up with my boyfriend and started my graduate job in a large business firm in the city. The company managed product development for major companies and brands so I was thrilled to get a place within such big company. My parents always told me to never turn down an opportunity that could take you somewhere.
      After working in the office for a few months I quickly got used to the fast pace, that started to creep into every part of my life. After working all week, putting in 50 hours, I was normally exhausted on a Friday night and would just head straight home and masturbate for as long as I could, it had been ages since I'd had sex, with work being so busy. That is however, until I got talked into going to a bar by one of my co-workers. He was married, unhappy about it, and constantly stressed in work. We went to a bar a couple of streets away from the office, It was dark and you would walk past it if you didn't know it was there. It wasn't the sort of place I imagined anyone in work would go to, least of all Mick. We sat at the bar and was served by an overly flirtatious girl, I rolled my eyes now realising why Mick came here;
      "Not your type then?" Mick asked me
      "She's certainly not anything I'm looking for." I said, realising i'd probably said too much.
      "Oh shit, I didn't realise you were gay, don't worry about it my nephew is gay, It doesn't bother me."
      "I...er... please don't tell anyone in work. It's hard enough being new without them knowing." I pleaded
      "John... relax, lets have a drink and i'll point you in the direction of the gay bars in the city, you need to try stop thinking about work all the time."
      We finished our drinks and after Mick had bitched about work and his family we headed out. He told me what train to get and explained where to go from there. I thanked him for the drink and told him I'd see him on Monday. Little did I know what was coming.

      I took the train to a part of the city I'd never been to before, walked the short distance and found a few bars with guys hanging around outside smoking. I walked into the bar with the least amount of guys hanging around outside, hopefully it meant the bar was quieter. I just wanted a couple of drinks and maybe a dance-floor fumble, I was still exhausted and hadn't prepared for any kind of sex, my pubes hadn't been trimmed for weeks and my ass wasn't clean. I grabbed a drink and found a stool at a table in the corner of a small but open bar and dance floor area. It was inoffensive and there was an okay selection of guys. Mostly in their 30's and upwards but I didn't mind a slightly mature guy. They tended to be less pushy.

      After nursing my drink for about 10 minutes or so a guy sat down across from me. He was in his late 40's, maybe. Good hair, perfect smile and from what I could see he kept himself in shape. It was his crisp white shirt that first caught my eye.
      "Hey, I'm Tom." It took me a minute to register what he said, I was lost in his bright blue eyes.
      "I'm John" I mumbled out, I couldn't stop looking into his eyes.  
      "Are you here by yourself?" He asked, breaking our gaze and looking around the room. Once I regained my composure I smiled at him. 
      "I've just came from work and was just looking for a quick drink, I'm not looking for anything else tonight."
      "You're a bit presumptive kid" he said laughing "How about I buy you one more drink, and then once we've chatted a bit you can try turn down my sexual advances then" He smirked at me and his blue eyes narrowed in a dangerous way, he turned for the bar and I found myself just sitting there.

      I wasn't normally as direct with guys, but there was something about Tom that made me feel slightly scared, even if my cock was growing in my briefs. Tom came back with two drinks, he handed mine over and I took a few long sips, trying to avoid conversation. 
      "Sorry it took a while, I bumped into a few friends at the bar.... so, I'm guessing you're not from around here?"
      "I just moved to the city after I graduated, I got a job in the city. A friend told me about here, tonight, I thought I'd come take a look, I've not been out much since I moved." I quickly finished the rest of my drink, completely embarrassed by how pathetic I sounded. 

      We chatted for another half hour or so, my cock stayed hard the entire time. I told him about myself, where I grew up, what I studied, how I've only had one boyfriend at Uni and how I hadn't had sex since we split up. He just sat there the entire time staring into my eyes, I realised I hadn't asked him anything about himself. 

      "Sorry Tom I've not even asked you anything about yourself."

      "Don't worry about me, I find you very interesting. How did you and your ex have sex?" 

      I was surprised, I wasn't expecting such a blunt question, I guessed it was only fair after our conversation earlier. 

      "Well...I'm versatile, but I mostly fucked him" I said timidly 

      "You cum in his ass boy?"

      "I...eh...no, we only played safe, the condom broke once, but we stopped." I was surprised at myself for telling this stranger about me and my ex's sex life. 

      "I'm sorry Tom, I really should be going home, thank you for the drink." I stood up and turned towards the door. Tom stood as quickly as I had. He was six foot, and his chest and arms looked very buff. I glanced at his crotch too and he had a nice bulge under his black suit trousers. 

      "Wow kid, slow down, just asking you some friendly questions. If you insist on leaving, at least let me walk you back to the train station. It's easy to get a bit disorientated in this part of town." 

      I let him walk me down the street towards the train station, the fresh air must have gone to my head, I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy and my vision was getting blurry. I felt Toms' arm around my waist holding me up, we turned a corner. I didn't remember walking this much when I first got off the train. 

      "Whats happening...I don't feel right" I mumbled finding it harder to walk now. 

      "Shhh...Not much farther, my car is park just over here. You must have had too much to drink...." Tom said with a wicked smile, although I couldn't see it. 

      We walked a bit further and I heard the sound of a car door being opened, I felt myself being laid across the back seat, too limp to say no. While lying there with my eyes closed I could hear mumbled voices outside of the car, I think I heard Tom say;

      "I'm going to claim him first, I'll text you when he's ready" 

    • By bbtwink8
      I've really come to enjoy group settings, especially getting fucked with an audience.  Bathhouses are great for this, but the only bathhouse in town is fairly limited when it comes to public play areas.  There's another bathhouse in a neighboring city that does have a much more extensive public play area, but it takes over an hour (almost 2hrs with traffic) to get there, so I had yet to make the trip.  
      But with Friday off, I finally decided to make the trip.  I got there late afternoon and spent a bit of time getting the lay of the land, and also getting my ass lubed with cum.  In short order, I had 3 different guys drop their loads in my ass, two in a room, and one in public.  Condoms and status were never discussed, just the way I like it.  At this point, my ass was nicely lubed up and ready to go.  There were also more and more people showing up, so I decided that the time was right and I got onto one of the public fuck benches.  
      It didn't take long before my mouth was stuffed with a cock.  After getting this first anonymous cock nice and lubed up with spit, he switched holes and started fucking me.  A second person then took his place at my mouth, and I pretty much spent the rest of the time being spit roasted, with cock in both holes.  There was very little downtime, it was almost like an assembly line of being fucked.  Start by fucking my mouth, move on to fuck my ass, rinse and repeat.  Some of the guys would get me to clean off their cocks after finishing inside of me.  Delicious.  
      I initially tried to keep count of how many guys fucked me, but the intensity of the whole situation and the amount of time I spent there made me lose count pretty quickly.  I don't know exactly how long I spent there, or the total number of cocks and loads, but I did overhear a conversation at one point where a guy commented "Damn, he's still here?  He was getting fucked when I first showed up!" and a second guy replying "Yeah, he's taken a LOT of cock".  I'd have to guess it was somewhere between 1-2 hours, based on how sore my knees were when I stopped.  
      I loved the anonymity of the whole situation - I'm hard just thinking of the fact that I have no idea who fucked me other than the feel of their cock in my ass and mouth.  No condoms, no discussions about status, just raw fucking.  I also loved being watched - even with cock in my mouth, I could see the crowd of guys watching me, taking in the sight of me being a total cumdump.  It was a little slice of piggy heaven, and it was incredible.  
      The rest of the evening was fun (random blowjobs and a few more fucks), but nothing compared to the high I experienced on the fuck bench.  I'll definitely be back!
    • By boylikesfun88
      Visiting Hong Kong from 1 Oct to 9 Oct 2017! 28 chn 172 55 poz flex here!! Need recommendations for sauna and hoping to get some loads or fuck some asses!! Unable to host
      PM me
    • By Japbtm
      I was having a dry spell.  Work was hectic and I simply couldn't arrange to get fucked in the tiny windows of time that I had available, but then I found a nice black guy on Grindr who had just turned 50 and visiting Hawaii. He was on Grindr and was walking distance to my place which is near Waikiki.  When we got together we totally hit it off, and I was particularly pleased to connect with a guy who was about my age.  His thick, but not too thick beautiful, long black cock initially gave me pause, as I thought my ass would have a hard time accommodating him, as my cunt usually tightens-up after awhile.  
      He did me doggy and I clamped down on his dick, which must have been about seven and a half inches, but to my surprise I took it quite easily, which led me to wonder if all the dick I had taken in the past had permanently stretched and wrecked my hole.  
      What ever the explanation for my ease in accommodating his cock, I power bottomed him, tightening and squeezing my hole, which lead him to flood my hole, silently.  
      Afterwards we chatted a bit, and then I drove him back to his hotel, which I thought to be the gentlemanly thing to do.  Especially as he had bred me so well. 
      As I was driving back from Waikiki, I was contacted on Grindr by a black guy in his late 30s.  We had been trying to connect for monthly but never could quite get to that point, mostly because he wanted anonymous play, but couldn't host, and my condo is secured, which made an anonymous entrance essentially impossible.
      This time, however, for whatever reason, he could host, he was totally horned-up, and asked me to come to his place where I was to step into his closet, facing the wall, my ass open to the world - and, perhaps most important to him, I was not to turn around, not to speak, nor to moan.  In short, I was to be completely discreet.  Naturally I accepted his invitation.
      Once in position in the closet, I could hear his neighbors through the wall.  I had noticed in entering the apartment building, that most of the front doors in the building were, in an effort to mitigate the heavy Hawaiian humidity, open to the local trade winds.  Definitely not a place to scream "Cum in my ass."
      I didn't see his dick but I felt it.  It was huge, nine inches and quite thick.  Fortunately I had poppers, so I took several hits.  Not withstanding the load in my hole, to which I had added some lube, I knew it would be tough, and sure enough, I knew I was in trouble when sensed there simply wasn't enough lube.  You know a guy's dick is huge if you get this feeling.
      But just then my host's dick must have met-up with the cum bank in my ass, causing the first guy's cum to lube the black guy's cock.  Next I heard the beautiful squishy sound of raw dick in ass.
      The guy kept fucking and fucking.  He had told me on Grindr that he had a quick cumdump scene in mind, but instead he gave me a prolonged raw fuck, deliberately, in fact, occasionally pausing while on the cusp of an orgasm, just to extend the session.  Finally, however, he came, his load gushing deep into my hole.
      When he pulled out, both his load and that of the other guy plopped-out.  I never learned whether or not he figured out that he was fucking in sloppy seconds.  In any event, there's nothing like raw black dick.  But then I'm a total pig for any raw dick. 

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